Would you expect such a STUDYPOD?

LIVIT STUDYPOD:That’s not a thing!

Since 2020, the epidemic has forced many to spend most of their time at home and want dedicated work Spaces.Of course, the epidemic can limit people’s actions, but it cannot stop people who have always been eager to think and explore.


Livit’s Studypod is designed to meet this need.It’s made of composite materials and measures about 7 feet in each direction, with large glass Windows and views of nature from behind a detachable desk.

Oak laminate flooring, four downlights and power outlets fill the list of features, and the simple shape makes it easy to transition from office to yoga room, lounge and even bedroom.

Work environments surrounded by flowers, trees and nature have been shown to improve mental health, productivity and learning.

This is why Studypod can be placed in your garden, woods, or any exciting environment.

LIVIT STUDYPOD weighs about 700 kg, has natural ventilation and adjustable air flow, and is 2.15 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 2.1 meters high. It costs $13,500.Call it a home office, yoga studio, lounge, extra bedroom.