Decades ago, NASA designed a perfume called Space Smell to train astronauts to familiarize themselves with the actual smells of outer space.
For years,the smell of space has been locked in a need to know zone.

Now they are releasing it around the world.Kickstarter recently launched a campaign for a new perfume called Eau DE Space,Now it’s up to you to help mass produce it so everyone can experience the smell of space.

The perfume, called Eau De Space, which smells like no one has ever smelled before, fills bottles with the scent of Space boundaries,To give the average inhabitant the opportunity to exude this extraterrestrial fragrance without having to leave the atmosphere.

The perfume was originally developed for NASA by chemist Steve Pearce to help train astronauts before lift-off.For those curious about the odors of outer space, Pearce turned to astronaut notes, which described them as a mixture of ozone, hot metal and Fried steak.

According to Kickstarter, they have teamed up with award-winning perfumers (some of the best in the world) and secured exclusive rights to launch the product.Their team is made up of top fashion, technology, design and logistics experience, and Eau DE Space is their first product release, with more to come.

Eau De Space will be mass-produced and sold with a suggested retail price of $29 and is expected to be available worldwide in October 2020.

What are you looking forward to with this unusual fragrance?