“If there’s anything better than the rush of endorphins post-workout, it’s the feeling of someone sinking their fingers into your oh-so-sore muscles for a rewarding massage.”

Lots of people have been using the forced downtime that came with the coronavirus pandemic to focus on their fitness. One area that may be lacking though: muscle recovery. One tool that many rely on to help aid deep muscle recovery, sore muscle relief, and plain old stress release is the percussion therapy massage gun.

Also known as percussive guns, massage guns are a popular recovery tool designed to decrease muscle soreness and improve range of motion. Now, these tools are being adopted by everyone from casual runners to occasional weightlifters.

TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun
TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun

This year a lot of athletes discovered the benefits of massage guns. Now, since many nonessential, in-person appointments like massage therapy sessions are being canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, it may the best time for you to invest in your own massage gun.

If you have a fit friend who always complains about being sore, the TaoTronics TT-PCA004 massage gun will help shush them and save money by foregoing monthly massages.

Which is The Best Massage Gun to Buy?

Taotronics Massage Gun, Muscle Gun with Up to 10H Battery Life, 3200rpm/min Vibrating Reach Deep Tissue, Ultra-Quiet and Portable Percussion Massager Gun for Athletes, Boost Recovery, 20 Speeds

For anyone who suffers from muscle stiffness, a good massage can be a welcome relief. One of the manufacturers getting in on this new product line is TaoTronics. The TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Weighs only 1.6lb that you’ll easily hold with one hand and carry it to anywhere like the gym or the administrative center with the included PU storage bag.

This makes it somewhat more manageable. Powerful Massage Performance, Choose from 20-speed levels with percussion up to 3200RPM and stall force up to 33lb to deeply massage the target muscles to relieve soreness and stiffness effectively and recovery fast. Percussion massagers mimic traditional massage techniques.

They are convenient to use on yourself wherever is convenient without having to book and visit a massage therapist.

Is a Massage Gun Worth it?

TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun
TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun

For some people, a massage gun might seem like a novel idea.

But the main difference between a percussion massage and an ordinary massage is the direction of the pressure. This is one reason many people still experience pain or stiffness after a regular massage.

Massage guns offer what’s known as percussive or vibration therapy, it relaxes muscles, which reduces stiffness and stimulates blood flow. Increased blood flow, in turn, allows your muscles to eliminate lactic acid faster, relieving cramps. As a result, a massage gun is a great tool after workouts.

The faster the lactic acid and stiffness are gone, the faster your muscles can begin the recovery process. For those who find foam rollers uncomfortable or too manual of a process, massage guns offer a more streamlined, automatic solution.

Can a Massage Gun Help With Cellulite?

Massage can help reduce the signs of cellulite by increasing the blood flow and lymphatic drainage plus it stretches the skin. Combining regular exercise and percussion massage will reduce the signs of cellulite quickly. Thighs are often one of the most problematic and noticeable areas to have cellulite.

A combination of specific leg exercises and the use of a percussion massager will speed up the reduction in unsightly cellulite. Change your diet, stop smoking, exercise regularly, and use good quality percussion massager to increase blood flow and nutrients to deep muscle fibers.

This will reduce cellulite greatly and quickly. Percussion Massagers for cellulite reduction is extremely effective if used in conjunction with lifestyle and diet changes.

TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun
TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun

Warm Tips:

  • Don’t use it on the chest or throat, plus using a percussion massager on your stomach if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant is not advised.
  • Percussion massagers are safe to use but there is a learning curve. You should read the manufacturer’s advice and start on lower intensity settings.
  • They are not advised for use if you have a history of blood clots, are prescribed blood thinners, have a skin condition or varicose veins, or have a pacemaker or other medical device fitted.

Are You Will Try Other Items From TaoTronics?

I have the Taotronics Ice Maker(TT-IC002), TaoTronics large dehumidifier and it was a great value and works great so I thought I’d give another one of their items a try. I’m not disappointed! We placed this little guy in our bar for parties.

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TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun FAQ

Great focused massage on demand, Interchangeable heads specific to muscle groups, Quiet operation, Storage case keeps it all together, massage gun has a 20 power level, It has 20-speed options.
1. Switch off the device 2. Pull the massage head off the port to detach 3. Press the massage head into the connecting port
It can with 80% charge. The charging voltage range is: 110-220V The use voltage is: 16.8V
Please do not use it when charging!
No, its cooling system is great.
No. It is a percussion muscle massager. Turn the switch on the bottom. Then push the button on the top, then adjust your speed. there is 15 minutes auto-off function. And if there is no operation, it will turn off after 3 minutes.

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