Face masks have become a hot commodity during the COVID-19 pandemic. but face masks aren’t always the most comfortable thing to wear.

People are looking for alternatives to the traditional face mask. One of the more popular options is the neck gaiter. The wide tube of fabric is worn around the neck instead of over the years and can easily be pulled up and down to cover and uncover the mouth and nose as desired.

We do know that tighter-fitting face masks have better aerosol filtration, but the most important thing is for people to find a mask that is comfortable that they can and will wear. A neck gaiter covering the nose and mouth would most likely be appropriate.

What are the neck face masks called?
A neck gaiter (also known as a buff or neck warmer) is worth considering as an alternative to cloth face masks to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the coming season. It can also keep your face toasty all winter long and offers a break from the straps of conventional masks.

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Neck gaiters are basically stretchy leg warmers for the face. Popular among runners in the winter, you usually put a gaiter (or buff) on like a headband. Then you slide it down to your neck, then adjust the fabric to cover your nose. The result is something that functions like an unfussy infinity scarf and a cloth face mask at the same time—you get both protection from the Coronavirus and protection from whipping winds.

Are neck gaiters effective?
As a general rule, it’s critical to consider your own health risk when determining a mask or face covering regimen. If your day to day is particularly high-risk — say, you’re a health care worker — or you’re immunocompromised, “the more protection the better.”
This product is of high quality and very comfortable to wear. It is very convenient to carry, it can effectively prevent dust from entering the mouth, and it is also very comfortable to wear for a long time.

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Can I use a neck gaiter in place of a face mask?
A neck gaiter is not ideal as a pandemic face mask, but it’s better than nothing at all. The World Health Organization recommends cloth face masks be three layers thick to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but neck gaiters are only one layer thick. Still, neck gaiters can be pressed into service as an emergency face coverings if you can’t wear a mask or don’t have one handy. In the context of COVID-19, neck gaiters are most useful for two scenarios: strenuous exercise and unexpected human contact.

How do you put on a neck gaiter?
The most common way, especially when used as a neckerchief and neck warmer, is to stretch the opening, place the tube over your head, and stretch it down to your neck. However, the way you choose to wear will also affect how to put it on. As described above, sometimes a neck gaiter just needs to sit on your head before being fashioned into the style you choose.

Neck gaiter care & cleaning steps.
The best way to wash our lightweight neck gaiter is with hot water and regular detergent. After running your neck gaiter through the washing machine, use the high heat setting on your dryer, or the sanitize dry setting on more modern drying machines. High temperatures will help to kill any germs or bacteria on your neck gaiter.
Insulated neck gaiters made from heavier or fleece-lined fabrics sometimes have different care instructions.

In the context of COVID-19 when using your neck gaiter as a face covering, machine wash and dry on high heat or sanitize as recommended by the CDC.

It’s hard to find another outdoor accessory as versatile as a neck gaiter. For a simple tube of fabric, neck gaiters provide a surprising level of usefulness, offering protection, comfort, and style in warm and cool weather alike.