“I have been asked this question by many. Aren’t these two devices the same besides the look? What is the reason for the price difference? We will compare Google WiFi (‎GJ2CQ) and Nest WiFi (‎GA00595-US) to find the answers. But first, let’s start from the beginning.”

Google Wifi – AC1200 – Mesh WiFi System – Wifi Router – 4500 Sq Ft Coverage – 3 pack

The world has changed a lot within these past few years. The pandemic outbreak has limited us to our homes more than ever. I don’t think there was a time like this ever before. But luckily, that movement limitation has not affected our productivity much.

The reason behind that is the internet. With the internet, the whole world has become much closer to us. But a reliable internet connection is a must to do any of that. So you can research the best internet service provider and get internet access for your home.

Google Nest Wifi –  AC2200 – Mesh WiFi System –  Wifi Router – 2200 Sq Ft Coverage – 1 pack

Internet service providers let you have one WiFi router to share the internet with your whole house. But that falls behind all the time in coverage. When your router is placed in the living room, you might get poor signal strength to your kitchen. How to watch the “Make Pizza at Home” tutorial when the kitchen’s internet speed is slow.

Finally, we came to the issue where Google WiFi and Nest WiFi can solve.

What These Devices From Google Actually Do?

Simply, both can enhance the range of your WiFi connection in a Smart way. This is done by tapping into your internet service provider’s WiFi connection. This means you will not experience slow internet speed when you try to watch Netflix from your bedroom.

Both products are providing the same service. Let’s compare each other under a variety of points to select the best.

What are the Prices Tags on Google WiFi and Nest WiFi?

First, I have to say Google WiFi was in the market for some time now. Nest WiFi is more like a younger brother came over to take over the place of Google WiFi. But still, you can buy both devices from Google stores or Amazon.

These are the starting prices if you wish to buy either of the devices. But to gain further coverage, you can add more points (I’ll explain later).

You will understand the reason for considerable price change when you go further down in the article.

Design and Colour Availability

  • Design

The design of both routers has a somewhat similar appearance. Both devices have Google Logo engraved on the top surface.

Google WiFi Nest WiFi
  • Has a more short cylindric look
  • Flat top and bottom surfaces
  • Sharper edges
  • Has a more round design
  • Flat top and bottom surfaces
  • Round edges
  • LED Lighting

Google WiFi has a ring around its body that lights in different colors. These colors indicate different statuses of the router.

Nest WiFi has limited the space for LED indicators. It has a small dot-like LED on its body. Similar to Google WiFi, it flashes in different colors.

  • Materials Used

Both of these devices have adapted sustainable methods in their designs.

Google WiFi Nest WiFi
  • External enclosure made from 49% recycled material (2020 model)
  • External enclosure made from 45% recycled material (router)
  • Colors

Well, all the previous generations of Google WiFi came in the same Snow White color. But with Nest WiFi, Google has decided to give us few more options.

Google WiFi Colors Nest WiFi Colors
  • Snow
  • Snow
  • Sand
  • Mist

How Much WiFi Coverage Can You Get from a Single Router?

This is one of the highlighting differences that two WiFi routers have.

Google WiFi Single Unit Coverage Nest WiFi Single Unit Coverage
  • Up to 1500 sq ft
  • Up to 2200 sq ft

Obviously, you can see Nest WiFi is providing you more coverage than Google WiFi. But you must be wondering whether “can’t I have a similar coverage range from my old ISP’s (Internet Sevice Provider) router?”

Well, that has some truth to it, but there are two differences in Google Routers.

  1. Can add more devices known as Points to increase the coverage.
  2. Google Routers have Google Home App control and many other additional features.

What is a Point?

Imagine a scenario where you have your ISP’s router and your Google Router in the living room. But you are living in a large home where your bedroom is beyond the 1500/2200 sq ft range. You will have to take the two devices every night to your bedroom to stream some videos from bed.

This is where Points come in handy.

A point can act as a secondary router placed away from the primary google router. This means you can have a point closer to your bedroom where it will share the internet from the primary router in your living room.

There are two types of points available for enhancing the range.

  1. Google WiFi Points
  2. Nest WiFi Points

Google WiFi Points are similar to Google WiFi routers. They do not have any additional feature only service you can receive from them is increased coverage.

You can not say the same about the Nest WiFi Points. They are equipped with better features and slight design improvement as well.

  • This being said, it has to be highlighted that Nest WiFi Points are compatible with Google WiFi routers.

What are the Noticeable Design Changes in Nest WiFi Points?

The main noticeable difference in the design is the meshed bottom part of the Nest WiFi Point. Other than that, they look very similar to the Nest WiFi Router unit.

But there is more t0 a Nest WiFi Point. They are Google Assistant-enabled Smart Speaker units. Besides listening to music, you can say “Hey Google” to find answers and do more with it.

Some Hey Google commands that you can use with this device.

  • Hey Google, play my favorite playlist from Spotify.
  • Hey Google, turn up the sound.
  • Hey Google, add Oranges to my shopping list.
  • Hey Google, what’s this song?
  • Hey Google, set the alarm for 7 am tomorrow.

