“New York City remains one of the most exciting cities both to live in and visit. There is no shortage of places to go in the city since New York is endowed with lots of famous landmarks that also serve as relaxation areas and tourist centers. Most of the best locations are only a few meters from each other. This is one of the many other reasons that make New York City delightful for tourists. The statue of liberty, empire state building, and different world-renowned museums are all wonderful places to visit in the city.”

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With how busy and thrilling the city can get, it is not surprising that the residents would occasionally crave quiet places to go to ease away stress. The gardens and parks are greatly cherished by the residents for this reason. It has been estimated that there are about 1,700 parks located across 5 city boroughs.

Central Park

New York City’s central park ranks high on the list of the most visited and popular parks in the country. Located at the center of Manhattan, this public park was designed originally to give the city residents a feel of what the countryside was like. Even now, central park serves as the perfect location to escape from the stress of the buzzing urban life.

It is not unusual to see lots of people playing with frisbees, having picnics, or just soaking up the warmth from the summer sun. Additional recreational features have been subsequently added to the park. The central park now contains baseball and soccer fields, skating rinks, a zoo, and a carousel.

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How Safe Is the Central Park?

Although the site is very popular, one of the most frequently asked questions addresses how safe the park is. Safety should not be a problem since there has been a massive decline in the crime rate since the mid-’90s. Notwithstanding, it is still advisable to stay away from the park during night times.

Bryant Park

The park is also commonly referred to as Manhattan’s town square. Visited by an approximate figure of 12 million people, Bryant park occupies a top spot in the busiest places in the world. The structure, furniture, and spaces of the park were precisely and elegantly designed with respect to mother nature. With a great deal of attention to detail, the grounds are properly maintained to give users an estate-like impression.

What Is Bryant Park Famous For?

The lush gardens, free fun activities, outstanding restrooms, and alfresco dining all contribute to the famous reputation of Bryant Park. It is a leisure spot for both tourists and the residents of the city. Lots of workers can be seen taking a break in the park at lunch hours during the week. You also get to see movies for free during summer evenings or ice-skate during the winter period.

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The Highline

The Highline was originally a freight rail line that was elevated above the Manhattan streets. Instead of demolition, the line was converted into a park. Friends of the high line and the New York City Department are responsible for the maintenance of this beautiful public space. This public park offers a combination of nature, art, and design to its visitors. The park is 1.45 miles long Accessible through several entrances, you can walk through the linear park in just 30 minutes. It is a great spot for you to take a walk, view art, connect with people and still enjoy viewing New York city from an extraordinary perspective. It can also be accessed by wheelchairs.

Is the Highline Free?

The Highline is a free public space. It is owned by New York City and is being funded by voluntary donations for maintenance. Even though the park is freely accessible on weekdays but you might need to make reservations for weekend visits.

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This is a breathtaking botanical garden located in the city of New York. The Brooklyn botanic garden covers 52 acres of land with over 18,000 different plant species. The garden is always open throughout the year. You can visit the garden for educational purposes to learn things about the plant. It could also be a source of good inspiration or you could visit just to marvel at the beautiful nature conservation.

What Are the Free Admission Days at Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

Admission is free on weekdays in winter (December, January, and February). Ideally, the normal admission ticket cost is $18 for adults and $12 for senior citizens (65+) and students (12+) with ID. Kids less than 12 years are not required to pay.

Can You Visit Brooklyn Botanic Garden With Food?

Absolutely no! No food or beverage is permitted. Only bottled water and baby feeding bottles are allowed to be brought into the garden premises.


Among the bustling and lively streets of New York City, you can always place to go to just chill, relax and burn off some steam. You may spend your whole day at just the central park. For tourists and visitors to the city, there is a lot to see and enjoy. You could use weeks or even months and still not get enough of the beautiful city.

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