“Despite the long cravings for summer, one mild issue that turns people off, the unbearable heat.”

Thank Goodness for the pools. They turn out to be lifesavers, but you can’t spend the whole summer in the pool. That’s why you need a tower fan.

Dreo 42″ Tower Fan with 6 Speeds, Electric Fan Oscillating 90°. Remote Control. Quiet. 3 Modes. 12-Hour Timer. LED Display. Black Standing Indoor Bladeless Fan for Bedroom, Office, Living Room

Whether you have an air conditioner or not, a supplementary fan always makes summer more enjoyable.

When it comes to tending to a soaring temperature, a Dreo 42 Tower Fan cuts it. As it oscillates from one angle to another, it cuts any form of stuffiness in a room. You wouldn’t expect such a small unit to provide a sufficient cooling breeze, but it does.

Want to know what’s more interesting?

The fact that I intend to walk you through everything you need to know about this fan. Let’s discuss how to make summer more enjoyable, shall we?

How Tower Fans Works

Quite different from a pedestal, window, or box fan in appearance, a tower fan pretty much works the same way. Although most tower fans have unique designs, they still share a lot of similarities.

Like the housing made of plastic and the base that aids rotation. You can also lock it on a spot if you prefer to have your airflow solely directed to one area.

The controls are often on top of the fan. And they can either be touch-based or the conventional buttons. Regardless of the control, air rushes from a cylinder charged by an electric motor. The motor causes the cylinder to rotate and generate air dispensed via the vents.

Features of a Dreo 42 Tower Fan

This fan delivers your money’s worth with a wide range of distinct features. Care to find out? Let’s get to it.


It takes roughly 2-3 minutes to unbox and assemble this unit. The pack contains:

  • The tower fan
  • Four thumb screws
  • Remote control
  • The rear base
  • The front base

How to Assemble

  1. Attach the front base to the rear base by clicking them together. This only requires one swift process, and it sticks together
  2. Place the upper part of the fan on the base. Ensure you put the cord through the hole on the base.
  3. Use the thumbscrew to hold the fan firmly to the base to avoid any wobbling
  4. Tuck the cord into the space provided under the fan base. This keeps it clipped and prevents it from getting in your way.
  5. Plug your fan and enjoy the coolness


You will feel the cooling air the fan emits from its powerful motor and effective air duct. The unique air ducts make it possible to deliver a velocity of 24ft/s. With this feature, the cooling takes effect rapidly while the airflow circulates.

We also have the 90 degrees oscillation to thank for the potent airflow capability and a far-reaching range. Unlike the typical 65-degree oscillation fans, Dreo 42 Tower Fan covers more ground—as far as 90 degrees.

Additionally, feel free to customize the airflow with the six speeds feature. It also has four modes: Natural, Sleep, Normal, and Auto.
So, you can decide on the speed of the fan. On auto mode, the velocity of air changes along with the temperature to keep you cool. While on sleep mode, the LED display shuts off after 20 seconds.


Dreo 42 Tower Fan is equipped with a clear LED display. With this feature, you can keep track of the mode, room temperature, speed, and timer.

Furthermore, you can easily access the control panel on top of the fan. And If you are right across the room with no intentions to stand up, there’s a remote control with the controls on it. Either way, the control works without hitches.

Whenever you need to move it around, there’s an in-built handle for this purpose. There’s also a timer setting in case you’d like to keep the fan on for a while. Once the time lapses, the fan goes off automatically.

I particularly love the serenity this fan affords. It makes little or no noise with the air duct design equipped with a fluid mechanism that aids noiseless delivery.

Hence, your good night rest won’t be interrupted by any rotation noise. But it does come with a beep. However, if this gets disturbing, it has a mute button that stops it immediately. Finally, the fan’s cord is 6 feet long. This makes it effortless to plug it into any outlet around your house.

How Do I Fix the Pesky Rattling Sound Coming from My Tower Fan?

The first step is to try to narrow down the source of the noise. Finding where the noise comes from may be easier if you can tell what triggers the rattle. Does it start whenever you turn on the fan or when you increase the speed?

If the source of the noise is your fan base, screwing it properly should solve this issue. So, check for any loose screws and tighten them.

Another issue that could cause an unpleasant noise is dust. A fan doesn’t fair well with dust. Consequently, it will do you a lot of good to clean your fan. Finally, the last resort is opening the fan. Be careful while doing this because cracking the case of your tower fan voids the warranty. If you aren’t familiar with electronics and opening things up, I won’t recommend you start with this.

Verdict: Effective Oscillating Fan?

Our long-term summer goals get tainted with the sweatiness that marks each day. Plus, your house becomes prone to stuffiness which is bad for your health.

Nevertheless, a powerful and effective tower fan can solve all these issues with ease. With a Dreo 42 Tower Fan, your summer can be just as chilled as you want it to be.

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