“Do you want a pair of Crocs, but you fear that the seller will hand you the fake ones? Well, if this is the issue and you are tense about it, then it is not a matter to boil your blood. There are many more genuine reasons for which you can waste your blood.”

And for this tiny issue, we have brought for you this article in which we have discussed it all about the fake Crocs, what are fake crocs called, and how can you easily identify the fake Crocs. So if you are heading towards getting a pair of Crocs, then read this article first.

What Are Fake Crocs Called?

Crocs are one of the most decent footwear. You can easily wear Crocs anywhere for outings, picnics, and workplaces. The comfort and classic style of the Crocs made a wide place in the audience’s heart. But many unlawful money makers do not care about the customer and exploit them by selling inferior quality Crocs in the name of genuine and authentic ones.

Those fake Crocs are easily available in local markets and online shopping marks like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, etc. The fake ones lack the authenticity and the significant Features for which the Crocs are famous. They are named replicas, clones, or even copies of the original Crocs. They are usually sold at a cheaper price than the original ones, but some thieves sell them at original prices. So here it is clear what are fake crocs called.

Differences Between The Genuine And Fake Crocs

It is quite common that the original product is blessed with uncountable features that you cannot find in the fake ones. You can easily differentiate between the real and the fake Crocs by inspecting some of their important factors. We are to assist you with some of the hints through which you can easily detect the fake Crocs as fake ones cannot get the originality.

  • Logo On The Front

While getting yourself a pair of Crocs, the first thing you need to consider is the logo. The crocodile label is always there on the top, or you can say on the front of the footwear; the logo is shiny and accurate, not an inch up or down.

The fake ones would lack accuracy because they would have no time to make everything perfect. After all, they would be so busy producing tons of fake pairs. The fake one always has the logo pasted on the Crocs button. That usually makes no sense, and some do lack the logo.

  • Branded Hangers

The official Crocs are packed and served with the original logo’s branded hanger. The hanger is sturdy and carries the Crocs beautifully. The fake ones do not come with a hanger with the company logo. Rather, they came as if there was no hanger invented.

That’s strange like if you are copying something, copy it completely. Well, if the seller hands you the Crocs without a hanger, there is no need to get them from them because they are not the real ones, and in this way, you’ll be saved from that fraud.

  • Labels

The original Crocs come along with several label tags containing all the information about the Crocs like the size, colour, style, company’s name, manufacturing date and place, and specific instructions about using the Crocs. The fake ones do not usually serve you the label tags.

The additional feature of the original Crocs contains a company’s link on the sole of the shoe by which you can open the original website containing all the information about the shoes as in the label tags. The fake Crocs makers would not dare to do it as by this, and they would be caught and end up getting in jail.

  • Comfort

The original Crocs are so soft and comfortable. This quality cannot be found in any fake ones. The Crocs take the shape of your feet, so you forget that you were even wearing any shoes. They are perfect for household works, outings, and picnics and are classy enough that one would not mind wearing them at work as well.

The comfort and durability of the Crocs cannot be a part of any fake Crocs. What you can do is test the Crocs before buying them so that you can be sure enough about the authenticity of Crocs.

Are knock-off Crocs the same?

No! Knock-off Crocs are not the same. Also, there are not many of them in the market; just a handful of them can be found around. They are usually designed for customers with high demands. So yes, knock-off Crocs are not the same.

Which markets most commonly sell fake Crocs?

There are many markets where you can easily get the fake Crocs, and some of them are so exact looking that you cannot differentiate between the real and the fake ones. Online stores like Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Alibaba, and Walmart offer you the 1st, 2nd, and even third copies of the real products. You can also get the fake ones from local markets.

Why do people buy fake ones?

There might be Ultimo reasons for buying the fake Crocs. The reasons might be the unavailability of the authentic Crocs, getting them in societal pressure of not getting out of trend but actually not wanting them, the decency in design, or maybe they didn’t want the fake ones but got fooled and paid for the fake ones.


To avoid the fraud of getting fake Crocs, consider the hints mentioned in the article. If you have got fooled by the fake ones, what you can do is to connect with the cybercrime wing if that was an online website or local authorities if that fraud has happened to you in any local market.

To conclude, we would say, beware of frauds and try to be honest in your business. We hope that this article will be helpful for you and you will get to know what are fake Crocs called.

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