“Food is a sensitive commodity that you must handle with utmost care. We all love to choose what we take and where we pick our foodstuffs.”

There are three major components of a meal—solid food, juice, and fruits. There are many ways of making a glass of juice. The easiest of them all is to use a masticating juicer.

But are all juicers equally functional? It is self-defeating to assume all juicers are efficient and able to achieve a high yield. Out of hundreds of juicer manufacturers, ORFELD is one of the best in the market.

One essential quality of a juicer is to extract as much juice in a fruit or a vegetable as possible. The waste left should equally be as minimal as mechanically possible.

The quality of the juice extracted also matters a lot. Unless you were making a smoother, the juice should be void of particles and globules.

Therefore, getting a quality glass of juice extract requires an excellent and efficient apparatus with high yield conversion. You can determine the effectiveness of a juicer from the waste beside the juice eluted.

Any waste from the juicer should be as dry as possible since all the juice is extracted. If the waste materials still hold some juice, then it is high time you changed your juicer machine.

ORFELD juicer has its blade designed to rotate much slower. Whereas it is easier to make juice with a fast-rotating blade, the quality of the juice is likely to be compromised.

Scientifically, when the blade moves fast, the swirling of the juice disturbs the nutrients composition of the juice. Moreover, there is oxidation that takes place with fast-moving cutters.

Are ORFELD Slow Juicer Machines Reliable?

It is not just enough to buy a juicer. The brand or the manufacturer is also important. What makes ORFELD products stand out?

Before a device from ORFELD hits the market, thorough research goes into it. The design, including color, is carefully thought through.

In the testing of the product functionality, the percentage yield amounts much. In this regard, ORFELD releases a product to the market only when sure that it meets its standards.

How Much Do ORFELD Slow Juicer Yield?

Considering the product has gone through a thorough check and testing, a juicer from ORFELD is likely to give you not less than a 90% yield. By all standards, this is a good extraction with value for money.

Not many products from the competition can afford the high yield. In cases where high yield is recorded, the quality of the juice is messed up. ORFELD products are a mark of quality.

Can You Disassemble The ORFELD Juicer?

One characteristic of the ORFELD Slow Juicer machine is that you can dismantle it, especially when cleaning or storing it. The apparatus allows you to clean the parts separately, hence promoting a high level of hygiene.

The apparatus is designed to allow a short time of cleaning as humanly possible. The ease of cleaning the ORFELD masticating juicer reduces the overall time significantly.

It is also possible to do a quick rinse without using a brush. What else to look for in a juicer appliance.

Any unclean part of the machine that comes into contact with the actual juice will likely contaminate the drink. This contamination may result in severe food poisoning. It is necessary to have access to every part of the juice when cleaning.

What Other Striking Features Does ORFELD Juicer Have?

The ORFELD Slow Juicer is easy to operate. Moreover, a buyer always enjoys a guaranteed company’s after-sale service. A single press to operate the device make it for even the novice to operate efficiently.

Sometimes, juicers suffer from clogging when more fruits are loaded than the device can handle. For the case of ORFELD juicers, you only need to press the Rev- button that reverses the rotation direction.

When rotation direction is reversed, the fruit and vegetable materials that had clogged are released. The process takes just but a short time. The appliance can have more than one speed, excluding the reverse function.

As you operate this particular appliance, there is very little noise that is produced. Comparing ORFELD products with the competitors is a no match in terms of quality and reliability.

Any Advantage Of Using A ORFELD Juicer Machine?

Hygiene in the food industry is not negotiable. The ORFELD products offer an appliance that you can reduce to a shell upon dismantling. The disassembling helps to clean every part of the device thoroughly.
Sometimes the kitchen space is limited. To reduce the space occupied, you can easily take to pieces this brilliant product.

Although there are many companies manufacturing juicers, the high yield associated with ORFELD is unleveled. The trademark has everything to be proud of as it stands out amid other rivals.

Not many companies will guarantee you their support upon buying their product. ORFELD device owners enjoy not just an easy operation of their products but also excellent after-sale service.

The color of the juicer machine is splendid. Besides, the design is equally remarkable. You are assured of taking a pure juice with the best taste ever.

Indeed, the juice from the ORFELD juicer leaves no residue at the bottom of the glass. The absence of dregs indicates the level of purity of the juice made.

Are There Disadvantages Of Using A ORFELD Juicer?

Although it is highly recommended to have a slow masticating juicer, it takes a long to enjoy a glass of juice.


The ‘saying that your health is your wealth’ is so true. Your first investment is with your body’s health. An ORFELD juicer can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Whenever you take a high-quality homemade juice is not just fun but also refreshing. ORFELD juicer assures you of clean, hygienic products all the time.

This particular product is just too fantastic to own alone. The product is a mark of quality and can be shared as a gift.

Therefore I believe there exists no better idea than to buy an ORFELD Slow masticating juicer today.

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