“I want a home with flowers in front of my door.”
Life Is Like A Garden. Falling into the flood of the city, our heart yearned more for a quiet place to stay, but that longing seemed to recede from us.
For the day lost in high-rise buildings for us, who do not want to have a side of their own small courtyard, landscaping front yard, bid farewell to the outside world’s troubles, leisure to spend it.

landscaping front yard
landscaping front yard

“The garden may be small, but it must be full of sunshine.”
How is life like a garden? Put the heart of the beautiful vision into that side of the courtyard.
The yard should be full of flowers and fruits and vegetables, think about the air is filled with a natural fragrance, is not very enchanted.
It is true that people who love flowers know more about life.
Not so much like their dazzling appearance as the pursuit of a quiet attitude towards life.

In the spring, the flowers in the yard bloom. They can collect petals, make scented tea, make tea cakes, and make scented wine.
In a fragrant, eating tea cake, drinking wine, looking at the court before the flowers blossom flowers flying all over the sky.

Summer, the flowers in the yard to the most delicate and charming time, what color, looking at, just like a thick ink heavy color painting.
Besides, some of the fruit is now quite ripe, and it is made into jam and served with home-baked bread, which is a hearty meal.

In autumn, the courtyard deep, some flowers “zero completion mud grind to dust”, but the window is lush red leaves, autumn chrysanthemum can eat.
The weather gets cooler, the leaves fall, and then they lean lazily against a corner of the yard and fall asleep.

In winter, everything is silent, the flowers are dead, and the withered vine in the garden hangs helplessly on the eaves, but it also adds some elegance and quiet to life.
Sit in the middle of the garden with a blanket, have a hot cup of tea, and chat with friends to get back the feeling of familiarity.

landscaping front yard
landscaping front yard

What can you learn from planting a garden? A garden, though not big, filled with spring, summer, autumn, and winter, filled with the world.

“A garden may not be extravagant, but it must be sparky.”
The flowers in your small garden don’t need to be very expensive, and you don’t need to learn how to arrange flowers on purpose. You can arrange them exactly as you like.
But remember to put a table or chairs in the garden.
That way, you can be there and embrace the sun anytime, anywhere.
When friends come, they can be entertained in the garden.
A cup of tea, a book, a plate of fruit, after the hippies, do their own things, although silent between each other, you will feel that life is warm, because of the company.

Life Is Like A Garden
Life Is Like A Garden

We don’t need such a big yard, nor do we need to welcome so many “friends” every day. We just need a small space for friends or family.
We all need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, go to a place with green hills and clear water, breathe the fresh air, and relax.
One house two people three meals four seasons stars sea, refined and common together, the four seas three mountains two heart life.
Longing for life said it is so.

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In the busy gap, in the struggle between breathing, someone can drink tea and chat, someone can communicate with each other, there are emotions that can vent, there is a joy to share.
That’s why we strive to have a small garden.
No matter how advanced the hotel or restaurant outside, there is no sense of belonging, which has warmth from home.
With a small garden, we enjoy the flowers in spring, enjoy the cool in summer, several leaves in autumn, and drink hot tea in winter.

In this way, every day at home is a longing for life.

xeriscape front yard
xeriscape front yard

“The garden may not be fragrant, but be free.”
They all say “no rules, no radius”.
But one’s own little garden can be completely unorganized but must be free and unfettered.
The goal of many people nowadays is to struggle and make money.
So living on the three-tier line between cities should be a last resort for many people.
There should be a “paradise” in our hearts, there is no endless phone calls, no endless text messages, more than no endless emails…
Because of work, we don’t have that much time to “escape,” so make an effort to have a small garden filled with what you want out of life.
When you get home, your home is not lifeless, but full of vitality. Get up in the morning to water and cut the branches, and your life will be more fulfilling.

“I want a little garden.”
On sunny days, the sun through the layers of branches and leaves, mottled on the ground, in the warm sun swings off the whole afternoon.
When it rains, I open the window, watch the rain moisten these delicate flowers, put on a blanket, and sit at the door listening to the rain, smelling the fragrance of the earth.
I used to hate the moment when I opened my eyes in the morning because it meant I had to start a busy day.
But if you have a garden, waking up in the morning seems like a good thing.

Open the window, you can see all the colors in the world, and then fill the room with fragrance, just like a princess in a fairy tale.
In the afternoon, find a cool place to read and drink tea, or take a nap with your eyes closed until the cool wind wakes you up.
Having a small garden gives you more time to relax.
Before the court to see the flowers bloom and fall, looking at the sky cloud roll Kyushu.
Everything in front of me has become a longing life.

xeriscape front yard
xeriscape front yard

To have a little garden like this for the rest of my life would be enough.
With the world so noisy, it’s nice to have a place to rest.