“When my refrigerator stopped making ice, I really didn’t feel like spending hundreds or even thousands for a new one. “

“No more buying 20# bag of ice every time we go camping. It easily keeps up with our ice needs.”

“I never have to worry about hot drinks again because it only takes 5 minutes to create new ice when it has run out. “

Electactic Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, 26Lbs/24H Portable Electric Ice Makers, Compact Ice Cube Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket 9 Cubes Ready in 6-8 Minutes,Ice Making Machine for Home(Black)

When you are facing some of the hottest summers on record, you need a countertop ice maker that can reliably supply solid cubes of ice and help you beat the summer temperatures.

Perfect for our bar! Makes ice quickly and you can hardly hear the ice dropping. We are purchasing another for our camper.

What Are The Features of Electactic Ice Maker Machine For Countertop(El-09)?

  • Efficient & Convenient
    9 ice cubes can be made in 6-8 minutes peruse, making up to 26.5 pounds of ice per day.
  • Two Sizes of Round Ice Cubes
    Electactic ice makers can make two sizes of round ice cubes.
  • Compact & Quiet
    With a modern design and excellent internal mechanics, the Electactic ice maker machine for the countertop can run the cooling system quickly and quietly.
  • Self-cleaning Function
    Press the On/Off button for more than 5 seconds to start the self-cleaning function.
  • Safety & Health
    Electactic ice machines are made of food-grade materials.

Is The Electactic Ice Maker Machine For Countertop(El-09) Worth It?

  • It’s a more efficient and convenient way to provide clean ice for your daily needs.
  • This was definitely better than having it in the freezer section of your free where it takes up more room than most can spare.
  • Saves so much space in my freezer so I no longer have to deal with those stupid ice cube trays.
  • I have always had ice and water in the door of my fridge and this is the first time I haven’t and I have been miserable for 2 years having to go to the store and getting a bag of ice only to have it freeze together and make a mess of the freezer.
  • Makes ice and under 8 minutes. The tray is full in less than 20 minutes. It’s the ice just like at the hospital or at the nursing home where you can crunch ice all night long.
  • If you’re an ice muncher, this device is for you.

Why Is The Electactic Ice Maker Machine For Countertop(El-09) So Popular?

  • Arrived clean, No bad smell, no odor. Easy to drain and clean and refill is stupidly easy.
  • Doesn’t require to be hooked up to a water hose of any kind. Pretty much you just refill it like you’d refill a humidifier.
  • One great thing about it is the ice cubes are round and fairly small and they fit thru the opening of a water bottle. How cool is that?
  • It is compact and portable, you can use it at home or office, barbecue, outdoor party, basement bar, etc.
  • Just plug it in and fill it into the line and forget about it.
  • I like the fact that it makes ice like it said it would.
  • The ice maker will be the perfect assistant for your life!


Electactic Ice Maker Machine for Countertop(El-09)

This is a smarter and more efficient quality ice machine. It uses food-grade material, which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable and ensures your health and safety. The stainless steel housing makes it more durable, safe and easy to clean.

Warm Tips:

  • Electactic ice makers can make two sizes of round ice cubes, not a square cube, cubes to avoid scratching your hands or other objects.
  • Only Brita water goes into the ice machine. When I inspected the issue, I notice that way in the back behind the metal prongs was a very toxic buildup of black mold on the plastic shelf. I tried everything to wipe this area…cotton balls/qtips/thin cloth, paper towels, etc.

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Electactic Ice Maker Machine for Countertop(El-09) FAQ

Yes. An electric eye sees the ice cubes are to the top of the holding bucket.
There are no drawers. The only way to get to the ice is through the top cover. This is true of all the portable ice machines.
Enough to fill a 24-ounce glass. It takes about only 30 minutes to make more.
It's easy, just add water, and select what size you want.
Yes, solid about the size of a large grape.

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