TAG Heuer the Swiss company has been making luxury timepieces since 1860.
It was founded by Edouard Heuer in St Imier,Edouard’s son was responsible for developing the first stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second,Octavia was first introduced in 1933 as a dashboard timer for automobiles and aviation.Tag Heuer watches and racing drivers have a special affinity,they attach importance to the stopwatch function.Tag Heuer therefore began producing special editions for individual racing teams.After secretly working with Breitling and Hamilton to develop automatic timepieces in the 1960s,Tag Heuer released Autavia,Carrera and Monaco models with automatic timepieces.Some of TAG Heuer’s watches have legendary status in the watch world,and picking some of the coolest watches of the year can be tough. Here are seven of them.

1. Carrera

Reference number: CBG2A10.FT6168
Case materials: steel and ceramics

Carrera was launched in 1964 in honor of the Carrera Panamericana road race in Mexico.At the time, it was the first timepiece specifically designed to measure the time of racing cars.Since its launch, Carrera has released several versions with different sizes and dial designs, some of which use different movements.The 45mm model features a unique hollowed-out dial in black and steel and comes with a matching black rubber band.It is powered by an internal Heuer-02 movement, which is used in other Carrera models as well as some Autavia models, and has an impressive 80 hours of power storage.

2. Aquaracer Competitive Diving Series

Reference number: Way101L.FC8222
Case material: steel

The Aquaracer family came out as a diver’s tool watch in 2003.While some Aquaracer models are equipped with TAG Heuer’s Calibre S electromechanical timekeeper, this particular version relies on quartz.This might mean that you’ll eventually have to replace the battery, but in return, you’ll get accurate timing, in this case a cool khaki green.Not to mention, its price will certainly satisfy you.

3. Autavia Series

Reference number: WBE5116.eb0173
Case material: steel

The current generation of The Autavia watch was launched at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery show in 2019 and has caused some divisions among enthusiasts as Autavia first dropped its small timepiece face and was introduced as a three-stitch chronograph.But TAG Heuer has also been praised for announcing that Autavia will be a permanent collection, contrary to models that have been released sporadically over the years.Whether you agree with the latest generation of designs will depend on how you think Autavia will look.We think it’s a beautiful timepiece, and it’s been around for years.

4. Tag Heuer Carerra Senna Special Edition

Reference no. : CAR5A91.FT6162
Case material: Ceramic

Who doesn’t like the Special edition watch?This Carerra is particularly awe-inspiring because it pays homage to Ayrton Senna, arguably one of the best Formula One drivers of all time.TAG Heuer has gone all out with this timepiece, offering an ultra-high quality ceramic sandblasting case, a Tourbillon function Heuer 02T COSC movement to improve accuracy, a 9 o ‘clock hole-out dial with Senna’s signature logo and a great man’s face to open the case.

5. Aquaracer Competitive Diving Series

Reference number: Way201t. BA0927
Case material: steel

TAG Heuer launched this Aquaracer in early 2020 with incredibly familiar but completely logical blue and black bezels.It operates in Calibre 7, giving this Aquaracer Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) capability, and continues to tilt the same bezel as other models in the Aquaracer series (which we consider to be one of TAG’s best-looking watches).TAG decided to add more color to its blue dial by adding rims and a sun coating.

6. Tag Heuer Monaco Series

Reference number: CAW211P.FC6356
Case material: steel

Monaco is one such watch that has almost become a hit with the wider watch industry.Launched in 1969 to commemorate the Monaco Grand Prix, it immediately gained attention for being the first square box automatic chronograph.The popularity only intensified in 1971, when Steve McQueen wore one of the Le Mans films.Over the years, Monaco has been updated and updated, and TAG Heuer has implemented various movements.This particular model is a redesigned version worn by Steve McQueen, with a blue dial and a left-sided crown.It’s just iconic.

7. Formula 1

Reference no. : CAZ2016-FC6473
Case material: steel and aluminum

The Formula 1 was the first model released by TAG after its acquisition of Heuer in 1986 and became the company’s first pure quartz model.Since then, the company has relaxed its rules and equipped it with a range of automatic movements, and it remains an example of TAG Heuer’s association with racing.It comes in a variety of colors, as well as darker black and silver versions, but this green model is our favorite.