“There are special drinks that you take, either hot or cold. Tea or coffee is only sweet when hot. Hard drinks are, on the other hand, preferred when cold.”

Those drinks are disgusting when warm. The best option to make a drink cold is to add some ice cubes to it. But where do you get the ice cubes?

TaoTronics TT-IC002 Countertop Machine with LCD Display, Self-Cleaning Function, 9 Bullet Cubes Ready in 6-9 Mins, 26lbs/24H, 2.1L Electric Ice Maker with Scoop Basket for Home Kitchen Office Bar

Fridges are excellent electric appliances that make foodstuffs cold. However, not all fridges have the capacity to make ice cubes. As a result, a device like TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker is used.

The ice maker comes with a great design. The speed by which the device makes ice cubes vary from one model to another. Although you may probably require few ice cubes at any given time, the machine’s efficiency cannot be overlooked.

On several occasions, you may have guests, and the provision of many ice cubes may become practical. In ensuring the production of this amount of ice cubes, ice-making machines like TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker machine comes in handy.

So, without wasting your time, let’s get TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Ice Maker Manual.

Are There Special Features Of TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker?

There are several ice-maker machine models today. However, the choice of a better version is not easy. You need to do an extensive study to select an ice maker machine that would not disappoint.

Any ice-making machine needs to be fast just in case of great demand. For TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker can make nine bullet-shaped ice cubes every six to nine minutes.

It is, therefore, possible for the device to make about 26lbs of ice per day. This volume is, by all means, a sufficient amount to meet the family’s needs. Although more giant ice maker machines are available, TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker is suitable for small families.

This particular machine has a clear LCD to make provision for ingredients like water, useful in ice making. You can easily monitor the progress of making ice, whether small or large cubes, self-cleaning and useful warnings or alerts when the ice basket is full.

When the water reservoir is running low, TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker machines also signal. If ice production is your priority, do not ignore the alert.

How Clean Are the Ice Cubes From TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker Machine?

Hygiene is crucial to any food or drinks. This machine, in particular, is designed to perform a self-cleaning function as it makes the ice cubes. The primary purpose of self-cleaning is to eliminate mineral scale accumulation and to create fresh and clean ice instead all the time.

Any Preferential Use For TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker?

There are significant commercial ice maker machines and ordinary small ones like TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker for families and moderate users. However, you can equally use this particular machine for parties.

The ice maker has a capacity of 2.1L reservoir, which in turn can make 4.6lbs of ice cubes. This amount of ice cubes is perfect for parties to enjoy their cold drinks throughout the day.

Since you are not supposed to keep ice cubes for long in the ice maker machines, emptying the ready-made ice cubes is desirable. Most ice makers do not have the freezing function to keep ice for long.

Can The Safety Of TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker Be Guaranteed?

The ice-making machine comes with a high-quality 304 stainless steel, besides having a food-grade ABS material that ensures the product lasts long. The device is of high quality, which is superior to its competitors both in safety and durability.

The stainless steel material makes the appliance resistant to rust. This phenomenon ultimately makes the ice maker last for a long time.

Do TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker Machine Allow Movement?

Generally, this appliance from TaoTronics is small and light. You can use the device for both indoor and outdoor activities. The product enjoys dimensions of 14.69 x 12.4 x 9.61 inches with a gross weight of 24 pounds.

The ice maker can store 1.3 pounds of ice using the 2.1 liters of water reservoir. With the above information, you can manage to move the machine from one position to the next depending on need.

Any Advantage Of TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker Over Others?

Every item in the market has its desired customers. Both the design and functionalities of TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker make many customers prefer it over other brands. The apparatus has smooth edges with nice silver color.

The ice maker device has a self-cleaning option that enables you to harvest fresh and clean ice cubes. Moreover, the LCD allows you to view the ice-making process and offer overall control of your appliance.

Since the ice cubes are generated in a very healthy environment, the risk of contamination resulting in poisoning is avoided.

This machine can send an alert when it is low on water or when the ice basket is full is quite advantageous. Not all ice makers can perform this task.

The fast speed of manufacturing ice is perfect for keeping a party happy with cold drinks. You can make sufficient ice cubes for family and parties.

What Disadvantages Are Identified With TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Makers?

Most machines can use both an AC source of power and a DC from batteries. However, this particular ice maker does not come with a battery, nor can it use one.

It isn’t easy to use it for outdoor activities unless a source of power is guaranteed. You probably need cold drinks more while enjoying outdoor activities than indoors.

The appliance is not sufficient for heavy commercial use since the quantity made cannot sustain demand for many users.


You can enjoy a cold drink of your choice with this beautiful device. The bullet-shaped ice cubes are a perfect presentation for many users. A device is an ideal tool for users who love cold drinks.

There is no better way to enjoy cold drinks than to buy a TaoTronics (TT-IC002) Ice Maker.

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