Now, the inhabitants of EARTH have the chance to experience floating to the edge of space. Dare you?

Travel startup space perspective plans to lift passengers into the stratosphere in their neptune balloons . The eight-person pressurized capsule will blast off from NASA’S KENNEDY SPACE CENTER and begin a two-hour climb above 100,000 feet.

From there, visitors will float above the earth, admiring our home planet, the stars and the vast darkness surrounding them, while enjoying a refreshment bar and lavatory on board.The capsule will then begin its descent to the ocean surface, and visitors will board the ship for the six-hour journey.

What kind of experience will you have during the thrilling and comfortable six hours?

Flying through the space balloon in a safe orbit will enable you to fly smoothly to the edge of space.Soak between the curvature of our beautiful planet and the blackness of space, while gently navigating the interior of the revolutionary, near-zero-emission Neptune capsule for a bird’s eye view of earth’s rich colors.For the first time, the company offers you the thrill of space flight in a safe, comfortable way, with minimal physical requirements and easy boarding.

Flight details: Before sunrise, eight explorers and a pilot boarded Neptune space balloons, reclining in plush seats and rising into the pre-dawn sky.Neptune rose two hours, three times higher than when a commercial airliner flew, and the sky is still dark, with visible stars like you’ve never seen before.As Neptune glided along the edge of space, the sun slowly rose above the curvature of earth, scattering rainbow-colored light across the planet, illuminating the thin blue lines of our atmosphere.The sky was still black, completely black.Since the beginning of the space age, this view of the earth in space has discouraged astronauts.Reluctantly, the explorers and pilots prepared to leave space and return to earth.The Neptune space balloon began its slow descent, landing two hours later to complete its journey.

For special tips, you can hold weddings, concerts, company parties and other events on the edge of space.The softness, long duration of the flight and the flexibility of the capsule will make your space activities one of the most treasured memories.