“Asides from being a thrilling city, New York contains some of the world’s best museums. From vast diverse collections of enlightening historical artifacts to the attractive building that houses them, the museums and memorials in New York are among the best places to go in the city. They also offer lots of programs and art exhibitions. Some even offer pay as you wish and free visiting hours. Below are some of the best museums in New York City. “

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

This famous museum is also popularly referred to as The Met. With over 2 million artworks, the metropolitan museum of art is the largest art museum in America. It was established in 1870. The museum contains more than 5,000 beautiful and rare art collections from diverse cultures and parts of the world It is not surprising that it is a top tourist center in New York.

How Much Does It Cost to Access the Met?

The ticket price for adults is $25. For senior citizens, the entrance fee is $17 and students need to pay a toke of $12. Generally, members, patrons, and kids less than 12 years have free access to the museum. It is also possible to purchase tickets to the metropolitan museum of art in advance.

How Long Does It Take To Go Through the Met?

It would most likely take about 3-5 hours to go through all the art collections in this museum. The museum contains lots of resting spots to make you enjoy the beautiful surrounding and rest your feet.

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American Museum of Natural History

The American museum of natural history is ranked as one of the largest museums on earth. The monumental museum was founded in 1869. It contains a massive collection of things in connection with nature. Items related to the evolution of man, marine life, fossils, and even space can be found in this museum. In 2019, the museum was expanded with new galleries and an insectarium added. The project is expected to be completed pretty soon.

Are the Animals in the Museum Real?

The animals in the museum hall are absolutely real. They had lived and died at their old age. After their death, their bodies were donated to the museum for preservations and exhibitions.

National September 11 Museum and Memorial

The 2001 9/11 event is one of the most memorable incidents that shook the whole world. The national September 11 museum was established in the honor of this event. The museum explains both the history and the events that took place on that day. This gigantic structure of the museum covers a landmass of 110,000 square feet. The FDNY ladder 3 firetruck remains one of the most prominent out of the 70,000 artifacts housed by the museum.

Is the September 11 Museum Worth It?

It totally does. It contains a permanent collection of material evidence, history records, primary testimony, and the repercussions of the terrorism that occurred on 9/11. It is recommended to plan a minimum of 2 hours visit for an unforgettable experience.

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Is Visiting the September 11 Memorial and Museum Free?

The 9/11 memorial is free to visit. In fact, it has been confirmed that a visit to the September 11 memorial is one of the best no-cost decisions to take in New York. You will need need to pay an entry fee to have access to the national 9/11 museum.

Museum of Modern Art

Popularly called by its acronym, MOMA, the museum of modern art contains one of the best modern art collections. The famous museum is located in Manhattan, New York City. It had undergone a renovation and expansion process and was eventually reopened in late 2019. MOMA contains lots of architecture, paintings, drawings, and related works of art. You can also find artworks by popular artists of all time like Picasso, Van Gough, and many others.

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Can I Get A Free MOMA Ticket?

The museum of modern arts offers free tickets to active personnel of the US military with ID. Furthermore, military family members can get free tickets too. Although the family members need to have dependent cards. Non-military visitors can access the museum for free on Friday nights. The free visiting period starts at 5:30 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. The free ticket allows you to have access to all the art galleries present in the museum as well as special exhibitions.

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

This museum is also one of the top-rated museums in New York. it is also simply known as the Guggenheim Museum. Apart from its vast art collection, it is popular for its unique structural architecture. The museum’s design was produced in 1943 by Frank Lloyd Wright. Sited on the eastern side of Manhattan, the museum stands as a stack of cylindrical white ribbon. It serves as a home to stunning modern pieces of art by legendary artists. The distinct building design in addition to its contemporary art display will surely thrill and amuse you.

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On What day(s) Is Guggenheim Free?

The museum is accessible for free between 18;00 and 21:00 hours on the first Fridays of the month. This applies to all the months except for January. On Wednesdays, the “pay as you wish” is available between the hours of 14:00 and 18:00.

Is the Solomon R Guggenheim Musuem Private?

It was initially private before it became public in 1937. The change happened when Solomon R Guggenheim decided to establish a foundation for public exhibition and art preservation.


There are a lot of places to visit in New York and the museums in the city are among the best you should consider on your list of places to go to in New York. The city museums and memorials have a lot to offer you as a visitor. A single trip to any of these museums could be an excellent source of inspiration for you. You would also learn a great deal of history in a tranquil environment.

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