“If I used to be alone within the woods and heard the sound Aztec Death Whistle makes, I might automatically be about 5lbs lighter and burning holes within the tread of my boots.”

Aztec Death Whistle – Raven

Death whistles were first discovered in Mexico hundreds of years ago in the burial grounds of the Aztecs.

They create the absolute best Aztec Death Whistles in the world!

Aztec Death Whistle produces the loudest, most ear-piercing screams you will ever hear. Some produce a high scream, some more of a male-sounding guttural scream. Some have a breathy sound, while some a resonating effect.

They recreate a human scream in both pitch and decibel levels that has to be hard to believe. They have thousands of satisfied customers and their whistles have been featured on TV shows and iHeartRadio.

What Was The Aztec Death Whistle Used For?

Historians believe the whistles were utilized in sacrificial rituals of death, a variety of whistles were found with sacrificed victims to the Aztec wind god Ehecatl.

Other theories propose that whistles were utilized in the war to strike fear within the hearts of their enemies. Imagine hundreds of whistles blowing in all directions as the Aztecs descend on their adversaries.

How Do Aztec Death Whistles Work?

When raised to the lips and blown, they produce a shrieking sound so human that it can paralyze the listener in their tracks.

Often death whistles produce the sound underneath the whistle and therefore the mouth is either closed or simply for show.

These whistles aren’t cheap toys, nor cheap souvenir items you’ll devour on vacation.

Made of high-grade resin and epoxy, They hand make each whistle one at a time here in the Florida-based studio.

I love the quality and the sound it creates! A great addition to anyone who wants to scare anyone especially during Halloween! It looks even better in real life! My neighbors (and my cat) definitely hate me now.


Aztec Death Whistle:

Solid construction, the scream is wild, and it’s awesome. Let’s be real here, you don’t want this, you would like it.

The shriek this thing emits is blood-curdling!

Warm Tips:

  • No 2 whistles will sound exactly alike. This makes collecting whistles fun!
  • If you would like to hear them, please copy and paste the youtube link into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coqeCXXJNIg

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Aztec Death Whistle(B07S3RL9TF) FAQ

Even the smallest of debris can change the sound of the whistle. First, peek into the mouthpiece with a flashlight and appearance at the two holes and see if there's anything, even a little little bit of debris around the hole. Take a pin or needle and clean anything off which may get on it. Try blowing through the mouth to supply some back pressure and loosen any debris.
Yes, what you see is what you get. There are no touch-up photos or fake videos.
We have many customers that buy whistles for that very purpose. Many use them in live shows and recordings. The whistles can do a lot more than scream. I've heard some very ingenious uses of those whistles from a number of my customers from very soothing, breathy music to loud ear-popping metal. The whistles can really hold their own up against a full band.

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