“Before getting this Lefant Robot Vacuums-M201, I vacuumed the floors every day as I dislike the feeling of dirt under my feet at home and as I am working from home this obsession has gotten worst. Give RobotVacuumLife.com A Try? The Smarter Way to Clean.”

A robotic vacuum cleaner can be a great help around the house. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Robotic Vacuums, Upgraded 6D Collision Sensor, 1800pa WiFi/App/Alexa, Self-Charging, Super Quiet Mini Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpets, M201, Best little vacuum I have ever had! This little thing is so smart! It knows how to get around walls and objects with ease and effortlessly cleans the floors while I’m away at work or busy doing other tasks. This robot vacuum is just what I needed as I can set it up with Alexa to run throughout the days when needed. It’s pretty cool it can leave the charging base at any time and return on its own.

Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Robotic Vacuums, Upgraded 6D Collision Sensor, 1800pa WiFi/App/Alexa, Self-Charging, Super Quiet Mini Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpets, M201

If you are interested in trying a cleaning robot at home, this model from LEFANT, the M201 is on sale at Amazon. A robot vacuum cleaner that we can control from our mobile phone thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity to clean the house autonomously.

Do Lefant Robot Vacuum M201 Actually Work?

This little guy worked right out of the box. It deployed, cleaned stuff, and dutifully returned home to recharge. The redesigned robot with a smaller fuselage can improve the pass rate and coverage. The battery has a longer life. 1800Pa powerful suction can pick up pet hair, human hair, dust, etc., ideal for families with pets.

Upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors help the vacuum detect probable stuck areas and adjust the cleaning path. Anti-dropping sensors prevent the robot from falling off the stairs. With an 11” diameter and unibody design, the M201 slides under and around the bed, sofa, and other furniture for a thoroughly clean with high coverage and ultra-low failure rate. Powered by a strong digital motor, the M201 features strong suction power and a unique inlet design which does not clog with a pet’s hair like other robot vacuums with a rotating brush. the M201 uses lithium iron phosphate batteries which have a longer life, better safety, and essentially no capacity decay compared with general lithium batteries.

This machine has some power. It travels all over the house and does a really good job of cleaning all surfaces. Easy to clean when full and comes with a replacement filter and brush. I do wish it had one more spinning brush to pick up more evenly, requiring less time to cover all areas.

Is It Worth Buying a Lefant Robot Vacuum M201?

Lefant is an innovative brand. They focus on robotic vacuum cleaners and other smart appliances, helping people enjoy their lives. they’re committed to creating great products to engage our loyal customers around the world.

Touted at 15% smaller than the competition the Lefant M201 easily gets into the awkward corners and under most furniture. True 360 ​​° technology in space detection, together with its minimum height of 7cm means the vacuum can detect different heights of potential obstacles to find the best access and in theory, effortlessly continue with its work.

The initial setup of the robot was hassle-free, There are an interesting variety of cleaning modes: auto/smart, spiral, wall follow, and user-controlled. taking less than 5 mins to get into the settings. From zero percent charge, it will take about 4.5 hours to full, and when full the spec sheet tells us to expect around 90 minutes of autonomy. The Lefantlife application available for iOS and Android is well designed and quite intuitive. You use the app to choose the cleaning mode and to schedule the active working hours.

The battery life is fairly large and the vacuum seems to know when it’s running out and goes to it’s charging base on its own. Definitely worth buying if you don’t like doing the chores yourself! It also has a remote control app that is super easy to use!

How Long Do Robot Vacuums Last?

As a robot is a mechanical device, functionality issues may arise as time goes on. Your once-reliable robot friend may stop moving, go sideways, or just not operate correctly. Most of these issues are simple things you can locate and fix yourself, as with any normal vacuum cleaner. A little time and effort can get your little buddy up and running again in no time. You can expect your robot vacuum to last 4 to 6 years if you do proper maintenance.

Overall I’d say this is a good fun gadget at a pretty reasonable price for what you get. The actual effectiveness of the cleaning it offers is good and it’s small enough not to impose too much in a room.

Warm Tips:

  • The “dirt tank” seems overly delicate and likely to fail or break over time.
  • One thing to note is that the vacuum doesn’t appear to remember where it has been. It would be great if it had a memory of where I had intervened during its scheduled clean but I suspect that these features probably exist in higher price bracket models.
  • The lack of a water tank means there is no “mop” feature for both cleaning and sucking up the spills from the cat’s water bowl.

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Lefant Robot Vacuum M201 FAQ

You might need to set it up with a smartphone / PC but you can just press the button on the top to set it off under normal use.
The Lefant robot vacuum M201 uses Cliff Sensor Technology, similar to other model robot vacuum. These sensors will prevent the robot vacuum from going over stairs.
Is supposed to return to base automatically.
It doesn’t. It just keeps going until either you stop it by pressing the ‘home’ button or the battery power runs low. In both cases, it returns automatically to the base unit to recharge.