“New York is known for its beauty and splendor with captivating places. However, the most thrilling fact about New York is her historical monumental places and landmarks that have over the years reinvented themselves. Many of these landmarks are famous all over the world so much that a visit to New York as a tourist is not complete if you have not visited any of these locations. The following are some famous landmarks, streets, and buildings that you should add to your list of places to go in New York.”

1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty not only serves as a fascinating sight to behold but it also serves historical importance in America. The statue of liberty is located on liberty island, it stands high above New York Harbor. The lady liberty weighs 450,000 pounds and stands 151 feet tall. France gifted her to New York in honor of the Centennial of America Independence. She was shipped in 350 pieces and took four months to be fully erected.

A tour around the statue is mind-blowing. Several renovations have made the statue more accessible and a lot of activities have been added to the tour. The statue has 393 stairs to climb and if you successfully get to the top, the sight is rewarding, you can capture amazing pictures of the city. Millions of people visit the statue of liberty yearly.

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Are Pets Allowed on Liberty Island?

No, visitors are not allowed to bring a pet to liberty Island. However, there is an exception for documented service animals.

2. Empire State Building

The empire state building is another iconic landmark in New York. The building stands 1454 feet tall with 102 stories-making it the tallest in New York and 9th tallest in the world. The monument is the most amazing place for fun and attracts millions of people yearly. It has also been named as one of the seven wonders of the modern world by the American Society of civil engineers.

The Empire State Building was the first building to have more than 100 stories. One of the best things about visiting the Empire State building is the view of the beautiful city from up there especially at night with the entire city lighted up before you. Visitors can also explore the museum on the second floor which gives a detailed account of the building’s construction, engineering history, as well as the social and pop culture norms that evolved during its history.

How Much Do I Need To Visit The Empire State Building?

The empire state building has three levels; the main deck, the top deck, and the sunrise. For the main deck, adults pay $42.00, children pay $36.00 while seniors pay $40.00. For the top deck, adults pay $75.00, the fee for kids is $69.00, while seniors pay $73.00. Lastly, at sunrise, all visitors may pay as much as $114.81.

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3. St. Patrick Cathedral

A visit to St. Patrick cathedral is worth the time. Apart from the magnificent building which took 21 years to complete, it is also a religious center, you can join the thousands of people and perhaps go for a mass. The building is popular for its impressive architecture as well as its heavy bronze doors, ceiling, stained glass, and other feature.

The building itself is made up of brick is overlaid in marble. The door is 9000-pound bronze was designed to be opened using one hand, when you enter you will see a giant organ with 7,855 pipes, 3,700 stained glass panels which also includes the 26-foot-wide Rose Window, and more than twenty altars. The main altar is 60ft tall and is made of solid bronze.

Do I Need A Ticket To Visit The Cathedral?

Well, visitation to the cathedral is free, you don’t need tickets to visit.

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As A Traveler, Can I Lodge At The St. Patrick Cathedral?

No, you can’t lodge, but there are hotels close to the cathedral-like the 3west Club hotel, The Jewel hotel, The Towers, and so on.

4. Broadway

If you love musicals and plays, then you should definitely see a Broadway show while in New York. Arguably one of the most popular streets in New York, Broadway is synonymous with stage entertainment and theater shows. Broadway street in Manhattan is fanciful with beautiful sights and activities for tourists. The street is 53 kilometers long with major tourist centers all around including several theater houses among which is the most famous Broadway theater.

Can You Eat at A Broadway Show?

Yes, you can, but while bringing in your refreshments, you need to seal them up and your drink are to be purchased at the venue.

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How Frequently Do the Theaters Open On Broadway?

Not every time. They tend to close on Monday evenings and they open from Tuesday to Sunday. They are also open on public holidays too except thanksgiving and Independence Day.

5. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is a very big street that begins north of Washington Square Park to 142nd street, passing Manhattan, along Central Park and up to the Harlem River. Another popular street in New York, Fifth Avenue is notable for its abundance of activities for tourists, places to visit, monuments, and sights to see.

The best way to explore the streets when you walk through it. Monuments like the empire state building, New York public library, Rockefeller center, and several others are located there. Along the central park area, there is a line of museums known as the museum mile.

What Stores Are on Fifth Avenue?

A lot of stores are on Fifth Avenue some of them are, Louis Vuitton, Dolce And Gabbana, Armani, and so on.


There is no shortage of things to do and places to go in New York. No matter what your interests and passions are, there is always something for you in the Big Apple if you know your way around.

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