Today, nearly 13 months later, the influential and fashionable K-pop quartet Blackpink is back.

A luxury video by the South Korean band Blackpink has attracted millions of viewers, setting a new record for the biggest debut of a music video on YouTube.A total of 1.65 million watched the launch of their new song “How You Like That”, breaking the record set by K-pop band BTS ‘single On in February.

BLACKPINK, a South Korean girl singing group, was formed in Seoul in 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular pop bands in South Korea.It consists of four members: JISOO, JENNIE, ROS and LISA.

The band released their debut single, SQUARE ONE, on August 8, 2016.As of September 2019, Blackpink is the most popular music group on YouTube.

On June 26, BLACKPINK released the pre-release track “How You Like That.”The song is part of their “three-step comeback,” which will include a second new song between July and August, as well as the band’s first studio album in September.

The single “How You Like That” is a powerful hip-hop dance genre That combines unique, otherworldly instruments, dramatic drops in tempo and the ravishing voices of the BLACKPINK members.A completely incomplete fashion guide, as in the BLACKPINK music video.The video sees Lisa, Jenny, Rose and Gisu, in a variety of environments, from magical rainforests and ice palaces to Egyptian-style markets, leading their own interior Cleopatra to jewel-adorned bras and bell-bottom pants.

The music infused with hip-hop also incorporated elements of Arabic music in Lisa’s second rap, while the lyrics conveyed a “positive and hopeful” message.At the end of the clip, the rhythm changes as the band shows us their best moves in an epic dance performance, and a three-minute shot can do a lot.

“Our message is not to be cowed by the darkness and not to lose the confidence and strength to stand up again,” Jisoo said at a press conference ahead of the event.

Their fanatical (nicknamed Blink) anticipation for the single “How You Like That” was a social media and YouTube sensation, with Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa’s trailer accumulating over 65 million views.

Blackpink is known for their minimalist visual style, which was reflected in their biggest singles “Kill This Love” and “Ddu-Ddu-du”.