Ten years ago, Ressence stunned the horological world with the Type 1 and its bezel-less, oil-filled design. Now it’s celebrating with the Type 1 Slim X. You Can Literally Observe The passage Of Time On The Watch.

With its dual-finished dark green dial,the Type 1 slim X is meant as a contemporary interpretation of an hourglass.the Type 1 Slim X’s discs have been given a subtle, but focussed handmade makeover.

On the Type 1 Slim X, when the watch indicates midnight or midday, the dark olive-green dial is equally divided into two separate finishes; matte on one half and circular on the other half. In a playful way, the different finishes reinterpret the colour as the light hits the surface.

On the minute and the hour discs, the two finishes are a graphical extension of the hands. Once in motion, magic takes on new meaning. At a glance, you can literally observe the passage of time. It is meant as a modern and wearable interpretation of an hourglass.

The Type 1 Slim X is manually set via a lever on its case back. The watch has no crown, the winding and setting mechanism being the case-back itself, for better ergonomics and allowing a left-right fit.

The collection X will roll out during 2020 with a frequency of one every other month starting the 7th of July until end of December,The price is $19,000.