“There hasn’t been a shortage of online medical testing services in recent years. While the abundance of such choices has raised the bar for market standards, there has been a lot of question marks as well.”

For instance, more and more laboratories are integrating operational models to provide quick results. This practice casts doubts over the accuracy of such results. In this article, we’ll discuss the performance of stdcheck.com and figure out if it is truly legit.

About Stdcheck.com

Stdcheck.com is one of the most popular medical laboratories in the US. With over 4500 test centers, you’ll be able to find yourself near one of these centers anytime, anywhere.

Stdcheck.com has gained a lot of promotion thanks to its features in some of the popular magazines such as Forbes and Vice. However, despite all this, there are still a lot of doubts in the general public regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations. Let’s take a look at some of their consumer value propositions and the reasons behind the doubts.

In order to identify the authenticity of stdchcek.com, we’ll discuss a few factors that are integral to their servicing. The following factors will decide whether stdcheck.com is a legit medical laboratory or is it just a scam. Some of these factors support the authenticity while others put a question mark. Let’s take a look and find out what should be the final assessment.

Pros of Stdcheck.com

  • Discretion

Stdcheck.com is known for the most discrete medical testing services. They don’t require your name to test your blood and urine samples. You can get your results without the worry of any privacy concerns. However, the continuity of such practices is a huge doubt as the US government is looking to improve the legislation in this regard.

  • CLIA Certification

In order to get a CLIA certification, a medical lab has to implement and maintain high standards. These standards are relevant to almost all operations of a medical lab. Stdcheck.com has claimed a CLIA certification which is a great indicator of their commitment to providing high-quality services to their clients. They are also approved by the FDA which is yet another great indicator of their official status.

  • Accuracy

Stdcheck.com is the leader when it comes to providing highly accurate results. So far their test results have been able to present the true and fair outcome for thousands of customers. These results are provided in just 1-2 days which is a concern for many clients. However, there hasn’t been any evidence that suggests the inaccuracy due to the early results.

  • Convenience

With the help of stdcheck.com’s official website, you can not only locate a test center near you but can also enquire about your queries. Stdcheck.com provides high-quality customer services. Apart from getting tested, you can get expert opinions from their doctors. They’ll also guide you on the implications of results that appear on your test reports. Thus, you’ll have to take precautionary measures in due time.

  • Quick Results

Due to the effectiveness of their testing procedures, you don’t have to get in a queue and wait for hours to get yourself tested. You can visit any test center anytime and get tested in just five minutes.

  • Affordable Pricing

Medical testing is an essential health requirement for everyone. It is extremely vital that everyone has the necessary buying power to acquire these services. One great aspect about Stdcheck.com is that it provides its services at very affordable prices.

There are individual and multiple testing packages that you can avail yourself of according to your health requirements. These are offered at variable prices so that the mass market can access these facilities.

Cons of Stdcheck.com

  • Local Standards

Stdcheck.com is a US-based company that neither operates outside the US nor follows any international standards. This means that they are not legally or ethically bound to any laws except for the ones that are designated by the US government.

This puts a huge question mark on stdcheck.com as all of their operations are subject to the credibility of the US lawmakers. The whole system will make it even more difficult for stdcheck.com to go international.

  • Insufficient Testing

Another area where stdcheck.com fails to provide an optimum level of services is that they don’t cover all tests in their testing services. For instance, you may want to get yourself tested for trichomoniasis or Mycoplasma Genitalium along with others. These two tests are crucial for the overall STD testing.

However, you will not get any result regarding them on your stdcheck.com’s test reports. Thus you’ll have to visit different laboratories for these tests and rely on the authenticity of entirely different service providers.

  • Insurance Claims

While privacy is one of the key aspects of any medical testing, not everyone is interested in this facility. Due to the upkeep of privacy standards, stdcheck.com does not accept any report to, any insurance claims. This means that you have to pay even if you carry an insurance claim even if you are not interested in your privacy.

Is Stdcheck.com Legit?

There are a few concerns relevant to stdcheck.com as an organization as well as their servicing. However, there are a lot of benefits through which it creates value for its clients. Also, it provides its services with the approval of the US government. All the aspects point towards the authenticity of their operations and the accuracy of their results.

Thus we can assure you that stdcheck.com is a legit medical testing service and you can put your trust in them. Regarding the cons mentioned above, there are great chances that they’ll be addressed soon. Until then, you can safely get tested with their current offerings.

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