“The CHORTAU B-T12 is a recently released 1080P camera manufactured by Shenzhen BaiYou Interconnected technology, a Chinese company. This camera is one of the most popular low-priced dashcam camera options and is ideal for those looking to buy a dashcam camera that works without spending a lot.”

Dash Cam for Cars 1080P FHD 2021 Car Dash Camera for Cars CHORTAU 3 inch Dashcam with Night Vision,170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, G-Sensor

In fact, this is about the lowest price point you can get for a dashcam camera. The fact that it is this cheap raises concerns about whether this dash cash camera works or isn’t. Read on for a review of the main features pros and cons of this car dash camera to see if it is right for you. Read More Our Review: Alki vision security camera


The B-T12 does not offer much by way of features. It has a 3-inch screen and a g-sensor which is standard to any dash camera. Additional features include

  • A 1080P resolution
  • Parking mode
  • Night vision
  • Motion-detection

Other than these, don’t expect to find extra bells and whistles like WiFi, GPS, or smartphone support apps. But considering how much you are paying for the camera, there isn’t much to complain about. The G-sensor works great and automatically detects collisions in order to record footage automatically.

The loop recording mode will automatically overwrite old footage so new content can be recorded when the card limit has been exceeded. However, when collisions are detected by the gravity sensor, the saved video is locked away so it does not get overwritten.

The camera is pretty basic with very limited features and settings. The screen displays any error notifications but the camera does not make any audio sounds.

Design And Build Quality

The CHORTAU 1080P Dash Cam B-T12 has the same appearance as a most simple compact camera. It has a rectangular body built with a brushed metal front panel while the rear frame is made of plastic. The 3-in display is larger than most high-end dashcams.

The otherwise sleek build of this dash came is interrupted by the whopping lens casing with six Infrared sensors. Anyone looking at your dashboard can easily tell you have a camera installed. The CHORTAU B-T12 is mounted with a suction cup. An interesting part of this design is the possibility of swiveling 360 degrees to get a view of your side window when you need to. Other than this, there are very few other things to impress you with this camera.

The build quality is also a bit questionable. It is a compact unit but also feels a little too flimsy. Again, because it is actually quite cheap, this does not come as a surprise. There are many positive reviews and only a few complaints about some parts of the camera breaking.

How To Set Up the CHORTAU B-T12?

Like many people, you might find setting up this dash camera is a little tricky. To start with, the user manual does not contain very clear instructions for this. But the setup process is quite intuitive so you should be able to get it.

This unit comes with a standard mounting kit to set it set up. The front camera uses a suction cup attachment while the rear camera also has a sticky pad with screws. But the adhesive pad is not very effective.

After fixing the hardware, setting up the camera is pretty straightforward. It comes with a power cord that plugs into the car’s lighter port. You will need to adjust the date and time settings accordingly using buttons on the side of the camera.

How Do You Put an SD Card In a Chortau Dash Cam?

The CHORTAU 3 inch Dashcam with Night Vision supports micro SD cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. The manufacturer does not supply this which means it has to be purchased separately. To insert the camera, use a slim needle to poke the card into the memory card slot until you hear a click sound. Note that the card should be inserted before you power on the camera. It is also recommended that you format this card before you begin using it.

How Do You Fix an SD Card Full Error On the CHORTAU 3 Inch Dashcam?

One common error that has been reported by users of this camera is the SD card full error despite having the camera in the loop recording mode. This is usually due to having too many locked video files on the camera. To fix this problem, format the SD card inside the camera, then turn off the G-sensor, motion detection, and parking mode before turning them back on again.

Video Quality

So how good is the video quality of the B-T12? As you have probably guessed, the video quality is average at best. It records videos at 1080p resolution and 30fps and an average bitrate of 12Mbps.

The front camera offers a 170-degree viewing angle which is quite far as it allows you to pick up quite a bit of everything going on in the periphery. The camera can also be rotated to cover a specific side if you want.

The video quality during the day is good enough for a camera in its price range. But the low quality is more apparent at night where the glare from the headlight of other vehicles and the darkness makes it difficult to make out license plates.


The CHORTAU B-T12 is a cheap dashboard camera for those looking for an affordable way to capture incidents in their car. It gets the job done as far as automatically recording videos when accidents happen thanks to a G-sensor and loop function. Other features are quite rudimentary and the video quality is not the most impressive. But for the price tag, this dashcam works great for most people. Give EHomeSecurityCamera.com A Try? Best Home Security Cameras Reviews.

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