“It must be a difficult job to carry out a weight, with aches and pain, in your tummy for continuously 9 months. It gets more difficult to carry it when you cannot find a good sleep at night. First of all, we acknowledge your struggles; that is why we are going to help you get a comfortable sleep without pain and aches.”

Although pregnancy is a beautiful period in a women’s life, it is also the hardest one. While having a baby in your tummy, you may feel extremely uncomfortable, especially in the sixth to ninth month’s period. Women’s legs and arms jab their ribs during pregnancy and make them and their husbands awake all night.

During this poor condition, pregnant women should sleep on their side, and it is difficult without a pregnancy pillow. To make you feel comfortable while sleeping, Momcozy has brought you a comfortable pregnancy pillow. Stick to the article, and you will find more about your comfort.

Why Momcozy’s Pregnancy Pillows?

There are a great number of pregnancy pills available on the current market; they come at different designs, materials, shapes, sizes, purposes, and prices. The main types of pregnancy pillows are pregnancy wedge pillows, full-length pillows, and total body pregnancy pillows.

However, there are many reasons to choose Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows over others, few of them are mentioned below. Let’s take an overview of this pillow.

Momcozy comfort is designed with mom and mind. This pillow is ideal for pregnant women. It has curved shoulder support, lumbar and belly support, and a large headrest for comfortable sleeping. It also features an easy-to-remove cover of the pillow.

It can even be used after pregnancy to help during nursing. Feel like you are sleeping on the cloud with the cosy comfort pregnancy pillow.

Prominent Features Of The Pillow

1. Ergonomic Design

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow is a U-shaped pillow that is made up of skin-friendly material. It has a fiberfill in it. It has been specially designed to replace a traditional pillow while providing more specialised support. Its toe to head long design allows you to feel safe and relaxed and rebuild your strength.

2. Comfort Sleep

Pregnant women are actually familiar with a pregnancy pillow when sleeping. It plays an essential role in providing comfortable a deep sleep to women in this challenging period. Momcozy pillow is filled with long silk cotton. It provides comfortable sleep. It gives your body support all night.

3. Multi-Purpose Use/ Not Just A Pregnancy Pillow

Momcozy u shaped pregnancy pillow is made for multi-purpose use. It is flexible enough and can be held in various positions, and this pillow can even be used after pregnancy or in the daytime, like while nursing your baby, reading, watching tv, or while eating. However, this pillow is not only made for pregnant women but can also be used by any person.

4. Relief from aches and pain

By using Momcozy’s pregnancy pillow, you can reduce the pains and soreness in your muscles. Momcozy’s pillow, by providing support, helps in improving blood flow and relieves pain and aches. Leg swelling and back soreness can also be relieved from this pillow. It works like a cloud in terms of comfort.

5. Fabric

Velvet is one of the most famous and soft fabrics available in the market. This momcozy pillow is made up of velvet which gives you a soft feeling.

Pros and Cons of Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows


  • Removable and Washable cover
  • Larger headrest
  • Fluffy


  • Works as a wall between you and your husband
  • Hurdle high jump while going for a bathroom

Tips For Using a Pregnancy Pillow

After owning your favourite pregnancy pillow, knowing how to use it in the proper way is the next necessary step.

  1. Remember to read the manual instructions carefully before using the pillow because the pillow might offer multifunctional features; following the instructions will help you decide the most appropriate lying position.
  2. We should mention here with the smart design this type keeps your spine straight while sleeping on one side it solves pains in the neck and shoulders.
  3. Sleeping in curved positions if you find any discomfort with your belly.
  4. You had better put the pillow slightly under your belly for effective relief.
  5. Put the pillow into the gap between your legs; with the support of the soft pregnancy pillow, it contributes to reducing pains in your ankles and knees.
  6. Use a wrap-around portion of the pillow to prevent from putting pressure on your back.

Which Week Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

Honestly speaking, there is no fixed time for using it. Some women start from the sixth month to relieve pain, and some start using in their fifth month when their belly starts expanding. For your ease, you should start using a pregnancy pillow when you find it difficult to sleep with the jab gap between your legs.

Which material is best for a pregnancy pillow?

Cotton is used in mostly pregnancy pillows. Cotton is easy to clean, and no doubt it is comfortable too. Memory foam, polyester fiberfill, polyfoam, microbeads are some kinds of stuff that is also used in pregnancy pillows.

Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

For a healthy and safest delivery, a woman should have a relaxed body with plenty of rest that is far possible with a pregnancy pillow. The pregnancy pillow is recommended by doctors and is safe to be used. You should use the pregnancy pillow to avoid sleepless nights and painful nightmares.


All in all, Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow is worth buying. It helps you sleep better. It is comfortable. It is soft. It is easy to use. It makes you feel like sleeping on the cloud. In short, it is the best pregnancy partner one can have in a difficult time.

From this article, you must have gathered enough information about Momcozy pregnancy pillows and their features. Although if you still have any questions, feel free to ask; we are open to any further assistance. So, in which month of pregnancy you are buying your comfort pillow partner?

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