Top 5 Hot Selling Hey Dude Shoes (5 Best Hey Dude Shoes In 2021)

We Like
Hey Dude Men's Wally Sox Shoes Multiple Colors
+ Comfortable Durable
+ Healthy Feet
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Soft Fabric Linings
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Wet Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Woven Loafer
+ Fabric
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes
+ Manmade outsole
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Wet Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Welsh Shoes Multiple Colors
+ Textile Upper
+ Synthetic Outsole.
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons

“Did you stain your hey dudes and wonder if you can clean them? Don’t fret; you are in the right space. We understand the dilemma when you get your hey dudes dirty or stain them.”

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Free Natural Blue, Size 12

The horror of ruining your expensive heydudes is absolute. You question yourself if you can wash them in the machine or the hand cleaning can bring the required results. But trust us, with simple instructions, you can clean your hey dude shoes like new.

This guide will tell you how you can clean your hey dudes by hand washing and machine. Moreover, you will also learn if you need any other means to clean your canvas hey dudes or leather hey dudes. Therefore, if you want to learn more about how to clean hey dude shoes, keep reading this article to end your misery.

How To Machine Wash Your Hey Dude Shoes?

You can clean most of the shoes in the washing machine by following these simple instructions.

  1. First of all, you need to remove your laces and removable insoles. They can get entangled and ruined in the machine.
  2. You need to add a little liquid detergent to clean your heydudes. Avoid using powdered detergent as it may irritate.
  3. As your hey dudes are made of lightweight and cotton materials usually, you should set your washer on a delicate washer. Moreover, use cold water to prevent shrinkage and keep them from fading.
  4. After you wash your hey dudes, dry them. However, don’t machine dry them. Put them outside to dry overnight.

Important note: you can clean your hey dudes by washing them. However, you can’t return them afterward or be eligible for a warranty. Also, don’t put heydudes under direct sunlight as it can cause a bleaching effect and damage your shoes.

How To Hand Clean Your Hey Dude Shoes?

While you can wash most hey dudes in the washing machine, there are certain exceptions. In those cases, you need to hand-clean your shoes. Follow these simple instructions to learn how to clean hey dude shoes.

  1. Put a little detergent in a bowl and mix it with cold water to make your cleaning solution.
  2. Take out laces and removable insoles from the shoes to avoid ruining them in the process.
  3. Now take a soft bristle brush to scrub the surface of your shoes to clean any dirt or stains.
  4. Then dip the brush in the solution and scrub the surface vigorously to clean any dirt or stains.
  5. After scrubbing, wipe the surface of your shoes with wet cheesecloth. And then air dry them.

Important note:

  • Don’t wet your hey dudes.
  • Only use a moist brush or cheesecloth.
  • Don’t put it under direct sunlight, as it can damage heydudes.

How To Clean Water Stains From Hey Dude Shoes

If you get water stains on your hey dude shoes, you can still clean them by following these instructions.

  1. Wet your outside of heydudes by applying a light layer of water with a soft brush. Don’t apply a lot of water to stain them more.
  2. Insert paper on the insides of hey dudes to soak all the excess water. But be careful not to use newspapers as your shoes can get stains from ink.
  3. Now put your heydudes outside to dry overnight.
  4. Once your hey dudes are dried, you can brush your shoes with a suede brush to bring their grains back to their original place.

How To Clean Hey Dude Canvas Shoes?

The canvas hey dude shoes are famous for their lightweight and comfortable features. They are perfect for casual outings for a long time due to their cushioned soles and ability to keep feet dry by absorbing sweat. However, the regular wearing of the shoes makes them prone to stains and dirt. But you can easily clean them using simple techniques.

If your canvas hey dudes are slightly stained, you need to clean them superficially. You can easily hand wash them. Apply the soft brush to scrub the stains. Then wipe them with a clean cloth. In the end, air-dry the shoes.

If you need to clean your canvas hey dudes heavily, you can also toss them in the washing machine. Put the washer settings to a delicate wash after adding liquid detergent. Then you can air dry them by putting them outside.

How To Clean Suede Leather Hey dude Shoes?

Though you can wash most shoes in a machine, suede leather hey dudes are not machine washable. You need to hand wash them carefully so as not to ruin them.

Apply a wet brush by dipping it in a solution of cold water and mild detergent. Then scrub the areas of stains to clean them. Once you clean the stains, wipe them with a clean, soft cloth and air dry them. Later, brush the shoes with a suede brush to bring the grains back to their position.

After cleaning your suede leather shoes, spray them with a suede protector spray to prevent further stains and dirt.

How To Deodorize Your Hey dudes?

If your heydudes are smelly and want to get rid of them, you can use baking soda to neutralize odor. But don’t put baking soda directly on the heydudes. Put one or two spoons of baking soda in a large plastic bag and put the insole in it. Let it sit for a while to get rid of the smell. Wipe them with a clean cloth.

The other way to deodorize your heydudes is to put tea bags in your shoes. It will absorb all the smell from your heydudes.

Can Hey Dudes be Dried In A Dryer?

No, you can’t dry hey dudes in a dryer. Put them outside in a ventilated area to dry them.

Are Hey Dude Waterproof Shoes?

No, not all hey dudes are waterproof. You can clean them with your hands and toss them in a washing machine.

Are Hey Dude Insoles Washable?

No. when you wash hey dude shoes, take insoles out to prevent damage to them.


To sum it up, it is easy to clean your hey dudes by either hand-washing them or to toss your heydudes in the washing machine. However, you need to use mild detergent and avoid heat while washing them.

After reading our guide, we are positive you know now how to clean your hey dude shoes. Therefore, next time you stain your hey dudes, you don’t need to worry anymore and clean them with these simple techniques.

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