The last design change you can see in Nest WiFi Point is its LED lighting. To respond to different occasions, LED lights in the unit will illuminate the bottom area of it.

What are the Maximum Speed Limits that These Routers Can Reach?

You might feel like when sharing with multiple Nest Points may reduce the internet speed drastically. But that’s not entirely true with Google WiFi or Nest WiFi. Obviously, Speed will be divided among the number of devices connected to the network. But there will be no speed drop due to Google routers.

Let’s go back to the question at hand. There is a maximum speed that Google routers can share the internet.

Google WiFi Nest WiFi
Maximum Speed
  • Up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Up to 2.2 Gbps (router)
  • Up to 1.2 Gbps (point)


  • Note that these speeds are limited by the internet speed provided by your ISP. Other than that, data throughput will depend on device limitations, application capabilities, and environmental factors like building construction materials.

Looking at the table again, you can see that Nest WiFi Router has a higher speed than the Google WiFi Router. But all the Nest Points have the same speed limit. Nest WiFi is standing ahead here.

How Many Devices Can You Connect to a Single Google WiFi Router?

The number of devices you can connect to Google WiFi Routers is 200. I know it’s a lot. In our household, the number of devices is limited to a few. But who knows, there might be a time where you want to share your WiFi with your house guests.

Connecting You to the Fastest Internet

  • Have you ever stopped your work to let someone else access the fast internet? Google has highlighted that the internet from your Nest Points is fast enough to watch multiple 4K videos at once. That means no more waiting because of the low coverage.
  • Google Routers can optimize the internet to connect you to the fastest channel available. In an instance where you coincide with two Points, Google Routers will decide the best Point and connect you to that.
  • Regular software updates will be installed to your Google WiFi Routers to improve the performance and keep everything up to date. Do not worry about the bugs, which will never get fixed.

Do Google WiFi and Nest WiFi Provide Us Enough Security to Our WiFi Network?

Imagine a home that has a Smart Lock. Someone can try to hack into your Google WiFi network and unlock it. To avoid such cases, Google has included an Advanced Security Chip to both Routers. Besides that, your devices will get regular security updates to keep you safe.

Does Google WiFi Track the Websites I Visit?

No, Google does not do this. They do not monitor the content of traffic on WiFi networks. They also promise that they will keep the Network performance data separately. Those data will not be used for personalized advertising.

What is Privacy Switch?

If Google Assistant needs to respond to us whenever we ask a question, it has to always listen to all the background noises. It’s no secret that Google is using this data for personalized advertising. In Nest Points, they have given you the option to stop this.

There is a switch with a microphone sign engraved on it in the back of each Nest Point device. By flipping it off, you can stop Google from listening to the background noises.

Which Google WiFi Nest WiFi System is Right for You?

Although we know the space of our home in square feet, that doesn’t mean we know the ideal WiFi network for our home. We have to decide the number of Nest Points. Suitable place for the router.

If you visit the Google Store, you can get additional information or expert help by paying a small additional fee.

Does Each Google WiFi Point Need a Power Supply?

Yes, all the WiFi routers and WiFi Points require a power supply to work. Both devices use Barrel Jack connectors for power supply connection. You will need a 15W power adapter to plug into the wall outlet. All these cables and adapters are provided when buying your Google WiFi system.

How to Set Up Google WiFi Network?

This is an easy installation that anyone can do within few minutes.
You will need things to set up Your WiFi Service.

  • Google Account
  • Internet Connection
  • Modem / Router

Next, you can follow the below steps.

  1. The first thing you have to is downloading the Google Home App from Play Store or App Store to your Smart Phone.
  2. Place your router in an open space, like a TV stand or a shelf. But it has to be closer to your ISP’s router.
  3. There are two Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports in every WiFi Router from Google. Using the ethernet cable provided, connect the Google WiFi Router with the ISP’s router. Follow the LED light indicators as well. It will pulse in white when it is ready for setting up.
  4. Next, open the Google Home App and press the “Add a new device” button. In there, select your relevant Google WiFi router and follow the steps on the App.
  5. Place the Nest WiFi Points and plug them in.
  6. Run similar steps to add the Nest Point Device.
  7. After setting up everything, ask the Home App to run the mesh test.

Other Added Features You Can Enjoy with Google WiFi

  • Prioritize a Device

You can ask your Google WiFi to give priority to a WiFi-using device. With this, you will have no interruptions due to low internet speeds from multiple devices.

  • Guest Network

Some of your friends are coming over. But you don’t want to share your WiFi password with them. Using Google WiFi, you can create a separate network just for them.

  • Family WiFi

This is more like parental control. You can create separate networks with access restrictions. By this, you can create a safer browse environment for your kids.


I hope you know everything there is to know about Google WiFi (‎GJ2CQ) and Nest WiFi (‎GA00595-US). Mainly two devices have differences in price, coverage, speed, and some other features. Based on your requirement, now you can decide what systems suit your home the best. Give MeshWiFiSystemOnline.com A Try? Deliver WiFi Coverage for Every Square Inch of Your Home.

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