“When purchasing ASICS shoes, it is essential to ensure their authenticity to guarantee the desired quality and performance. Counterfeit products can sometimes look convincing, but with a few careful steps, you can identify genuine ASICS shoes and avoid falling victim to fake ones. In this article, we will outline several key methods to check the originality of ASICS shoes.”

How to Check the Authenticity of ASICS Shoes?

  • Purchase from Authorized Retailers

One of the most reliable ways to ensure authenticity is to buy ASICS shoes from authorized retailers. These include official ASICS stores, reputable shoe outlets, and authorized online websites. Authorized sellers are more likely to source their products directly from ASICS, reducing the risk of purchasing counterfeit shoes.

  • Examine the Packaging

Authentic ASICS shoes typically come in high-quality packaging. Pay attention to the overall presentation, including the shoebox and labeling. Look for clear, sharp, and properly printed logos, brand information, and barcodes. Counterfeit shoes may have packaging that looks cheap or lacks attention to detail.

  • Check Shoe Materials and Construction

ASICS is known for using high-quality materials in their shoes. Examine the shoe’s stitching, fabric, and construction. Authentic ASICS shoes exhibit excellent workmanship, with precise stitching and durable materials. Counterfeit versions may display poor workmanship, uneven stitching, or use cheap materials that may affect the overall quality and comfort.

  • Verify Logo Placement

ASICS has specific guidelines for logo placement on their shoes. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines by visiting the official ASICS website or examining genuine ASICS shoes in authorized stores. Check that the placement and printing of the logos on the shoes you are inspecting match the correct positioning used by the brand. Counterfeit shoes often feature logos that are incorrectly positioned or poorly printed.

  • Inspect the ASICS Tag

Authentic ASICS shoes feature a tag attached to the shoe’s inner or tongue area. This tag typically includes the ASICS logo, model number, size, and other relevant details. Carefully examine the tag for accurate information, clear printing, and correct spelling. Counterfeit shoes may lack or have inaccurate information on the tag, or the overall quality of the tag may appear subpar.

  • Review Shoebox Label

The label on the shoebox is another indicator of authenticity. Genuine ASICS shoeboxes will have clear and accurate information regarding the shoe’s model, size, color, barcode, and manufacturing details. Counterfeit shoeboxes may display inconsistent or incorrect information, including misspelled words or blurry printing.

  • Cross-reference with Official ASICS Website

To further verify the authenticity of ASICS shoes, visit the official ASICS website and compare the shoes you have with the product images available online. Pay close attention to design details, colors, and features. Any discrepancies between the shoes you are examining and the official product images may indicate counterfeit shoes.

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No.5 ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoes


Checking the authenticity of ASICS shoes is crucial to ensure that you receive genuine products that offer the best quality and performance.

By following the steps outlined in this article, such as purchasing from authorized sellers, examining packaging and materials, and cross-referencing with official sources, you can minimize the risk of purchasing counterfeit ASICS shoes. Remember, it’s always better to be cautious and invest in genuine products for a satisfying experience.

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