Rainleaf Microfiber Towel highly absorbent, dry quickly and are lightweight. making them perfect for people on the move, whether using them at the campsite, gym, beach, or pool.”

Rainleaf-As an American company, they are committed to providing the highest quality outdoor sports products.

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel,Blue,24 X 48 Inches

Using high-quality materials.With great technology. Blending the most fashionable designs.

With a good range of sizes and colors and a handy carrying case, this microfiber towel from Rainleaf makes an excellent companion for traveling.

Its microfiber material is fast drying and super absorbent. it can absorb up to five times its weight. These dry so fast compared to a regular cotton towel.

A snap loop allows you to hold the towel, while a compact carrying bag makes it easy to tote this bag.

It has 6 sizes in 6 vivid colors. All packed in small bags which will be great for travel and carry.

12*24 Inches:Fold into 1.45 X 6.05 X 8.25 inches.Weight:0.13 LB
16*30 Inches:Fold into 1 X 5.4 X 5.7 inches. Weight:0.2006 LB
20*24 Inches:Fold into 1.4 X 5.85 X 6.95 inches.Weight:0.28 LB
24*48 Inches:Fold into1.8 X 7.1 X 9.05 inches.Weight:0.4 pounds
30*60 Inches:Fold into2.05 X 9.1 X 9.4 inches.Weight:0.61 pounds
40*72 Inches:Fold into1.811 X 7.9921 X 9.8031 inches.Weight:0.8995 pounds

6 size to fit outdoor and sports activities

12*24 Inches:Great hand,face,tea,golf,fishing towel.It takes little room in your pack.
16*30 Inches: Used as a gym towel, sweat towel, sports towel, golf, and guest towel will be great.
20*24 Inches: Camping, gym, backpacking, hiking, picnic, jogging, you would love to use this size. Also to dry your hair.
24*48 Inches: Little bit larger than the last one, would be great as Camping, gym, backpacking, hiking, picnic, jogging towel for taller one or bath/ swimming towel for kids.
30*60 Inches: X-Large towels as beach, yoga, swimming, bath, travel, pool camping towel. You gonna love this.
40*72 Inches: Unique XXL towel will fit beach yoga swimming, bath, travel, pool towel, or maybe a blanket and chair cover.
These towels are a GAME CHANGER. You’re COMPLETELY dry within seconds, and not towel dry but like actually dry with no moisture.

What To Think About When Choosing The Simplest Travel Towel?


  • Travel towels come in a wide selection of materials, including cotton, microfiber, and linen.
  • While cotton is soft and absorbent, it also takes significantly longer to dry.
  • Microfiber might not absorb the maximum amount or be as soft, but it dries up to 10 times more quickly than cotton and resists odor-causing bacteria and mold.
  • Linen is durable and will hold its shape better against repeated washings than cotton and microfiber. Though linen could also be scratchy when new, it tends to become softer the more you wash it.

Intended Use

  • Travel towels are handy for a spread of various uses.
  • Their smaller size and quick drying ability make them suitable for camping trips or understanding at the gym.
  • Travel towels also are good options for those that prefer their own linens over hotel linens. They’re also suitable for trips to the beach or pool.


  • Travel towels are available in a broad range of sizes, from smaller 20-inch by 40-inch towels for gym workouts to full-sized 32-inch by 72-inch beach towels.
  • Smaller sizes allow these towels to suit easily into a backpack or gym bag, while larger size towels provide more area for lounging poolside.

Colors and Patterns

  • Most travel towels are available in numerous color options and patterns to suit your personal preferences or coordinate with your swimwear, camping gear, or workout clothing.
  • I used a piece of cotton fabric and a product called Heat & Bond to adhere images onto the towel. Using a pressing cloth and dry iron it worked without damaging the towel. Hopefully, it won’t come off when wet. It’s fun to add an image to these towels.

Number of Towels

  • The number of towels you need to take with you when traveling depends on the activity you’re doing.
  • For example, a visit to the gym might require two towels—a small towel for cleaning reduce your face and a bigger towel for showering afterward.
  • You may only want to take a lightweight, medium-sized towel if you’re backpacking to save weight and space.
  • A weeklong vacation at the beach may require numerous towels for both swimming and bathing.

What Material Is Best For Travel Towels?

There are a variety of materials for travel towels. The RainLeaf Microfiber towel is by far the best travel towel I have ever used!

This towel is very convenient to have on you at all times when you are out camping.

Microfiber towels are super absorbent and roll up to about the size of your fist. Also dries very quickly when you leave it out for just an hour or two. making them the best option for camping trips.

Turkish cotton towels are softer and more luxurious while still being absorbent and quick-drying, making them suitable for the beach. In contrast, linen towels with their superior durability are excellent for trips to the gym.


Rainleaf Microfiber Towel(B07ZTHY62V):

These are excellent towels and a must-have for travelers, campers, soldiers overseas, and backpackers. Ultra-absorbent and has a wide variety of uses, not just a shower towel.

Warm Tips:

  • Wash separately the primary 2-3 times as color may bleed.
  • Do not iron. Do not bleach.
  • Most packable towels are designed to repel dirt and bacteria, in order that they don’t get to be cleaned after every use.
  • Excessive washing also can break down the material and any additional antimicrobial technology the towel could be treated with.

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Rainleaf Microfiber Towel(B07ZTHY62V) FAQ

Microfiber towels wick moisture away, allowing them to dry up to 10 times faster than standard cotton towels.
Although microfiber can absorb up to several times its weight, it’s not as absorbent as cotton, which is superior to all other materials in this area.
Use the SILVADUR antimicrobial to deal with towels.SILVADUR antimicrobial is a patented, polymer-containing silver-technology that delivers silver ions using an intelligent control mechanism. Silver ions are lethal to microbes that cause odor and material degradation. This delivery system is safe, in fact, it's the same mode of action responsible for the antimicrobial properties found in silver spoons.
It can be folded about 9.65 X 4.65 X 3 inches (B01A4ZXYA8 as an example).
The zipper pocket only appears on 40*72 inch towels which can keep your keys or phone when you on the beach. As for the snap, it will be used to hang the towel up so that it will dry quickly.

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