“Are you worried because you have a lot of printing work to do on paper and other materials, but your printer isn’t working? Don’t worry since we will assist you in locating a high-quality printer in a matter of seconds. We all know the market is full of different thermal label printers, making it difficult to choose the best one.”

Thermal Label Printer – iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer, 4×6 Label Printer, Thermal Label Maker, Compatible with Shopify, Ebay, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon & Etsy, Support Multiple Systems

However, we also understand that finding the finest printer with a variety of features in your price range might be challenging. Luckily, iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer is an excellent option because it offers a unique set of features at a reasonable cost.

So, before you start looking, familiarize yourself with the label printer characteristics. Moreover, you’ll discover what you need to know about printers right here since we’ll entail everything about it. Continue reading for more information.

iDPRT Thermal Label Printer-A Good Choice For Organizations

Thermal printers represent a significant advancement in printing technology. As a result, a thermal printer may print an image on paper without ink. This method of printing is superior to using a traditional printer.

As a result, many retail enterprises that require POS transactions now print receipts, ID badges, and shipping labels for their customers using thermal printers. Moreover, thermal printing can benefit your organization for various reasons, including improved performance, higher quality, lower operating costs, and fewer pit breaks.

Unique Features Of iDPRT SP410  Label Printer

Following are some unique features of iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

1. Fastest Speed 

Thermal printers are significantly faster than other types of printers. The images are formed in milliseconds by the thermal printhead’s heat. The improved speed enables speedier label or package printing and customer receipt printing in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, it can print 724 x 6 labels per minute at up to 6IPS high-speed printing with minimum noise, thus avoiding unnecessary time wastage.

2. Portable

The DPRT SP410 printer is sturdy and textured, and it is portable and elegant with high-quality materials. The adapter is built-in to eliminate the hassle of an external charger and limit the number of times you have to plug in and out, making it safer and easier to move around during the period.

3. Simple To Use

It’s very simple to use. To begin, download and install the driver for the shipping label printer. Connect the label maker to the computer via the wire connector and USB cable.  Then load the labels. Finally, press the print button.

4. Automatic Label Recognition

This label printer’s intelligent paper return function allowed it to alter the location automatically and precisely, making the entire procedure quick and easy. However, this automated induction placement can confirm that each piece of label paper is printed appropriately so that you won’t waste any paper.

Pros and Cons of iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer


  • Simple installation
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Fastest Printing speed
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks mobile device support
  • Prolonged sun exposure can fade the labels

Tips For Choosing The Right Thermal Printer

Take the time to figure out how you’ll find a thermal label printer that meets your needs before you buy one. So, here are a few tips that aid you in making a quick decision.

  • Connectivity And Future-Proofing

A slow printer is inconvenient and time-consuming.  As a result, you should choose a printer that fulfills both your short- and long-term connectivity requirements. Choose a printer with a resolution of 203dpi-410dpi for optimum connectivity.

Check to see if the printer has WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities. So, it’s good to get a printer with both USB and Serial connectors. Finally, see if the printer supports 5G.

  • Labeling Software  

A thermal label printer’s software is just as crucial as its hardware. As a result, look for a printer that includes a full version of its software. Full version software is ideal because it may run multiple printers with the same hardware.

  • Volume Of Printing

Consider the number of labels you intend to print as most thermal printers can handle a huge number of labels. So, if your label demand is high, you may need a customized thermal printer. Furthermore, certain thermal printers are built to handle low-volume printing. If you only want to utilize the label printer for a few runs, any printer will be sufficient.

  • Label Dimensions

Labels come in different sizes and shapes. Labels with a width of fewer than four inches are best printed with small printers. If you require labels larger than four inches, you should get a thermal printer with a larger unit. Also, keep in mind that you’ll require larger sheets.

Is This Printer Compatible With Chromebook?

No. It is currently incompatible with Chromebooks. However, iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, so use one of these operating systems to interact with the printer.

What Is The Difference Between A Thermal And A Regular Printer?

Inkjet printers produce very high-quality images, while thermal printers produce superior images and have more color saturation. Because thermal transfer printers have fewer moving components than inkjet printers, they are more durable.

Moreover, Liquid, solvent-based ink droplets are sprayed onto paper by an inkjet printer. However, thermal printers use heat to transfer dry wax-based pigment to paper, similar to how crayons melt onto paper. In comparison to inkjet printing, thermal printing is quicker.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Thermal Printers?

Thermal paper allows for quick and high-quality image printing, and many different sectors can benefit from this technology. Businesses and sectors across the board prefer thermal printing due to its adaptability.

The quality of thermal printing is essential in specialized healthcare professions. Moreover, thermal printing is the best solution when accuracy is required. Because of the fast and accurate service, retailers employ thermal printing for POS applications such as grocery stores, petrol stations, and ATMs.


Summing it all, iDPRT SP410 is a particularly budget-friendly label printer for home and small businesses due to its low purchase price and minimal or no running costs.

Hopefully, now you will easily decide which thermal printer to buy as we mention everything you need to know about these thermal printers. So, what are you waiting for? Start hunting for a printer before the stock runs out.

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