Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on soft surfaces as a spot treatment, Kills 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria, Kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, Crisp linen scent. Phthalate-free, paraben-free, Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria & Viruses, Kills over 100 illness-causing germs, including cold & flu viruses.”

Where Can I Buy Lysol Spray Online In Stock?

Still hard to find this product, where I live. I have been searching since the pandemic started. Driving from store to store to see if any can be found cost time and gas. The stores up where we live do not have any Lysol disinfectant spray in stock! It is pretty sad not being able to find what we need at our local stores. I ordered two (2) lots from this listing. When the box arrived there were 16 cans of beautiful Lysol spray (19 oz each). Now I am able to share and give one or two cans to all my family members and help them stay safe.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Crisp Linen, 38 oz (2X19 oz)

How Can I Get Lysol Spray?

I haven’t found Lysol sprays on here since the pandemic started up until a week ago. the stores here were already running low on cleaning products. We try to buy Lysol products as often as possible because we like how they work and they’re usually reasonably priced. We really like the fresh clean linen scent.

It’s really not that expensive in the coronavirus times. especially when u have people stockpiling & then selling 1 can for $100 which is totally ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves. Many retailers are sending available Lysol products to physical stores in order that local shoppers can get their hands on them.

Crisp Linen scent is refreshing & gives the area used a nice clean fresh scent. I love sub & save on Amazon. I no longer have to worry about going shopping, wasting time, money & gas to get what I can easily receive delivered to my front doorstep.

Does Lysol Spray Kill Flu?

This Lysol is one of the few brands that have been tested against covid-19. it can kill the flu virus and help lower the risk of spreading the virus.

For great protection from germs, make certain to disinfect frequently touched areas like light switches, door handles, kitchen counters, fridge, and microwave handles, remotes, and more. Hold the can upright 6-8 inches from the surface and spray for 3-4 seconds until covered. Let the surface remain wet for 3 minutes to disinfect. Apply to items that can bring germs into your homes such as shoes, backpacks, coats, and packages. Also use on soft surfaces such as couches, pillows, and mattresses. The fabric must remain wet for ten minutes then allow to air dry. Protect you and your family from viruses and bacteria daily.

Will Lysol Spray Damage Fabric?

Fabric Sanitizer, For spot treatment (2″ x 2″ area) only. To Spot Sanitize Soft Surfaces, Spray until the material is wet. Do not saturate. The fabric must remain wet for 30 seconds. Let air dry. For difficult odors, repeat application.

On top of maintaining a clean and germ-free environment, Lysol Disinfectant spray eliminates odor and prevents mold and mildew growth through the use of tried and true ingredients. With the crisp linen scent, this aerosol eliminates odors while keeping things fresh without being overpowering.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray Works great as a disinfectant for my home and classroom. The spray smells really good. It has a nice clean but not overpowering scent. Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria On Commonly Touched, Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces in Your Home and Helps Protect Your Family From Germs They Could Come In Contact With Every Day.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Crisp Linen, 38 oz
Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Crisp Linen, 38 oz

Warm Tips:

  • In order for Lysol to be effective, you have to really spray the surface and leave air-dried for a while before coming in contact with the surface.
  • To disinfect, Surfaces must remain wet for 3 minutes then allow to air dry. For Norovirus surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes then allow to air dry.
    For difficult odors, repeat application.
  • Store in original container in areas inaccessible to young children. Do not reuse empty container. Do not puncture or incinerate! Discard in trash or offer for recycling if available.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray FAQ

Yes, I never use one means of disinfectant. Hot water and soap with a radical rinse may be a great start. Then Lysol sprays in a well-ventilated area. I never spray around people or pets. Please remember we do not live in a bacteria/virus free world.
OF COURSE, it states on the are you able to can spray sofas and mattresses, so cloths fall under that range.
This item is a surface disinfectant, which states “KILLS 99.9% OF VIRUSES & BACTERIA.”