“Eat Healthily” is there a single day that passes by without hearing these words? Well, you are correct. There are no such days. The main reason for that is the unhealthy food we are eating today is causing us many health issues.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

Excessive oil and fat consumption are one of the top reasons for us to get diseases like this. That is when the air fryers became popular among people. Because they use much less oil for cooking.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is the air fryer that I selected today to write a review about. This will help you with many aspects of modern air fryers and give you an upper hand when buying one for yourself.

I am not going to bore you with long paragraphs unrelated stuff about air fryers. Let’s straight get into answering all the questions you have about them.

Look Matters

I always believe we should not buy equipment for our kitchen that does not go with its theme. Yes, sometimes there can be occasions that we can not be picky. But we at least have the right to consider the look before buying something.

So how does Ninja AF101 Air Fryer look like? Most of the body of it is black. If you ask me about the shape. It is shaped cylindrical while getting fatter towards the bottom. Visibly it has two main parts.

  1. Main Body – Tiny cooks live in this area.
  2. Removable cooking container – We enter the ingredients for them to cook through this container.

Well, that was some wordplay. I hope you understood the purpose of each part.

There is a silver handle that helps you to take out the cooking container. The only other significant part of the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is its control panel and the display.

Overall it has all the qualities of a modern kitchen appliance that anyone would love to have in their kitchen.

What are the Dimensions of the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer?

This will help you to decide on a place in your kitchen to have this air fryer. This will be a perfect guide to compare with other products dimensions as well.

  • Length – 13.6 inches
  • Width – 11 inches
  • Height – 13.3 inches

Well, it is not a large air fryer in the market. But I am sure it can do a decent job in a home kitchen serving your family meals.

What is the Weight of Ninja AF101 Air Fryer?

I know that you don’t mean to carry your air fryer here and there for its weight to be an issue. But we never know whether your shelf can hold it or not. But have no worries because Ninja AF101 Air Fryer does not belong to the heavyweight class like some electric equipment.

  • Weight – 10.58 lbs

I think your shelf can handle this.

How Much French Fries Can Ninja AF101 Air Fryer Hold?

Surprisingly the answer is a lot. I did not expect to see allocating this much space for cooking in this small air fryer. But manufacturers have done that just for us.

Can you believe the ceramic coated basket of the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is four quarts big? Yes, in other words, it can hold about 2 lbs of French fries in one cooking. That is a lot of french fries.

How Much Fat Will Be Reduced Compared to Traditional Methods?

This is the question we all have been waiting for. Reduction in the amount of fat compared to conventional cooking.

Air fryers are famous for using a tablespoon of oil to deep fry even a large sum of French fries. That is what Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is doing as well.

According to the manufacturers, Ninja AF101 Air Fryer uses 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. How healthy is that? We can enjoy the food we avoided because of excess fat again with no fear.

With this good news, let’s dig in more to learn about Ninja AF101 Air Fryer.

Are There Different Cooking Functions in Ninja AF101 Air Fryer?

Yes, there are four different cooking functions for you to choose from depending on your requirement. This is like a mini microwave.

  • Air Fry

Most expected function from an air fryer. This is the magical mode to select if you want to get the same texture, color, and taste from deep-fried foods. Chicken wings and French fries are good examples.

  • Roast

As the name suggests, you can use this function to roast food similar to an oven. Let me tell you a few of my favorites to roast using the air fryer.

  1. Casseroles
  2. Roasted Veggies
  3. Meat
  • Reheat

This is one of the best functions of an air fryer. Because you can not revive the same crispiness in food when you reheat them in a microwave. But because of airflow air fryer can do that job. It is the best way to reheat your food.

  • Dehydrate

This is another air fryer-only function that gives us many chances to preserve our food. How so? Dehydration using hot air flow removes all the moisture from food, giving them the ability to last longer.

Can You Control Temperature in This Air Fryer?

Yes, Ninja AF101 Air Fryer allows you to freely change the temperature within a wide range. Because of this, you can cook a variety of food using the air fryer.

Are These Equipment Dishwasher Safe?

I have met many air fryer containers that can not be washed using a dishwasher. But luckily, Ninja AF101 Air Fryer has accessories that can be washed in a dishwasher with ease.

What is the Wattage of the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer?

The wattage of this air fryer is 1550. It is a little closer to the expensive side. But the good news is it takes a shorter time to cook in an air fryer. Because of this, you will not experience extra on your electricity bill.


These are the basics you should look at in any air fryer. I hope you will be able to make a wise choice when buying your new kitchen appliance with this information. Or you can easily buy a Ninja AF101 Air Fryer because it already has everything you need in an air fryer.

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