“Bought Lefant M201 after reviewing a lot of other vacuum’s. it has very strong suction and with the edge, the brush pulls in dust from the edges. I like that it can vacuum go under the bed and furniture to clean the dust. Give RobotVacuumLife.com A Try? The Smarter Way to Clean.”

In this article, we will once again take an interest in another robot vacuum cleaner created by Lefant: Lefant M201. Lefant M201 is a Compact and cute device for cleaning. It goes beneath the sofa, dining tables, couch and automatically goes to the charging station when it’s getting discharged. Great suction blower and good bin capacity. The battery life is good and it worked for around 4 hours to discharge completely. It can be started from the mobile app and can be placed back to the charging station.

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What Is The Best Robot Vacuum For The Price?

I had other brands of robot vacuum cleaners in past and no doubt they were good, but lefant robot vacuum cleaner m201 is far better both performance and price-wise. One of the brands that has marked the minds of hundreds of users, and which despite this remains considered to be quite modest compared to other giants like iRobot or Proscenic, Setup was simple and easy. Connecting to APP took less than one min and the rest working superbly.

Lefant M201 is very correct functions, as well as its relatively low price, make it a perfect cleaning companion for small budgets. We are really dealing with a very affordable robot vacuum with its fairly low price.

Lefant robot vacuum cleaner m201 is an Amazing little robot at a great price-point! It’s well built and has a nice design. The robot has 2 modes, general AI cleaning where he’s just driving around the room, and then there’s the wall mode where the robot only goes along the wall. Both modes are working as intended! The app that you can download is also working well. You can thus remotely start the vac, stop the vac, switch between modes, and have it drive back to the charger. It’s really a great help in the house, and collects a lot of dust, Christmas tree needles, kitty kibble, and more!

The Lefant M201 mini-robot, despite the low price, features many small and large technological innovations such as the patented FreeMove technology with motion sensors arranged at 360 ° throughout the body of the device which, together with the gyroscope and the movement, effectively solves all the possible difficulties inherent in confusion or blocking in the event of fixed or moving obstacles during cleaning.

Its small flaws which are felt in the absence of wet cleaning, the absence of mapping functionality, and virtual walls are perfectly justified given the proposed price. In short, the Lefant M201 has received our editorial stamp of approval.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Robot Vacuum?

Today we are not talking about a classic robot vacuum cleaner, but a smaller version capable of cleaning even the most remote corners of the house. You can find it on offer on Amazon and is called lefant robot vacuum m201.

Having good suction in a robotic vacuum cleaner is of the utmost importance, that’s for sure, but you can imagine the ordeal you’ll face if you happen to stumble upon a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that is unable to move properly. the suction power of more than 1000 Pa is more than enough to cope with all types of hard floors imaginable. However, for “soft” floors like rugs and models, the more suction power you have, the better the cleaning results will meet your expectations. So in short, the lefant robot vacuum m201, with its 1500 Pa, will have no problem getting through your regular floors.

This little guy is pretty cool. It goes back to the charge station on its own. Or you can hit the power button twice to make it go back. Picks up most small things ha and will attempt to pick up big items as well like paper. It goes over the area last twice to make sure it gets everything. It has a removable filter which has easy to clean. Just remember not to get it. It makes cleaning a lot easier since it’s doing most of the sweeping for us.

I’m surprised with the suction and how much it’s getting off my floors daily. Battery life could be better and I haven’t figured out it’s auto-clean as it does the same area over and over. The big thing we’ll see is durability.

How to Connect Lefant With Alexa?

Good product, The biggest problem was hard to connect to Alexa as with many other customers. So, after about 1h of trying and watching videos, I will detail how to do it here, For anyone who has trouble connecting to Alexa the way they say in the procedure manual you can follow how I eventually figured it out after trial and error.

1. Go to the Alexa app (I am assuming your Alexa device is already paired)
2. Look up “smart life” in skills
3. It will prompt you to sign in with an account (beware that even though it starts with a +1, putting your email is also an option). If you don’t have an account, download the smart life app from the store (free).
4. DO NOT LINK YOUR VACUUM TO THE SMART LIFE ACCOUNT (the account is just so you can enable the skill)
5. Use the account you just created to enable the skill.
6. Have Alexa search for devices
7. Enjoy my 1.5h work hassle-free
And that’s it! The manufacturer could save a lot of heartache for people that purchased it and themselves by including this procedure in the instruction/setup manual. It actually is a cool little entry-level vacuum.


The M201 robotic vacuum is quite the charmer. You get a robot that can work with digital assistants at a reasonable price and give your floors that sparkling look.

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Lefant Robot Vacuum M201 FAQ

You might need to set it up with a smartphone / PC but you can just press the button on the top to set it off under normal use.
The Lefant robot vacuum M201 uses Cliff Sensor Technology, similar to other model robot vacuum. These sensors will prevent the robot vacuum from going over stairs.
Is supposed to return to base automatically.
It doesn’t. It just keeps going until either you stop it by pressing the ‘home’ button or the battery power runs low. In both cases, it returns automatically to the base unit to recharge.