“Several items sound complicated and a specialty for a few by the mention of their names. Most people who are not in either a research institution or a medical-related field may have little to do with microscopes- an expensive assumption.”

LCD Digital USB Microscope 7 in HD Screen 32 G TF Card, Circuit Board Repair Soldering PCB Coins,12mp Video Camera Microscope,8 Adjustable Light, 1-1200X Magnification with Rechargeable Battery

The main reason for using a microscope is to enhance the size of small or micro-components to the extent that you can view them. For this reason, XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope is a good example of items with immense functionalities.

Several factors judge a good microscope. One of the features that are critical in this device is the magnification levels. A microscope can have more than one objective.

Several objective lenses mounted on the same microscope help pick the right magnification for the object placed under the plate for scrutiny.

There are different sizes of microorganisms that are viewed under a microscope. Because of this divergence in sizes, additional magnification is necessary.

Microscopes are classified into high and low-power types. Tiny objects like viruses are only seen under powerful microscopes, whereas most bacteria are viewed under medium-level microscopes.

There is a need to take utmost care when viewing microorganisms even under a microscope.

Do You Need A XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope?

The old-fashioned microscopes were very large; nevertheless, they were not powerful. As technology advances, newer microscopes are not only small and powerful but also have several in-built functionalities.

For you to view the object, initially, you had to check through the eyepiece only. Today, after focusing on the object, you can connect the microscope to a computer (installed with the common software) and view your specimen.

This form of connectivity using a USB port was missing with old microscopes. Moreover, the old devices were only able to use direct power. Nowadays, unlike those days, the current microscopes like XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope use batteries.

It is, therefore, clear that old microscopes could not be used for outdoor activities unless there is a power source. The current batteries are rechargeable and can run for four to five hours.

XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope comes with complete functions, including clear images, computer connection capability, and a large screen display. Moreover, you can have a battery replacement done with this particular item.

The XClifes LCD Microscope can have an external wire controller. Besides there it has an external LED light and easy to operate. The item comes with several image resolution settings. Included 1080 full HD, 1080P, and 720P. The resulting maximum video pixel is, therefore 1080FHD.

How Big is XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope?

This particular apparatus comes with a large screen display. The size of the screen span to 7-inch compared with most competitors’ products with a 4.3-inch screen. The big screen is more convenient to make your observations.

The item is installed with a 18650 rechargeable battery with a dual power supply mode suitable for environmental variations. The big battery can supply power continuously for ten hours.

The item dimensions are 7.08 x 4.5 x 11 inches. The gross weight of the device is 2.35 pounds.

Are There Other Unique Features Of XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope?

The item has a rotatable screen which you can adjust to the display of your choice. Additionally, the device has an external wire control for easy operation. Since the wire control operation is not touching the display screen, it is convenient and offers unwavering observations.

The device also comes with a TF card socket and a 32GB memory card to save your videos. This microscope comes with eight in-built LEDs to enhance the views under different settings, which you use to adjust brightness.

The items are cautiously designed with a reflective lampshade to effectively solve some circuit board object challenges in the course of viewing and maintenance.

Why Is XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope Preferred Over Others?

This particular product finds its use in many areas of our day-to-day life. Some common ones include the textile industry and electronic repair, especially for circuit board testing, kids’ education, biological observations, and jewelry.

The item is one of the best gifts to children, shoddy lovers, and students. The particular product is, however, not very useful in cell studies.

Any Advantage Of XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope?

The extent to which this particular microscope is used in diverse fields is a confirmation of its usefulness. The large screen display over its competitors, attribute to its preference. The item is capable of establishing a high of 1000 times magnification of the specimen.

Unlike other devices, you can adjust the screen height appropriately. The remotely wired controller, which does not touch the screen, enables you to make unwavering observations and perfect images.

The unusually big battery with twofold charging ports is a wonderful design to fit in diverse circumstances. A ten-hour continuous use battery before recharging or replacing is quite phenomenal.

The item is sold with a 32GB memory card installed to save videos, unlike others where you buy separately.

What Are The Disadvantages Of XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope?

The item has very outrageous functions compared with other models. However, it is not very useful in cell study. This area of microbiology is important in the day–to–day research of micro-organelles.

The item is made from plastic material and, therefore, likely to be prone to damage by strong heat or high temperatures.


We are all surrounded by tiny objects that are worth studying. Our naked eyes are unable to view them since they are minute. The use of this fabulous object capable of magnifying specimens to the tune of 1000x is tremendous.

You can imagine the electronic circuit board repair without magnifying. The extensive use of technology behind XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope has made many areas of life manageable.

The fact that you can use a remote wired controller enables you to observe specimens that otherwise may be toxic at close quarters. Besides, their images are not disturbed during the viewing. Give TelescopeReviewed.com A Try? The Complete Guide To Buying The Best Telescope.

In whatever area you are settled and earning your living, XClifes LCD Digital USB Microscope is a wonderful gift package to someone.

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