7 Best Ice Makers 2021 (Top Rated Ice Makers 2021)

We Like
GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker
+ Easy to Clean
+ High Capacity
+ Fully Drainable
- A Bit Pricy
Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop
+ Quick
+ Not Noisy
+ Compact Design
- The Cube Melts Quickly

CROWNFUL Ice Maker Countertop Machine EP1069-UL
+ Works Efficiently
+ Transparent Lid
+ Lifetime Support
- Single Color
Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine IM-100LBS
+ Smart LCD Panel
+ Efficient & Quiet
+ Timer Clean
- A Bit Pricy
AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop
+ Compact
+ Efficient & Quiet
+ Bullet—Shaped Ice
- Melts Quickly
Igloo ICEB26HNAQ Countertop Ice Maker Machine
+ Carry Handle
+ Self Cleaning
+ Removable Ice Basket
- Melts Quickly
ULIT Portable Ice Maker IM1226-S2
+ 8 Mins Ready to Serve
+ Energy Efficient & Quiet
+ Easy Clean
- Melts Quickly

“I have been in the market for an ice maker for quite some time so I’ve spent a great deal of time & put a lot of effort into reviewing and comparing the many options that are available on the market. “Give IceMakerHome.com A Try? Best Ice Maker For Home Use.

“After a month of searching and going through the process of elimination, the one that I found myself coming back to, over and over again, with the options that I was looking for in a quality ice maker was The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker. “

I’m so excited to not have to use my small freezer space any longer for big bags of ice.

7 Best Ice Maker In 2021

  1. GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker(‎OPAL01GEPKT)
  2. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Electric ice maker and Compact potable ice maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. Perfect for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Sliver)(‎IM-01)
  3. CROWNFUL Ice Maker Countertop Machine, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 8 Minutes, 26lbs Bullet Ice Cubes in 24H, Electric Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket – Black(EP1069-UL)
  4. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 100lbs/24H Stainless Steel Under Counter ice Machine with 33lbs Ice Storage Capacity, Freestanding Ice Maker Freestanding Ice Maker Machine(IM-100LBS)
  5. AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Portable Ice Cube Makers, Make 26 lbs ice in 24 hrs,Ice Cube Rready in 6-8 Mins with Ice Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Bar (Black)
  6. Igloo ICEB26HNAQ Automatic Self-Cleaning Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker Machine With Handle, 26 Pounds in 24 Hours, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 7 minutes, With Ice Scoop and Basket, Aqua(‎ICEB26HNAQ)
  7. ULIT Ice Maker Countertop, Makes 26 lbs. Ice per 24 Hours,9 Ice Cubes Ready in 8 Minutes, Home Party countertop Ice Maker machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 1.6 lbs. Ice Storage (Silver)(IM1226-S2)

The 5 Reasons Why Do You Choose The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker!

  1. Fast Ice Making: Enjoy a batch of 9 small or large bullet-shaped ice cubes from one cycle in 6-9mins, ice maker produces up to 26lbs of ice per day for ice-cold drinks whenever you want.
  2. Clear LCD Display: Clearly shows the status of ice making, self-cleaning, small/large ice, and alerts you to when the ice basket is full or the water reservoir is empty.
  3. Self-Cleaning Function: Maintaining your ice maker is so simple, just activate the cleaning cycle to eliminate mineral scale buildup to create fresh and clean ice every time.
  4. Durable & Safe: Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and food-grade ABS materials for long-lasting durability and superior safety to produce healthy and clean ice cubes.
  5. Perfect for Parties: The countertop ice maker with a large 2.1L water reservoir generates up to 4.6lbs of ice cubes from one fill, your guests can enjoy chilled wine, whisky, beer, juice, soda all day long.

How Does It Work?

