“Do you want to make your camping experience more enjoyable? No worries. Joyzis Portable power station is the right partner for an outdoor camping emergency. You may ask: do I need it?”

Joyzis Portable Power Station, 150Wh/40500mAh Backup Lithium Battery 110V/Peak 120W, Power Bank with AC outlet, Camping Generator, 4 DC,4 USB Outputs, LED for Home Emergency, Ultra Lightweight

Absolutely. The outdoor ventures require charging multiple devices. You cannot do that in the absence of a great power station. Even if you had one, it might not be easy to carry around. For that, you need Joyzis Portable Power Station for Outdoors Camping Emergency (BS100).

Now! It is mandatory to find out more about this wonder of a power station. So without further ado, let’s find out more about the product that will be your savior in the deep woods!

Why Is Joyzis Portable Power Station Best For Outdoor Activities?

Joyzis is a portable power station that offers a solid quality design. The composition is long-lasting and high quality, making it last for years. In addition to this, the buttons, light quality, and power level indicators are all super-flawless.

This exceptional power station is equipped with powerful battery power technology. This means that you will have a better power delivery experience. Whether it’s in the great outdoors or in an emergency situation. In addition, the package includes an adapter, a car cable charger, and a lighter adapter. A user manual for instructions is just the cherry on top.

Joyzis Portable Power Station for Outdoors Camping Emergency (BS100) ideally has a slim size. That is only about 10.87 x 7.44 x 5.91 inches. You can charge your laptops for up to 7 hours! If that isn’t, wonder what is? Joyzis portable power station can do all this within a few hours.  Other than that, it is a lifesaver because it is a power saver! It hardly consumes 120 watts of energy, cutting costs on your power bills.

Incredible Features of Joyzis Portable Power Station

1. Portable

Portability is Joyzis greatest feature. It only weighs 1.87 pounds which makes it a treat to carry around. In addition to being lightweight, it is also a slim fit size, gets right into your luggage. Furthermore, the sturdy metallic handle makes it even simpler to move around.

2. Different Collective Output

The multiple power outlets, i.e., one AC outlet and more than 3 USB outlets, allow smooth charging of various devices.

No need to wait for a free port. You can charge your laptop, mobile, camera, and LED light with it. That too simultaneously!

The AC outlet generator makes your charging amazingly fast.

3. Thrice Charge modes

It has multiple outlets, but it offers three charging methods. These include:

Solar panel charging: Only a 15-24 volts solar panel is right.

AC wall adapter: This is suitable and one of the easiest ways to charge. But this might be absent in an outdoor setting.

Car charger: This is the most convenient method as cars are always available on outdoor trips.

Not only has this, but the power level indicator on top showed whenever the charging is required. This means no surprises!

4. Triple Lightening Modes

Joyzis offers three lighting modes. These are built-in flashlights such as:

Fast light

Strong light

SOS mode

Change of the light mode is just a button away. This feature comes in handy when you are camping at night.

5. 9 Shields of Protection

Joyzis offer nine-shield protection as part of its safety system. You can use features for overvoltage, power supply, shorty circuit, under-voltage, overload, overcurrent, overheating, and whatnot.

These features are only meant for your safer experience. The safety mode automatically activates during a short circuit and cuts off the power to devices. Hence, protecting them and you.

Pros and Cons of Joyzis Portable Power Station


  • Doesn’t generate any emissions
  • Take a moment to charge.
  • Best for camping


  • Charging with solar panels can be tentative and lengthy.
  • That’s exorbitant

Tips To Use Joyzis Portable Power Station Safely

No doubt Joyzis portable power station is a great partner to take it with you on outdoor trips. However, there are some tips that you can follow to use it safely.

Storms can strike at any time, wreaking havoc! If you were incredibly careful, you should keep it away from water.

Any water contact can not only cause technical failure but can also land you in hot water while on an adventure.

So, if you want to reap the most benefits from the Joyzis power station, exercise caution.

Does Joyzis Portable Power Station Can Fully Charge Up To 80,000 mAh In 1.5 Hours?

No, it doesn’t take 1.5 hours to charge up to 80,000 mAh. Joyzis power station takes 4 hours to fully charge. After that, a recharge is required after 5-6 hours.

How Long Do Portable Power Stations Last?

Portable power stations often take 3 to 13 hours to last, depending upon the battery. However, the lifespan depends on battery size, quality, etc. Joyzis Portable Power Station comes with long lasting battery that makes it perfect for outdoor trips and activity.

Can A Portable Power Station Run A Refrigerator?

Yes, if the refrigerator’s power consumption is less than 1000W, it can be charged by a portable power station. However, it is not a good idea to run refrigerator on Joyzis Portable Power Station because it is not designed for this purpose.

What Types of Phones Does It Work With?

If you’re concerned about what kinds of phones the real power station can charge, the answer is that it can charge any type of phone. It includes an AC 110V port that may be used to charge the device.

There are three (3) USB ports for charging micro USB, Apple, and certain other devices. It also includes a PD 60W charging connector for larger USB-C plugs (Samsung phones, the new Kindle HD Fire 10 2021 version).


Wrapping it up, it is evident that Joyzis Portable Power Station for Outdoors Camping Emergency(BS100) is a great companion for an outdoor adventure.

The benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages. So next time you find yourself looking for a portable power station, you know where to go! Till then, Adios.

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