“Are you looking to buy a pair of hey dudes shoes but have no idea which ones to go with? Well, then you’ve landed in the right place. We understand that buying a shoe is no easy business. There are a lot of styles out but not every shoe out there will be up to your style.” 

You don’t want to buy a bad shoe and waste money. So, if you’re wondering what are the best hey dude shoes, you’re in luck. In today’s article, we’ll mention four of the best shoes the brand has got.

Qualities of A Hey Dudes Pair

Before we answer the question,” What hey dudes should I get?” you need to know why you should buy hey dudes in the first place. Hey, dudes are designed to stand apart from the wide market of shoes. For starters, they’re incredibly lightweight.

They ensure that your feet don’t feel heavy while you’re on your way to commute, go for a walk in the park, or head to a nearby grocery store. Moreover, they’re pretty neat and offer lots of conveniences.

They also make sure to look good in everything. You can wear them either formally or even casually. These shoes are meant to be timeless. The shoes and the packaging is made of sustainable materials, ensuring that they’ll be easily recycled.

Best Hey Dudes Shoes In The Market

Now comes the time to answer the question, what are the best hey dude shoes out there. We’ve compiled a list down below.

1. Hey Dude Denny

Hey dude Dennys is one of the best shoes out there. These shoes are meant to fit your size perfectly. They ensure a snug fit that hugs your feet. They don’t slip off or fall off and offer incredible grip and traction on the slipperiest of surfaces.

The shoes are pretty comfortable as customers have reported that these shoes can be worn for long hours of the day without hurting your feet. Feet pain can be a big problem for individuals that are outside for most of the day, and these shoes do great to hold up in that regard. The shoes also offer ample breathing room for your feet. Customers with wide feet love these shoes to death!

The only concern that customers have had with this shoe is that they dont hold up that long. From a durability standpoint, these shoes are not that great. Customers have reported that the stitching of these shoes starts to fray and fall apart within less than three months of use.

So make sure to be careful when using these shoes and take care of them every week or so to ensure that they last longer.


  • Good for wide feet
  • Ample breathing room
  • Snug fit


  • Not durable

2. Hey Dude Wendy Glo

The Wendy Glo Hey dudes are undoubtedly one of the most popular shoes. If you’ve been asking yourself what hey dudes should I get, then look no further. These shoes offer premium comfort as customers have reported going on long travels and tours in these shoes with no signs of discomfort or pain.

The high-quality memory foam insole ensures that users enjoy the utmost comfort whenever going on long walks or treks. The laceless design allows people to wear the shoes without tying the laces. You tug on the laces a bit, and you’re ready to go out.

It saves ample time and is perfect for people who are just plain tired of tying and untying their shoes all the time.

While the Wendy Glo is an excellent pair of shoes, they have some problems that the company needs to consider. The stitching starts to fray within a month of use, and it doesn’t look lovely. Kids can be pretty rough, so we won’t recommend these shoes to them, considering the shoe starts falling apart in cases of excessive wear and tear.

Customers have reported instances of the fabric tearing at the toe box, which is a no-go.


  • Comfortable
  • High-quality foam
  • Laceless design


  • Fabric tears with time

3. Dark Leopard Hey Dude

If you didn’t like the first two options and are still wondering what hey dudes should I get, then Dark leopard hey dudes are your answer. The Dark Leopard, hey dude, is one of the more stylish options hey dude has to offer. The shoe is pretty comfortable and lightweight, ensuring that users have no problems traversing different terrains on their walks and treks.

These hey dudes are pretty lightweight as well, ensuring that your feet don’t get tired after long hours of commuting or walking. Unfortunately, this specific pair of hey dudes, does not fit true to size. As these are ordered online, customers mistake ordering a pair according to their foot size.

Make sure to run them up one size so that they fit well. The only downside of getting these shoes is that the leopard comes off with time.


  • Stylist
  • Easy wear
  • Lightweight


  • Leopard comes off

Are hey dudes true to size?

Most hey dudes pairs run true to size. They fit snugly and offer your feet lots of comfort. But you might want to check in with the company about a specific pair of hey dudes, as some of the shoes in their lineup do tend to run you up or down a size.

Can you wear socks with hey dudes?

Hey, dudes are meant to be sockless as the materials used in the shoe’s upper is pretty soft and offer no abrasion to the wearer’s skin. If you want to wear a pair of socks, there’s no harm in doing so. Wear them to your heart’s content!

Are hey dudes made in china?

Although hey dudes are made in China and Indonesia, they’re designed in the United States. Quality Control Officers carefully monitor the manufacturing process and the material sourcing at the respective factory locations to ensure that no Hey dude pair comes with any faults.


Summing it up, Hey Dudes are one of the most popular shoes in the United States and all over the world. Their lineup has received 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by all of their customers to back this up. Hey dudes are well built, lightweight, comfortable, and fit like a sock.

If you’re wondering what are the best hey dude shoes in the market standpoint, then dark leopard hey dude, hey dude denny, and hey dude wendy glo are the way to go. So, what are you waiting for? Go now and get your first pair of Hey dudes today!

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