  • It is the way that the TaoTronics ice maker (and other portable ice makers) works that allows it to make ice faster than an inbuilt ice maker.
  • When you pour water into the reservoir and turn the machine on, the water is pumped from the bottom of the reservoir through a filter and into the ice cube tray at the top of the unit.
  • The machine will then begin a cycle in which the prongs of the heat exchanger are lowered into the ice cube tray. Refrigerant (like in a refrigerator) is used to quickly cool the prongs and these then cause the ice cubes to form.
  • For larger ice cubes, the prongs stay in longer. Once the cubes are the correct size any leftover water is fed back into the reservoir and the heat exchanger now heats up enough just to allow the ice cubes to slide off and into the ice basket.
  • Once the ice bucket is full and/or the water reservoir empty this triggers sensors that connect through to the control panel, turning on lights or even putting the ice maker on standby.
  • The speed of this process is exactly why portable ice makers churn out much more ice than the ice maker in your refrigerator – making them the must-have for keeping drinks topped up year-round.

Is The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker Worth It?

The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker
The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker
  • Been on the lookout for a machine for the formal living room – being able to make ice without having to go to the kitchen each time was a benefit that made sense in getting a new machine for.
  • This machine provides an easy, quick, and super clean way to make ice.
  • One of the main attributes that kept bringing me back to this machine over the many others that I looked at was the self-cleaning function.
  • The big window on a top to view inside and it is not too big to sit on the countertop!
  • Will work perfectly for our outdoor bar! No more trips to the supermarket to buy expensive bags of ice!
  • Serve up Fresh Ice Whenever You Want.
  • I’ve had a couple of countertop ice makers and this one is by far the best!

10 Things You Need To Know About The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker(Manual)

The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker
The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker
  1. TaoTronics, a flagship brand under the Sunvalley group, is dedicated to providing superior-quality, reasonably priced electronic products that improve the lives of our customers.
  2. Ice is a nice shape.
  3. This fits nicely in the kitchen. It looks clean and sharp which is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. I got it for camping in my fifth wheel and it works perfectly! It is easy to set up and stay making ice right away.
  5. Very sleek and modern design.
  6. This is a very nice ice machine for party use. It is very sturdy and is very quiet while generating ice.
  7. Like the majority of countertop ice makers, this does not have a separate freezer function so you will need to move the ice to your freezer if you’re not going to use it all over the next few hours.
  8. This ice maker generated about 70 ice cubes in one hour! I stored the extra ice in my fridge and the next time I used them, they were not sticking together which is very good.
  9. If you only want ice cubes for jugs of iced tea or an occasional cocktail the flexibility of the TaoTronics ice maker means you do not even need to run it constantly.
  10. It does not need hooking up to a water line and as long as you allow the necessary amount of time for the refrigerant to settle, you can move it out to the yard or even take it camping with you for instant access to ice.

Are You Will Try Other Items From TaoTronics?

I have the TaoTronics(TT-PCA004) Massage Gun, TaoTronics large dehumidifier and it was a great value and works great so I thought I’d give another one of their items a try. I’m not disappointed! We placed this little guy in our bar for parties.


The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker

  • The TaoTronics Countertop Ice Maker ensures there’s always top-quality ice at a moment’s notice.
  • Whether you’re hosting a party, gathering, or entertaining spur-of-the-moment guests, this ice maker generates up to 26lbs of ice per day to supply you with all the ice you need.
  • If you are looking for a great quality product at an affordable price, this is the one for you.

Warm Tips:

Keep in mind the machine can only handle 6 cups of water at a time. So you will have to refill to achieve the target ice cube weight.

You will have to remove the ice soon after it is made, otherwise, they will start to melt and stick together.

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The TaoTronics(TT-IC002) Countertop Ice Maker FAQ

Yes, The ice maker can work for 24 hours. After working 24 hours, the timer will restart. However, please remove the ice in the ice basket in a timely, or the ice maker will stop working when the basket is filled with ice.
No, it will stay frozen for a little bit. The seal around the lid is great but the ice will melt. The ice maker could not keep the ice frozen for a long time.
It is made in China but it is very, very high quality.
You have to just constantly check your water level to keep continuous ice flow.

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