How to choose a favorite 5G mobile phone has become a worry for many users recently, especially in the context of frequent use of mobile phones, users also have higher requirements for the battery life of mobile phones.

Recently, OPPO has launched a new 5G phone with super long battery life, OPPO K7x.

OPPO K7x Review
OPPO K7x Review

As a new 5G machine of the OPPO K series, OPPO K7x has a good performance configuration and super endurance strength from the perspective of parameters. Combined with its pricing of “$150 level”, it can be said that many partners feel moved.

Let me share with you the practical experience of using OPPO K7x.

OPPO K7x adopts a fashionable and simple appearance design. The back of its body adopts the popular 3D curved glass design, and the front is designed with a hole-cut comprehensive screen. The overall body has a slender proportion and users can easily hold it with only one hand.

OPPO K7x Review
OPPO K7x Review

OPPO K7x is available in two colors: blue shadow and black mirror. t mobile store near me.

These two deep and restrained colors combine with OPPO K7x’s glass back cover to give users a simple yet stylish look. At the same time, OPPO K7x also adopts the hidden side fingerprint identification scheme.

It is equipped with the power fingerprint two-in-one button, which can be unlocked by pressing it. The success rate of unlocking is high and the speed is fast.

OPPO K7x has a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080 and a screen proportion of 90.5%.

The screen supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz and a touch sampling rate of 180Hz at the same time.

Combined with the intelligent frame rate switching function, OPPO K7x can achieve a more smooth user experience in daily use, and its hand feel will also be significantly improved.

OPPO K7x Review
OPPO K7x Review

From a practical point of view, the screen display effect of OPPO K7x is not only very clear and exquisite but also has high brightness, so we can clearly see the screen even in the sunlight.

OPPO K7x also has the option of iQIYI HDR 1080P HD quality when watching online videos using iQIYI.With OPPO K7x’s HD screen, users can experience a more immersive viewing experience.

Combined with OPPO K7x’s super large battery, it can realize long-term continuous movie watching, which can be said to be very practical.

OPPO K7x Review
OPPO K7x Review

OPPO K7x is equipped with a large battery of 5000mAh, which can fully meet users’ various daily battery needs.

In the actual 3-hour battery life test, after charging the battery of the mobile phone to 100% and using the 3-hour continuous bright screen including online video, web browsing, games and music playback, OPPO K7x still has 81% of the battery life, which can be said to be quite excellent.

OPPO K7x is also equipped with a 30W flash charge function, which can charge a mobile phone with a 5000mAh large battery to 100% within 68 minutes.

In the actual test, under the condition of using the original 65W flash charger, the battery power of OPPO K7x 5000mAh can be charged from battery exhaustion to 51% within 30 minutes.

Thus, OPPO K7x not only charges quickly but also consumes very little power, so the battery life experience is quite excellent.

OPPO K7x Review
OPPO K7x Review

In terms of performance, OPPO K7x USES Mediatek’s 720 SoC and is equipped with a flash memory combination of up to 8GB dual-channel LPDDR4 X RAM and up to 256GB ROM. Its performance configuration can be said to reach the mainstream level of 5G mobile phones at the same price.

In the actual game, OPPO K7x was used to try out the national mobile game Honor of Kings.

During the test, we set the game to the highest image quality and turned on the high frame rate mode.

Under this setting, OPPO K7x can play Honor of Kings at a steady level of 60 frames per frame rate, according to frame-rate data recorded by PerfDog.find my phone android,t mobile coverage.

As a 5G mobile phone, OPPO K7x’s 5G function experience is also crucial, and OPPO K7x also has an excellent performance in 5G measurement.

In the actual 5G tests, according to the data measured by Speedtest, OPPO K7x can achieve an average download rate of 813Mbps and upload rate of 103Mbps in the Unicom 5G environment in the Zhongguancun area, which is quite excellent among 5G mobile phones and reaches the level of flagship mobile phones.

OPPO K7x Review
OPPO K7x Review

In addition, OPPO K7x also supports the function of Smart 5G, which can detect the surrounding signal environment intelligently and automatically switch between 4G and 5G “without feeling”.

At the same time, OPPO K7x also supports dual CARDS and dual waits. Both card 1 and card 2 can be used as 5G master CARDS.

OPPO K7x has a 48-megapixel rear HD quadrangle with a 48-megapixel F/1.7 aperture lens as the main camera and an 8-megapixel 105° ultra-wide-angle lens as well as macro and black and white lenses.

The equivalent focal segment of the main shot is 25mm, and the Quad Bayer four-in-one pixel technology can make the single-pixel reach 1.6 m, thus improving the imaging effect of the main shot.

We found that OPPO K7x’s primary imaging quality can achieve good sharpness and excellent dynamic range, and it can also obtain super-sharp high-resolution photos in 48-megapixel mode.

OPPO K7x’s ultra-wide Angle lens has a wide Angle of 105°, which can be used to capture scenes such as streets, buildings and scenery.

As we can see in the sample below, the imaging effect of the ultra-wide angle lens is also quite good, which can better present the scene and obtain a wider picture than the wide-angle lens.

In the dark light environment, OPPO K7x provides a handheld super night view function, which can help users effectively improve the image quality of photos in a dark light environment, and meet users’ needs of “taking” night photos.

In addition to the handheld super night view function, OPPO K7x also provides the super night view function of the bracket for users to get excellent picture quality of night view photos through ultra-long exposure.

From the night shots below, we can see that OPPO K7x has a very good imaging effect in the dark light environment. It not only makes the picture clear and has no obvious noise, but also has a better suppression of the highlight. Meanwhile, it also has better performance under the scene of the complex light source.

On the whole, OPPO K7x rear camera can fully meet users’ daily photography requirements, and its performance in a dark light environment is also commendable.OPPO K7x also has a super macro and black and white filter mode, which allows users to take some unique photos.

OPPO K7x is equipped with customized ColorOS 7.2 based on Android 10 depth. This system has been upgraded from the previous version to improve the overall system experience.

The system’S UI design style, on the whole, belongs to a simple and lively style, and also provides everyone’s favorite dark mode, dynamic wallpaper, gravity wallpaper and other functions.

OPPO K7x’s system USES quantum animation engine technology, which dramatically improves the smoothness of the phone by using simple and efficient simulations of how elements start to move in response to forces and stop in response to resistance.

At the same time, it also joined the memory anti-fragmentation engine independently developed by OPPO, which guarantees the mobile phone to be smooth at all times and not to be delayed for a long time from the bottom of the system.

OPPO also works with well-known designers and photographers at home and abroad to provide users with nearly 40 high-quality wallpapers created by more than 15 artists in OPPO K7x, which is convenient for users to personalize their mobile phones.

OPPO K7x is a practical 5G phone on the whole, and the overall performance of OPPO K7x is better than other models at the same price.

In particular, its configuration combination of 30W flash charge and 5000mAh large battery makes it a 5G mobile phone with both fast charging speed and battery life, which is quite rare among models at the same price.

Therefore, OPPO K7x is very suitable for users who like long battery life and have light mobile phone usage habits.

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