“We all enjoy basking in the sun- I guess. The sunlight brings down a warm package when you bask in moderation. In the same spirit, plants also enjoy sunlight as their main source of energy.”

LED Grow Light for Plant- 4 Head 96W Full Spectrum for Grow lamp with 176 Beads.More Stronger Adjustable gooseneck, 3/6/12H Timer, 6 dimmable Level,4 Switch Modes

There are some plants, however, that do not need natural light but survive on artificial light. These plants are mostly grown under certain controlled environments. One source of such light is by using NANYNNU LED Grow Light for Plant.

Farming is an art that requires techniques and utilization of technology where possible. The use of grow light for plants is a step to defy doom in the absence of sunlight.

This particular lighting system can illuminate plants by providing customized wavelengths that are particular to the stage of a plant. Through this method, you can plant fruits and vegetables indoor and support all their growth stages.

It is crucial to note that the special lights are designed to produce certain intensity and prescribed wavelengths. It is magical to know how man determines the amount of light a plant requires and provides the same without errors.

Man has gone further to produce the best light intensity for a healthy plant and packaged it in the form of LED bulbs. You can acquire our upgraded plants light from the store near you. Give OnlineGroceryReview.com A Try? Expert-Led Reviews, Recommendations, And Roundups The best Shopping Content From The Top Grocery.

How Does NANYNNU LED Grow Light For Plant Work?

One of our greatest strides in the plant’s light is the upgraded four-head. The new light plant uses a total of one hundred and seventy-six LED beads. This plant light has a power of 96W, which produces good quality light with the required intensity and is bright enough.

During a plant’s life, the amount of light required and its intensity differ from one stage to another. NANYNNU LED Grow Lights for Plant can provide adequate light for every stage of the plant’s growth.

NANYNNU LED Grow Light can produce a spectrum from 380nm to 800nm. This particular grow light is adequate for healthy plant growth.

Do NANYNNU LED Grow Light For Plant Have Effect On Plant Yield?

Man is determined to replace sunlight with scientific spectral ratios of efficient blue, red, and warm LED. Further, appropriate light combination ratios can also promote germination of plants, flowering, fruiting, and increase yields.

Since different plants vary in their light requirements, they come equipped with an automatic on/off timer. The circular memory timer function comes with a plant grow light which automatically turns on or off according to the preset settings.

You can set a timer to switch on or off after 3-hours, six, or any other as appropriate for the plant growth stage. Setting the times you can enjoy your holiday away as the grow light will turn on and off automatically.

Why The Switch Modes With NANYNNU LED Grow Light for Plant?

There are six illumination settings and four switch modes available with NANYNNU LED Grow Light for Plant. To achieve these brightness levels, you press the minus button to reduce or plus sign to increase the brightness.

The size and number of the plants determine the amount of light required. Therefore you can select the number of lights to switch on from one to four. This particular grow light is suitable for indoor plants like flowers and fruits.

To fasten the 4-head grow light, it comes with a strong clip that clamps almost anywhere. By bending the four free-adjustable goosenecks, you can direct the light to any position of your choice.

There are several benefits associated with this technology. Most of the plants grown through this method are meant for home decoration. However, you can reap big in fruits and vegetables using the grow light for plants.

Can You Find Equals To NANYNNU LED Grow Light For Plant?

Every product in the market has an equivalent version from the rival. However, some are fake, and because of unsatisfactory services, they fail miserably in the market.

Although it is difficult to find a true match for NANYNNU LED Grow Light for Plant, there are similar grow lights in the market. However, their features are inferior.

Product with almost similar features like NANYNNU LED Grow Light for Plant found in the market include;

  • i.EZORKAS with nine dimmable levels grow light and three modes timing function
  • ii. LBW full spectrum 150W LED floor plant Light- grow light with stand
  • iii. Grow light for the indoor plant with 80 LED lamps

What Is The Size Of NANYNNU LED Grow Light For Plant?

This product from NANYNNU weighs 3 pounds and has a very small size compared to the magnificent service- supports plant life. The dimension of the garden-style product is 9.92 x 8.23 x 3.66 inches.

The item does not connect via a battery, neither does it have provision for the same. NANYNNU LED Grow Light for Plant powers from the grid only.

Any Advantage Of Using NANYNNU LED Grow Light For Plant?

The product has efficient LED combinations that can support plant germination, growth, and fruiting without sunlight. The product has an on and off timer that can operate automatically.

NANYNNU product does not require you to supervise the lighting but requires a one-time setting. There are options for the number of hours to be either on or off.

The gadget has several switch modes and several illuminations settings. You can firmly fasten the grow light to any position using the clamp.

Are There Drawbacks Of NANYNNU LED Grow Light For Plant?

The item does not use a battery and can be a problem in case of power failure.


To have such a wonderful apparatus in the house is glamorous. The different lights produced by the full spectrum allow the plants to thrive and are also splendid. Indeed, the lighting itself is a beauty.

Many are the imitations of this wonderful instrument of growth. But none attempts to match the power behind it. The product qualifies to be a beautiful gift to friends and families. Be the first to offer your friends today.

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