7 Best Portable Jump Starters 2021 (Top 7 Portable Jump Starters 2021)

We Like
NOCO GB40 Jump Starter
+ 1000 Peak Amps
+ Build Quality
+ Safety Precautions
- Battery Capacity
DBPOWER DJS50 Jump Starter
+ LCD Screen
+ 3 Year Warranty
+ Smart USB Port
- Charging Passes Slowly
Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter
+ 2000A Peak Current
+ Compatible USB Charging
+ Fastest Charging Speed
- May not Support Diesel Motors
HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter
+ Effective for Large-Sized Engines
+ Durable battery life
+ Impressive Display Features
- No Carrying Case
NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter Q9B
+ Lot of Mah Power
+ Torch Light with Modes
+ Fast Charging
- Only One Fast Charging USB 2.0
Clore Automotive Jump JNC660
+ 1700 Peak Amps
+ Jumper Clamps Quality
+ Quality Made
- No Air Compressor
TOPVISION Portable Car Jump Starter G26
+ Built-in Protection Circuit
+ Powerful Lithium Battery
+ 50 Jump Starts
- Not Suitable with Diesel Cars

“Do you own an AVAPOW Jump Starter but don’t know how to charge it? Do you want to know how to charge your AVAPOW Jump Starter? Are you confused about how this thing works? “

AVAPOW 6000A 32000mAh Car Battery Jump Starter(for All Gas or Upto 12L Diesel) Powerful Car Jump Starter with Dual USB Quick Charge and DC Output,12V Jump Pack with Built-in LED Bright Light

You bought a brand new Jump Starter, but now you’re probably wondering how to charge it or how often you should charge it to maintain its proper functioning. Or even if you’re considering buying a jump starter for your car or any other vehicle, AVAPOW Jump Starter is the best choice among the other options available in the market. Allow us to figure out all the answers for you.

Let us quickly go through the basic description of your product first so that you know what it is capable of and if it can support your vehicle or not.

The AVAPOW Jump Starter and power bank is a strong power booster battery jump starter pack with 3000A peak current value. It is a 12V lithium-ion cell composition battery. Even in extreme temperatures, the battery can work up to 30 times when fully charged. It is designed in such a way that it can help restart a completely dead or partially weakened vehicle battery.

How Does It Work?

The AVAPOW jump starter is a portable jump starter that gives your dead car battery a quick boost of energy. It works by transferring power directly from the portable battery to the vehicle’s discharged battery.

Simply connect the charged portable battery to your vehicle’s battery using clamps, and within minutes, you’re all set for it.

Vehicles Supported

The AVAPOW jump starter is a perfect fit for the following vehicles:

  • Trailer
  • Truck
  • Passenger Car
  • ATV
  • SUV
  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Tractor
  • Watercraft etc.

Step Wise Guide on How to Charge Your AVAPOW Jump Starter

Now coming to the main point, that is, how to charge AVAPOW Jump Starter.

Here’s how to charge your AVAPOW Jump Starter.

In a 110V wall outlet

To charge the battery in a 110V wall outlet,

  • First, plug the home charging adapter into the socket/outlet
  • Second, plug the other end of the adapter into the input port of the jump starter

With a Vehicle’s 12V socket

To charge the battery with a vehicle’s 12V socket,

  • First, plug the charging adaptor in the vehicle’s 12V socket,
  • Second, plug the other end of the adapter into the input port of the jump starter.

12V Car Charging Adapter

In case your 12V car charging adapter isn’t working, you might have to replace its fuse as most probably the issue lies there.

To change the fuse,

  • Unscrew the end cap of the plug
  • Remove the fuse
  • Replace the fuse with a similar one
  • Screw the cap back

Charging Mobile Devices

You can also charge your mobile devices with the AVAPOW Jump Starter. To charge your mobile device,

  • Plug the USB charging cable into the USB Output Port of the AVAPOW Jump Starter
  • USB port of 5V/2.1A
  • Select a suitable connector for your mobile device
  • Insert the cable into the charging port of your device and charge your mobile device.


Here are some things to observe if you want your product to function efficiently and last a long time.

  1. Ensure that the blue cable is firmly secured in the adapter before you turn on the engine.
  2. Do not turn on the ignition for more than 3 seconds at a time in order to prevent any harm.
  3. Once you get the brand new unit, ensure to completely charge it before you use it for the first time.
  4. Keep the battery fully charged or at least 50% charged.
  5. Recharge minimum once after every three months.
  6. Allow the battery to cool for at least 2 minutes, in between start attempts.
  7. Remove the jump starter within 30 seconds after your engine has successfully restarted.

Minimum Charge

The number of solid lights indicates the charging level of the battery. Make sure that the battery power level has at least 3 solid lights whenever you’re going to use it to avoid any inconveniences. All the indicator lights turn solid once the battery is completely charged.

A total of 4 solid lights indicate a hundred percent charged battery. If you see any flashing light, it means there still remains some time until the battery is completely charged.

Let us know quickly go through some of the most frequently asked questions from your side about how to charge AVAPOW Jump Starter?

Does the Battery Have Overcharge Protection While Recharging?

Yes, the AVAPOW Jump Starter has built-in overcharge protection. Once the battery is completely charged, the system automatically stops further charging. It comes with 8 protections. However, it is recommended not to leave it on charge for more than 24 hours.

How Long Can It Survive in The Car If Unused?

Even if you’re not using the battery for a long time, it can stand by for a good six months. However, it is recommended to recharge at least every 3 months when you’re using it, even if occasionally. The battery can be used over 1000 times provided the conditions are met, and the company even gives a 2-year warranty, so it’s a win-win.

Is It Possible to Charge the Battery With A Car’s USB Charging Port?

Unfortunately no. You can’t charge the battery with a car’s USB charging port. You need to charge it with a wall socket.


So, by now, we believe you know how to charge the AVAPOW Jump Starter.

To sum this entire thing up, we can say that the AVAPOW Jump Starter is indeed a very useful tool for any vehicle owner. Even if you don’t use it quite often, it is a must-have as your go-to emergency option. You should rather have a thing and not use it rather than having to use it and not have it.

Considering the reliability and affordability of the product, we can easily state that the AVAPOW Jump Starter is the perfect tool you could have for your vehicle.

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