“Why should you prefer Wrangler 13MWZ over any other pants? Are you still mixed up and can’t figure out whether to buy the Wrangler 13MWZ or not? Today, we went through all there is to know about 13MWZ, which should clear up any confusion. Let’s take a look at the Wrangler 13MWZ!”

Wrangler Men’s 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean, Dark Stone, 40W x 30L

Are the Wrangler 13MWZ Pants Really Worth Buying?

They are, indeed. They’re not only fashionable and comfortable, but they’re also a crowd-pleaser. You’ll be able to amaze your female friends in no time!

So, we’re always agreed that the Wrangler 13MWZ is the best! But here the question arises that where will you find the reliable info on these amazing pants? Right here, my friend! This article shows just how necessary a Wrangler 13 MWZ pant is. Just keep reading till the end!

Incredible Features of Wrangler 13MWZ Pants

Below you will find all the great features that you need to know about these magical, fashionable pants. Let’s go!

1. Classic Fit

The Wrangler Cowboy Cut jean was designed to the exact specifications of top rodeo athletes. High-quality, heavyweight denim is pre washed for a comfortable fit.

Wrangler jean has an authentic 13MWZ fit, which is a cowboy favourite. Fuller in the seat and thigh than the 936 slim fit jean, but with the same cowboy look.

Back pocket rivets on all pockets, strong double stitched outseams, and higher positioned back pockets.The premium washed Wrangler jeans use 13MWZ style which is a denim Cowboys favorite! High-quality denim is pre-washed to get the right feel.

2. Comfortable

Comfort is the foremost quality for any clothing item. Wrangler does not disappoint you here. The fabric is high quality and too soft for jeans.

Not only does it keep your legs warm in winters but also proves a luxury due to its outlook.The fabric is available in 12 shades of blue with multiple sizes to cater for a higher number of consumers.

3. Durable jeans

Not only is the fabric comfortable but highly durable. You can wash and wear it for years and years and it won’t change the stitching, thread or texture of the jeans. Surprising right? What is even more surprising is that even though the material is high-quality, it is still affordable.

Inexpensive without sacrificing quality? Certainly a win-win situation! Furthermore, they prove to be the best cowboy jeans in terms of durability, since they last for a long time even in severe environments.

4. Signature & Stitching

Wrangler 13 MWZ is a mark of cowboy culture. It includes all features required for a cowboyish look which include signature W stitching on the pockets and the famous neo lite patch.

This makes the look perfect in addition to a fly-zipper and length that is just above the shoes. This classic cowboy look style stitching gives it looks.

5. Five-pocket styling

Another feature of authentic cowboy pants is its five-pocket style. Wrangler 13 MWZ boasts this style. You have two pockets on the back, two on the front and one small pocket inside on the front. You can carry multiple things all at once as these pockets are highly spacious.

Pros and Cons of Wrangler 13MWZ


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


  • Expensive
  • Destroy the environment

3 Tips to Buy Wrangler 13 MWZ

Although 13MWZ are great, you should keep the following tips in mind when buying them:

1. Budget

It’s an important factor to consider because there are various 13MWZ Pants available, making it easy to become confused. Furthermore, the price may vary depending on the quality. So, choose a 13MWZ that is within your price range.

2. Quality

When Wrangler created these jeans, they really stepped up their efforts. The rise is lower than the 13MWZ, but the quality and durability are the same. You can wear them for both “work” and “casual” occasions.

Wrangler is considered as one of the best known and trusted brands. Wrangler, alongside other great brands Lee and Levi’s, has been the standard for high quality and durable working and fashion apparels both for men and women. These pants are well-made and have a higher waist than most store-bought jeans.

3. Size

If you want your jeans to fit properly, make sure you order the correct size. When you wear Wrangler jeans, they do not stretch. They may shrink after washing. To compensate, you always go for the larger size.

What Does 13MWZ Mean On Wrangler Jeans?

The first “Cowboy Cut” jean, produced by Wrangler with the aid of legendary cowboy tailor Rodeo Ben more than 50 years ago, has a style number of 13MWZ.”13 MWZ on Wrangler jeans means “Men with zipper”. This points at the style of the jeans and shows its roots in cowboy culture.

How Do You Break in Wrangler 13MWZ Jeans?

Wrangler 13 MWZ can be broken in through their store as they have 70 years long experience in the market. You have to consider following points:

  1. Purchase them at least two inches longer than the standard length.
  2. Before washing, turn them inside and out (keeps them bluer).
  3. Bring them to a good cleaning and get them pressed.
  4. Once in a while, wash with cold water.

What’s The Difference Between Wrangler Jeans and Other Jeans?

Wrangler jeans come in three different leg styles. Straight jeans have a small, straight leg. Tapered jeans have a slimmer leg that narrows towards the bottom of the jean. Bootcut jeans are designed to be worn with boots.


Wrangler jeans are fantastic and have the advantage of running smaller to your size. It can be the best choice in terms of sizing. We’ve got the sizing guide and everything you need to know about Wrangler jeans right here.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, with all doubts solved! So the next time you want authentic pants from cowboy culture buy Wrangler 13 MWZ and call it a day!


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