“Are you sick and tired of the reign of mosquitoes and other flying bugs in your home? Perhaps you’ve tried several chemicals, yet the pests don’t seem subdued. How about we show you the way out of that mess?”

TOMPOL Bug Zapper for Indoor and Outdoor, 4200V Electric Mosquito Zapper, High Powered Pest Control Waterproof, Insect Killer for Home, Kitchen, Backyard, Camping

What you need is not a more powerful chemical. A good bug zapper will do the job perfectly! Besides saving you from the unpleasant odor of insecticides, top bug zappers are more efficient at keeping flying pests at bay.

Luckily for you, here we’ll be reviewing one of the top zappers on the market – the Tompol bug zapper.

This post covers:

  • Overview of the Tompol bug zapper
  • How effective is the bug zapper?
  • Care and Maintenance of the Zapper
  • Will it offer a good value for your money?
  • Our Final Verdict

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Overview Of The Tompol Bug Zapper

The Tompol bug zapper is a 15W and 4200V device specially designed to rid your environment of flies and mosquitoes. The gadget works using a 365nm ultraviolet light bulb, very attractive to flying insects. The light lures them in, and the 4200V electric grid grants them no mercy. Simple and easy!

This zapper is cylindrical, making it effective for 360° attraction. The device is relatively light with a weight of 2.23 pounds (1.01Kg) and a dimension of 11.69 × 6.65 × 6.54 inches. Besides, you don’t have to carry it all about. Placing it in a fixed notorious position for pests is all that is necessary.

The device comes with an ABS material that is fireproof and waterproof, making it very durable. Besides, the ABS housing that comes with it protects children and pets from electric shock if they play around the zapper.

The Tompol bug zapper has a coverage area of about 1500 sq. ft. That guarantees good coverage, making it very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You should, however, note that the device is not battery-powered. This means you can only use it in a region where you’re assured of power supply. If there is no power supply, your favorite bug zapper won’t be able to do its job.

This is one major disadvantage of this device.

We also discovered that the power cable is quite short; you may need an extension cord for smooth performance.

How Effective is The Bug Zapper?

We will only rate this gadget based on its effectiveness in terminating flying pests. How well does the Tompol bug zapper fare in this regard?

Based on our Tompol bug zapper reviews, we observed that this device was able to attract flying insects within its reach, including whiteflies, yellow flies, bees, and of course, mosquitoes. Although there are some exceptions, and its efficiency differs based on where you position it.

You can decide to place it on a desk or table. You can also hang it using the ring on its top.

We found out also that this zapper produced little or no noise when plugged. The only tone you may hear is the crimping sound that occurs when a bug lands on it.

That aside, due to its wide coverage, the Tompol bug zapper is perfect for your living room, bedroom, garage, kitchen, courtyard, and even your offices.

For best results, we advise that you switch on the device at least three hours before bedtime. We did also notice that the zapper seems to work best at night. This is because the ultraviolet light – that attracts the insects – shines brighter when surrounding light is dim.

Care And Maintenance Of The Zapper

When the zapper electrocutes bugs, it deposits them in a tray below the gadget. After some time, the tray would get full and will require cleaning.

To help with this, the Tompol bug zapper comes with a brush to clean the tray. How do you go about the cleaning?

Firstly, you should pull the drawer out, dispose of the pests into a bin and then rinse the tray with water. You can then carefully fix the tray back to its position.

That aside, we said earlier that the zapper is waterproof. Still, you should not immerse it in water or place it in the rain. This is because the waterproof abilities of these devices are only to a degree. Most of them only withstand water sprays and not complete immersion.

In all, you should take proper care of this device. This will go a long way in extending the life of the zapper and making sure it does what it does best.

Will The Tompol Bug Zapper Offer A Good Value for Your Money?

Frankly speaking, there are cheaper zappers available and, of course, much more expensive ones. Why then should you go for the zapper produced by Tompol over the rest?

We compared this product with some other available ones around its price range, and we discovered that this particular zapper stands out for its coverage abilities and zero-noise.

Although its lack of battery power is a downside, it still competes favorably with others in its range. Therefore, we can say that this zapper does well based on its price range.

Our Final Verdict

Is your home close to a swamp, or you love relaxing in your yard without disturbance from insects? Whether you’re a fan of camping or you just desire a safe way to overcome flying pests without the use of chemicals, a good bug zapper is what you need!

Several nips for bugs exist today with varying efficiency rates; which is the best zapper then? It’s a question that begs for answers, what is the best bug zapper on the market?

The TOMPOL bug zapper may not be the best of the best bug zappers available on the market but based on our top review of the product; we can safely conclude that it serves the basic needs of putting away annoying pests. It is a King in its class! Give OnlineGroceryReview.com A Try? Expert-Led Reviews, Recommendations, And Roundups The best Shopping Content From The Top Grocery.

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