“Are you searching for real hey dude sneakers in the market but don’t know how to differentiate with the copies? If yes, you are at the right place because here you will get all the information regarding these sneakers.”

Hey Dude Men’s Paul Chambray Beige Size 9 | Men’s Shoes | Men’s Lace Up Loafers | Comfortable & Light-Weight

We know finding an original pair of sneakers is difficult with so many similar designs and other branded shoes. This article will also guide you about the vital qualities to look for while buying them. Keep reading it till the end to get maximum benefit.

What Are Hey Dude Sneakers?

Hey dude is a worldwide known footwear brand that is specialist in providing you with the most comfortable, stylish, and perfect pair of sneakers. Their sneakers are designed for outdoor geeks and adventurers, so their journey does not hold back due to the compromise on the quality of sneakers.

Hey dude offers the most reliable footwear for daily outdoor use at affordable prices. One should not hesitate while choosing this brand for his footwear. These sneakers are made in China and Indonesia.

How To Recognize The Original Hey Dude Sneakers?

There are certain qualities of original hey dude footwear that makes them stand out from other shoes. They are as follow:

1. A Soft Upper

One of the most reliable features of hey dude sneakers that every buyer praises are the durable quality and design of upper materials. These sneakers mostly have a textile-type upper.No matter which material is used in its design, like canvas, knit, or stretchy fabric, the upper is always made flexible and offers a wearer a bit of free space and optimal safety feet.

The major advantage of this textile-like upper is that it makes sneakers highly breathable. Material quality allows air to flow in and out freely. It means you can wear them on wet surfaces without thinking about damage.

2. Super Light In Weight

Another feature of original hey dude footwear is that they are lightweight. Their weight is similar to a pair of socks. Their approx weight can be around 5 ounces. Its midsole is designed from a light memory form, while the upper textile is lightweight.

3. Loose-Fitting Design

Although hey dude sneakers do come with laces style also they are not made to be tight fitting. The role of lace is to create a bit of gentle adjustment only. They also consist of elastic bands around the slides and heels that enhance the grip quality of these sneakers.

4. Brilliant Cushioning Quality

The reason why everyone prefers hey dude sneakers is because of their extreme comfort level. The memory form in the innersole of sneakers gives it a well-cushioned and smooth footbed allowing it to absorb shock. Also, the inner area of sneakers is lined with a soft quality material that makes them perfectly fit on every foot with or without socks.

Also, you can find a foam lining around the closure of sneakers that hugs the wearer’s foot giving him a stable fit. This makes it more comfortable. The EVA sole of hey dude sneakers is toothed, giving it maximum absorption during working activities.

Some Best Benefits of Hey Dude  Sneakers

  1. Easily affordable.
  2. Available in slip on style.
  3. Highly comfortable.
  4. Light in weight and breathable too.
  5. Suitable for any casual occasion and are versatile.
  6. Can be washed also.
  7. Easy to pack.

Special Facts About Hey Dude Sneakers

The customer attraction power of these unique hey dude sneakers can be seen because more than 11 million pairs were sold in just the third year of its launch. So yes, it’s a common question: What is unique about them? The first reason is that these sneakers are available in various top-quality designs suitable for different occasions.

Whether you need to wear a traditional one or want a casual look, hey dude, sneakers are available in all types of styles. They also come in a wide range of eye-catching colors and styles such that everyone can easily find a pair according to his fashion choice. Also, hey dude sneakers are available for every gender and age, all designed with high flexibility and comfort.

Elastic laces are used, making it easy to slip sneakers on and off. The other reason for its popularity is that hey dude is an eco-friendly brand. In the end, the packaging of these sneakers is biodegradable. The sneakers have a cork insole made by using different recycled materials and good quality organic cotton. These features make hey dude sneakers a superior choice for every sneaker lover.

Which Things To Consider While Buying Hey Dude Sneakers?

There are three main things to look upon while purchasing good quality hey dude sneakers. They are discussed below:

1. Attractive Style

The most vital feature to overlook while buying hey dude sneakers is the style. It’s so difficult with such a wide range of selection available in hey dude’s inventory. That is why it’s essential to prioritise the pair of sneakers that express your personality and fashion.

2. Perfect Grip

The grip of any footwear, especially sneakers, is essential as they are used while working or on adventures. But nothing to worry about because, hey dude, sneakers boosted traction. If you wear that pair on a surface where there is a possibility of getting slipped, then this feature will be handy.

3. Width Of Sneaker

Not every style of hey dude sneakers comes in a wide-fit design. If your foot is a bit wider, you will get a better fit by choosing the proper size in the available wide fit range rather than going for the next larger size for your foot.

Are These Sneakers Machines Washable or Not?

Hey dude, sneakers are washable, but only some are machine washable. Designs with fabric or canvas can be easily washed up in a machine. If they are made up of any other materials like leather or wool, then don’t take a risk to wash them in a machine because it can harm the quality of sneakers. Just wash them by hand.

Which Type of Hey Dude Sneakers are Mostly Purchased Globally?

The hottest selling and globally purchased hey dude sneakers are as follows:

  1. Hey dude wally sox loafer
  2. Hey dude wally stretch loafer shoes
  3. Hey dude men’s wally woven loafer
  4. Hey dude men’s wally canvas loafer
  5. Hey dude men’s welsh shoes


Summing it all! Hey dude sneakers are the most flexible and comfortable footwear for everyday use. Though many similar qualities and designs are available in the other brands’ market, hey dude offers style and reliable quality at affordable prices.

So, after reading this article, it has become easier for you to purchase the best quality original hey dude sneakers and what to look for in them. If you find this article helpful and informative, share it with your sneakers lover friends so they can get these valuable tips as well.


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