“Do you have difficulty finding a jacket that provides you with warmth and style? Then, Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket(1799182) might be a great option for you. This particular style comes in many different colours, so you will have the ability to find one that best goes with your overall wardrobe.”

Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket, Black , Small

Many men find it difficult to find a jacket that is both warm and stylish. There is no doubt that this jacket is super warm, but it is also stylish enough for you to wear in any setting. You will look good while staying nice and toasty on cold days.

So, it’s time to stop worrying about the winter chill and embrace the warmth. This jacket is a great option to keep you nice and warm during rough weather.

Why Choose Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose the Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket. The jacket is made with high-quality materials and construction to last for years. If you are looking for handy features that will make your life easier, then you are in luck; this jacket has plenty of them.

The Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket(1799182) has earned its reputation as one of the warmest coats that you can buy. You will stay comfortable in cold weather when you wear it. It is made with Omni-Shield, which repels water and stains easily. It makes your life easier because you do not have to deal with the hassle of removing spots later.

Moreover, it also provides plenty of warmth without weighing down or burdening you when you are wearing it. There is insulation throughout the jacket to keep your body warm when temperatures drop outside. You will find that this Jacket has pockets throughout for things that you need to have on hand, such as your cell phone or wallet.

Even on a budget, the Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket is an excellent choice that does not have to break the bank.

Let’s have a look at its incredible features:

Incredible features of Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket

This Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket(1799182) is ideal for all outdoor activities, and it has many other great qualities that will keep you cosy and give you the weather protection needed to have a fun time outdoors. Here are some notable features of this jacket.

1. Adjustable Hood 

To get the perfect fit for this Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket, you can adjust the hood to cover your ears or pull up and fasten under your chin.

2. Versatile Fit 

This jacket has a contemporary, slim silhouette with long sleeves and an adjustable hem through which you can tighten or loosen the jacket as needed.

3. Water Resistant and Breathable Fabric

The fabric of this jacket is water-resistant to help keep you dry in light rain and breathable to allow sweat and heat to escape, so you stay comfortable.

4. Zippered hand pockets

The jacket has two zippered hand pockets in which you can securely store your valuables, such as a wallet or phone, or you can warm your hands.

Pros and Cons of Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket


  • Elastic Band Hood
  • Water resistant/water-proof
  • Fleece lined Pockets
  • Zippered Hand Pocket
  • Thermal Reflective Technology


  • No drawstrings on the hood

5 Tips to Buy Jacket Insulated Hooded Jacket

There are so many varieties of insulated hooded jackets out in the market that it is often hard to find the right one. To avoid any regret you will have when you buy a jacket, here are five tips on buying a Jacket.

1. Purpose of Jacket 

The jacket you buy should meet your purpose. Is it for cold weather or fashion? Will you be using it on vacation or at home to keep warm? If you want a simple, casual style, do not go with fur trimming. It should fit the situation where you plan on wearing it.

2. Climate

Jacket insulated hooded jackets come in different insulation types depending on their climates. Some have very light insulation while others have heavy insulation, making them suitable for winter conditions only.

3. Research 

It’s important to look at the Jackets you already own and their condition. Suppose it’s time to replace them, research brands, styles, material, the weight of insulation etc. And try on different models in stores to find what works best with your body shape.

4. Size 

The jacket that fits is always better than one that doesn’t fit because it will give you the warmth you need without being bulky or heavy. An insulated Jacket should have enough room for a sweater underneath if needed but not so big as to feel baggy, loose or too tight anywhere on the body.

5. Quality 

When looking for a quality Jacket insulated hooded jacket, you want to find something that will last. Check the stitching and make sure it looks strong and durable.

How Much does Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket Weigh?

The jacket weighs in at just over one pound. That makes it a great choice for those looking for a lightweight option.

How Warm is Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket?

The insulation is rated to keep you warm down to temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the Material of Columbia Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket Made From?

The exterior is made from a 100% nylon ripstop, while the insulation is a synthetic polyester and cotton blend. The liner is also 100% polyester.


The Men’s Buck Butte Insulated Hooded Jacket is a great choice for anyone who wants to stay warm and dry while enjoying the outdoors. This jacket has all of the features you need to be comfortable, including an insulated hood that protects your head from rain or snow.

It also comes with two hand-warmer pockets so you can keep your hands nice and cosy on cold days when it’s too chilly outside without gloves! If you’re looking for a stylish and functional jacket, this is the one. With all its features, it’s sure to be your new go-to piece of outerwear all year round.

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