“Have you been thinking of giving a unique yet enchanting present to your male friends this Christmas? If yes, then you have landed at the perfect place!”

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Today we have brought you a present that your boyfriend, best friend, and almost everyone is going to love. And that is the Globe Whiskey Decanter Set.

With Christmas around the corner, we can understand your frustration of not being able to select a good present for your loved ones. However, with this Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Etched Globe Glasses, you can never go wrong. Everyone just adores them whether they love or hate whiskey, and you will get to know why that is so in the next section.

Incredible Qualities Of The Whiskey Decanter Set

Looking at this eye-pleasing Globe Whiskey Decanter Set, you will just want to take it home and place it on your bar. It is a giant globe-shaped decanter with 850 ml capacity coming with two whisky glasses having world maps engraved on them.

The glasses included are perfectly sized, having a 300ml capacity. Globe Whiskey Decanter Set comes with an enchanting gold stopper to secure your drink. So, your drink remains delicious and aromatic. You can gift this beautiful decanter on whatever occasion it is.

Whether it’s a wedding, party, birthday, or Christmas, it will work for everyone! We have a lot more to talk about this one-of-a-kind whiskey globe decanter but guess we might leave that for the next section so, keep on reading!

Outstanding Qualities Of The Globe Whiskey Set As A Present

As discussed above, this decanter has a whole lot of amazing features that we can’t stop bragging about. Yet, we have compiled 4 of the unique features it has. So, let’s have an eye on it.

  • Unique Design

You might have seen many decanter sets, but this one is just out of the world decanter. And why is that so? Because it actually comes with an actual ship inside the decanter. And seeing that ship inside literally will amaze your visitors.

And not only is the decanter just one of a kind but the glasses and the base have a unique buildup. The base is stained wood and comes along with glasses that are intricately han,d blown to give that unique touch.

  • Everyone’s Best Friend!

This decanter set can surely be your man’s best friend. The design, the purpose it serves is surely going to be loved. Pouring whiskey or scotch from those old-school bottles has been outdated.

Now the trend goes on by pouring scotch from a classy decanter. And if it has a sailing ship in it. Gosh, it is indeed an eye-pleasing present. And you never have to worry about any spills or mess up. This decanter pours the drink perfectly without making a mess.

Giving this decanter as a present is more than perfect. And the reason is that it comes with glasses, a decanter, and a statement cork. So, you are getting a perfect present that needs no modification at all.

  • Lead-Free Constructions

We have already talked about the beautiful map embossed glasses this decanter comes up with. But we have missed one quality of these beautiful glasses, and that is they are free of all the contaminated minerals.

Most often, glasses are made using Lead, but this is not the case with this globe whiskey decanter set. They are carefully blown to give a pure glass that is just exquisite to hold in hand.

  • Great For Decoration

So, what if you are not fond of whiskey or having any drink? Or if your man isn’t fond of having drinks. This decanter set can still be a perfect decoration piece in your lounge. Its vintage construction and rare placement give this decanter a posh look even from far behind. So, it is always a win-win situation, no matter what!

Pros And Cons Of Globe Whiskey Decanter Set


  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Perfect glass size
  • No spilling


  • Highly fragile glass
  • Inexpensive cork material

Tips For Maintaining The Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

Maintaining a beautiful Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Etched Globe Glasses is not a technical task. However, you have to keep the below points in mind because of the fragility.

  1. Make sure that you have asked the shippers to handle your package carefully.
  2. Keep this decanter set out of reach of children; the glass is thin and might injure kids.
  3. Handle the decanter very carefully with two hands. Often it might slip from hands, so it is better to be careful than sorry.

Can The Globe Stand Be Removed From The Base?

Yes, you can remove the globe decanter from the stand. Both the globe and stand are, in fact, separate. You can hold the decanter while pouring out a drink. However, be careful while placing it or taking it out as the glass is very fragile.

Are The Glasses With Globe Whiskey Decanter Made Up Of Any Crystal?

No, the glasses are not made up of any sort of crystal. To give these glasses a unique touch, they are made by hand blowing techniques. They have these distinct patterns that are a great gift for whisky lovers and those who love collecting vintage accessories.

How Can I Gift A Globe Whiskey Decanter For Christmas?

You can pair up this beautiful gift along with a bottle of whiskey or scotch as a present. Moreover, you can wrap it up in a cool Christmas wrap and attach a hand-written note with it. Also, try to add a touch of flowers.

Final Words

To sum it up, there can be no better gift than a Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Etched Globe Glasses for Christmas. It has this awesome eye-catchy design that is just admired by anyone, no matter men, or women. However, keep the above points in mind to have your beautiful decanter set last longer.

So, order one now and say goodbye to those traditional gifts this Christmas!

Happy Christmas!


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