Top 5 Hot Selling Telescopes (5 Best Telescopes In 2021)

We Like
Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ
+ Quality Optics
+ Wireless Remote
+ TWO-YEAR Warranty
- The Stand is Short
Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope
+ Easy Portability
+ Best For Imaging
+ Pleasing Wide-Field
- Headache of Setting Up EQ Mount
Celestron – AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope
+ Extraordinary Design
+ Reasonable Price
+ Durable and Functional
- Limited Mount
Honslis 70mm Aperture 500mm Telescope
+ Simple to Assemble
+ Waterproof
+ Budget-Friendly
- Dust-Sensitive
SOLOMARK 70700EQ Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope
+ High Magnification Power
+ Brighter and Clear View
+ Connectable to Phone
- Slightly Pricey

“However you select to explore it, the simplest experience is one that fully immerses you within the world’s most striking details.”

Zhumell’s Z100 is about a rock bottom price telescope we might highly recommend for an adult user. It offers nearly all the features of a bigger reflector except during a much smaller package and far lower cost. Zhumell strives to place high-performance products within the hands of our customers in order that they will experience the planet up close, with their own eyes.

Zhumell Z100 Portable Altazimuth Reflector Telescope

Zhumell Z100 Portable Altazimuth Reflector Telescope, Industry standard 1.25” focuser, compatible with many various accessories, Changing magnifications is simpler than ever with included 17mm and 10mm eyepieces, Easy to use red dot finder makes aiming the Z100 a breeze for any level of user.

The Zhumell Z100 features an easy and streamlined mechanical design. Durable, sturdy construction allows this Dobsonian reflector to endure even after years of wear and tear and tear from use and travel. Conveniently compact and light-weight, the Z100 easily packs away so you’ll take it with you to remote star parties or on camping trips.

Who Makes Zhumell Telescopes? What’s Zhumell?

Zhummel may be a name for products made or supplied by GSO and within the US retailed by Telescopesplus (formerly

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With Zhumell, you get field-tested, precision-crafted optics at the simplest possible value. So albeit you’re just starting out as an amateur birder or astronomer, you don’t need to accept entry-level products. Zhumell customers enjoy life’s pursuits, hobbies, and adventures in rich, colorful detail – the type of detail that only high-performance optics can produce.

Zhumell design our binoculars, telescopes, and spotting scopes for discerning, price-conscious users who are uncompromising on quality. If you’re trying to find accessibly-priced optics that will bring your world accessible, you’re trying to find Zhumell.

Where Are Zhumell Binoculars Made?

Zhumell’s headquarters are located in Omaha, USA, and whilst it’s probably faithful to say that Zhumell isn’t the foremost widely known optical brand, they need an honest reputation for producing good quality telescopes, spotting scopes, riflescopes also as binoculars with stress on good value for money.

Who Makes The Best Dobsonian Telescope?

Zhumell’s innovative Z Series Dobsonian telescopes have taken the planet of amateur astronomy by storm. Now, you’ll get Zhumell’s unmatched quality and value during a portable tabletop Dobsonian with the compact Z100.

It’s the right thanks to starting with astronomy or add a grab-and-go scope to your collection. The most crucial additional accessory we might recommend for this scope would be a 6mm “gold-line” eyepiece or a 2x Barlow lens. If you’ll only pick one we might recommend the 6mm Goldline, but if you’re ready to buy both you’ll also Barlow the 6mm eyepiece for an astounding 133x, which is about at the sensible limit of what this telescope can provide.

The Zhumell Z100 Portable Reflector Telescope features a 100mm parabolic primary mirror, a high-end feature that’s very uncommon in telescopes of this size. The parabolic reflector removes visual defects like an aberration, providing noticeably sharper views. The primary mirror and everyone’s other optical surfaces are coated with Zhumell’s high-reflectivity coatings. You can calculate quite 90 percent light transmission, for brighter views of even dim objects like nebulae. Thanks to its industry-leading optical components, the Z100 outperforms other tabletop telescopes of identical size for a difference you’ll see and appreciate under the night sky.

The Z100’s mechanical design is simple and streamlined. Durable, sturdy construction means your Zhumell will get up to years of use and travel. Thanks to its compact size and weight, you’ll confidently pack it along for camping trips, vacations, and more. When you reach your observing site, the telescope comes together in seconds. Once you’re found out, swing the scope on its lazy susan-style mount toward your required object. Center your target within the Red Dot Finderscope, you’re able to view it through the eyepiece. Then, make small adjustments to smoothly track objects as they drift across the sky.


Whether you’re an experienced amateur astronomer or a fresh stargazer, the Zhumell Z100 brings you the night sky on your terms.

This convenient, portable telescope is usually the ability to deliver impressive, detailed images, from a fast peek at the sky in your backyard to a marathon night of stargazing.

If you’re curious about astronomy and are trying to find an easy telescope to start out, or already own a bigger telescope and are trying to find something more portable, (provided the price hasn’t drastically increased) this is perfect.

Give A Try? The Complete Guide To Buying The Best Telescope.

Best Stilnend Telescopes Worth The Money [2021]

Best Telescopes For The Money


Warm Tips:

  • Be sure to let your telescope’s temperature equalize to the surface temperature otherwise you will have bad seeing caused by air currents inside the telescope tube.
  • If you don’t have a sturdy enough table or bar stool to line the Z100 on, the rock bottom of the mount features a ¼ 20 threaded hole so you’ll attach it to most photo tripods. You can also set the scope on the hood of your car, which is arguably a more stable option than tons of cheap tripods or folding tables.
  • You are mostly limited by the scope’s small aperture, lack of ability to require high magnification well, and therefore the quality of the skies where you reside.

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Zhumell Z100 Portable Altazimuth Reflector Telescope FAQ

The Z100 will offer great views of the Moon and decent views of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. How much detail on Jupiter and Saturn are you able to see on average assuming clear skies and therefore the average distance from earth? How much planetary detail you can see on any given night highly depends on what astronomers call "atmospheric seeing conditions" (or just "seeing"). You can definitely see Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS) with this telescope too.
An 8-year-old could be taught to point, focus, and observe with this scope, but I would wait until he/she is a bit older. It is larger and heavier than an 8 y/o should be asked to handle and it's far away from a beginner's instrument. I think a good pair of long-range field binoculars would be easier to handle, more mobile, and more fun for the time being.
You can remove the scope from the mount, and mount it on an equatorial mount. The base it comes with is not tripod mountable.
Yes, it does, it's quite buried within the product description but it does say 130mm parabolic primary mirror.

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