“There are many items to carry when doing an outdoor activity. Each recreation activity comes with its package of requirements. For camping, a tent is a must-have item.”

Camping tents come in different sizes. There are small tents for two people and bigger sizes for as many as ten people. You choose the type depending on your specific needs.

Different tent manufacturers have numerous design options. Some designs are pyramidal, while others are gable type. Again, there is a need to pick a design that suits your taste.

OT QOMOTOP Tents are one of the brands available in the market today. This specific camping tent is designed for two, four, six, or ten users. Your accommodation needs will determine the right tent.

Why the Design of OT QOMOTOP Tents?

Some tents take very long to pitch. Others like OT QOMOTOP Tents take only a minute to set up. The tent has been designed with great care. If the weather is rainy, a waterproof rainfly is popped up on top of the tent.

Guess what? The tent has a room divider. This divider affords privacy and security, especially when camping as a family. These types of tents are also designed with a ground vent to allow good air circulation.

Can I Setup the Tent Alone?

Setting up a tent can be a challenge in the beginning. Once you get used to it, it becomes an easy task to handle. Most camping tents are easy to set up alone. It is critical to handle every segment carefully to avoid damaging the tent or the frame.

How To Set Up The OT QOMOTOP Tents?

There are few steps involved in setting up an OT QOMOTOP Tent. They include;

  1. Layout and positioning the tent
  2. Unfolding the frame
  3. Extending roof poles
  4. Extending leg poles
  5. Attaching rainfly
  6. Guying out the tent
  7. Stake ground vent
  8. Assembling gear loft and room divider if necessary

Most tents will require to be positioned on relatively flat ground. The pitching and setup are much easier and secure than when the layout is done on an even ground.

Unfold the frames once you have positioned the tent. The first thing to extend is the telescoping roof poles. Ensure they snap into place with two poles protruding. Before you extend the leg poles, ensure all the four roof poles are fully extended.

If the leg poles are extended before the roof poles, the frame is likely to be damaged. Always verify the connections between the tent and the frame poles. To prevent rainwater from penetrating the tent, attach a rainfly on top of the tent.

You can then assemble a hook and loop to fasten the tent onto position by guying it out using the slider for adjustment. For proper air circulation, stake ground vent and finally assemble gear loft and the room divider. Confirm the zipper is working perfectly.

When through with camping, to disassemble the OT QOMOTOP Tent, follow the setup steps but in reverse order. Ensure that you fold and lower the leg poles carefully, avoiding the leg root hitting and hurting the tent fabric.

Do OT QOMOTOP Tents Have Unique Features?

This specific tent is made of polyester 68D 190T type of fabric, which comes in diverse colors, including blue, orange, etc. The tents use zipper type for closure. The frames are made from light metal like aluminum but alloyed to prevent rusting.

The tent size for eight person has the dimension 13” x 9” x 78” while for ten persons, the measurements are 14” x10” x 76”. Considering the big sizes, the tent comes with room dividers.

The spacious interior measures 14 x 10 feet while the center height measures 6 feet and 4-inch. The entire room can comfortably accommodate two queen airbeds and other camping accessories.

Imagine a tent with an in-built electric cord port. If you are not using the port, you can close it fully. The OT QOMOTOP Tent is sold together with tent stakes, gear pockets, and gear loft. You also get a mud mat and carry bag too.

During the wet season, you do not have to worry much because the tents are waterproof. Both rainfly seam and inner tent seam, jointly with PE tube floor with welded corners, ensures no rainwater gets into the tent during the rainy season.

The ventilation of the OT QOMOTOP Tents has an upgraded system made of mesh roof and ground vent, which guarantee perfect air circulation. The upgraded ventilation also doubles in minimizing the condensation of water on the inside of the tent, especially at night. Ordinary tents lack this type of ventilation.

Are There Advantages of Using OT QOMOTOP Tents Over Others?

There are many advantages of using OT QOMOTOP Tents than when using typical tents. There is a big difference in the type of fabric used in both tents. The latter are not friendlier, unlike the former.

Normal tents are poorly ventilated and more likely to permeate leakage. The OT QOMOTOP Tents come as a package with all the accessories instead of standard tents where you buy look for accessories separately.

Setting up OT QOMOTOP Tents is much easy and fast compared with other types. The floor of normal tents is not guaranteed, unlike the PE tube floor for OT QOMOTOP Tents.

You are likely not to get a room divider with normal tents while the same is guaranteed with OT QOMOTOP Tents. There are different sizes to pick according to your needs.

Any Disadvantage of Using OT QOMOTOP Tents?

Besides the initial buying cost of the OT QOMOTOP Tents, which sometimes can be far from reach by most people, the tent is a wonderful item. Nevertheless, the normal tents are harder to use than the OT QOMOTOP Tents.


With the many advantages of using OT QOMOTOP Tents, it is evident that owning one can only be a welcome idea. The tent, in particular, takes only but a few seconds to set up, unlike the normal ones that consume so much time.

The general presentation of pitched OT QOMOTOP Tents is appealing to the eyes over other models. There is an excellent after-sale service and full support with every OT QOMOTOP Tents purchased.

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