“Although an urban center by all standards, New York City is not entirely a concrete jungle. There are in fact a lot of outdoor things to do for tourists and residents who love the outdoor life.”

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New York City offers a lot of opportunities for fun and relaxation. There are beaches to surf, lush golf courses, and hilly park trails to hike or jog on. New York also offers a huge selection of outdoor bars, restaurants, and open-air events. Here is a quick roundup of some of the outdoorsy things to do in New York City.

Explore Central Park

When it comes to outdoor things to do in New York City, one of the places that easily come to mind is central park. The 863 acres park in the heart of Manhattan is free to explore open space with a lot of interesting outdoor landmarks and places to explore. The park provides various picturesque backgrounds to take a romantic picture, spend time enjoying a picnic with family or do something more rigorous like hiking. Fun fact, there are 58 miles of hiking trails within the park.

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How Many Parks Are In New York City?

Although Central Park is the largest of them all, there are up to 1700 parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreational spaces in New York City. These parks offer lush woodlands, wetlands, and gardens for visitors. There are also swimming pools, zoos, skating rings and other facilities in these parks.

Ziplining At Governor’s Island

Asides from the opportunity to catch stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline, Governor’s island offers loads of activities for both adults and children in its impressive playground. This makes it a perfect spot to spend outdoor time with Family in New York. But among all the fun activities in this recreational hub, perhaps the most thrilling is the Flywire Zipline. There is also an Amazen maze as well as a 3D climbing challenge. There is lodging available on the Island if all the fun activities take up all your time for the day.

How Long Should You Spend On Governor’s Island?

With so many fun activities to do on Governor’s Island, one could easily spend an entire day on the Island. However, if all you want is to get a quick feel of the island and get back to other things to do in New York, about three hours should be enough for you.

Enjoy A Sunny Fun-Filled Day On the Sandy Beach of Coney Island

Located on the southernmost end of Brooklyn, Coney Island Beach is the place to go if you’re looking to run around in the sands or simply breathe in the salty sea air for a change. The beach is open all year round. There are several other outdoorsy stuff to do on Coney Island too so even if you get tired of splashing in the seawater, you can take a ride on the roller-coasters in the amusement park nearby.

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Is Coney Island Fun For Adults?

Coney Islands offers attractions for people of all ages. There are family-friendly activities including thrilling rollercoaster rides for adults. Although the kiddie rides (16) totally outnumber the adult rides (5). You will definitely not be bored as a visit. The main star of the Island, the 150ft tall Wonder Wheel is open to people of all ages.

Visit the Bronx Zoo

If you will be spending time in the Bronx, one of the outdoor activities you should consider including in your itinerary is a visit to the Bronx zoo. This is the largest zoo in the entire country covering 265 acres of land. There are more than 6,000 animals in this wildlife conservation which means there is plenty to see. You can also participate in activities such as poetry readings or daily feedings of sea lions and penguins.

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Can I Buy Tickets At the Entrance Of the Bronx Zoo?

If you intend to visit the Bronx zoo, then you should purchase your tickets online in advance. Tickets are not available on sale at the zoo and you will not be allowed entry without a timed ticket purchased online.

Birdwatching At the Marine Park Salt Marsh

This park is specifically for people with a specific hobby type-birdwatching. The Marine Park Salt Marsh is 530 acres of grasslands and wetlands located in Brooklyn. It is the largest park in the Borough. But perhaps the most notable feature of this park is that it is home to 325 different species of birds. So, if you are an avid birdwatcher or you simply want to try something completely different, then you can try visiting this park. There are also a lot of other outdoor activities for individuals and families on a visit to the park.


In addition to these, you can catch outdoor stage performances and shows or simply enjoy the food and drinks offered on New York City rooftop and open-air bars and restaurants all over the 5 Boroughs of the city.

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There is indeed no shortage of activities to do in New York whether you are inclined towards the outdoor or the indoor life. So if you are hungry for some outdoor adventure, step and check out these exciting locations in New York City for a day of fun and sunlight.

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