“I got tired of always going downstairs to the kitchen to get something cold to drink so I got TACKLIFE F4 Mini Fridge 4 Liter ACDC Portable Personal Fridge. this works great and solves my issue. It can hold about 8 cans of soda and keep it cold all day long. “

“Now, I can just grab a drink from the fridge right next to my bed. Another nice thing about it is that TACKLIFE F4 Mini Fridge 4 Liter ACDC Portable Personal Fridge can also be turned on to heat the items inside.”

If you’re shopping for a compact fridge for drinks or snacks, this is the one you want.

Take a standard size sheet of typing or computer paper, and place it on the floor. That’s 8.5 by 11 inches. The base of this mini-fridge is 7 by 10.5 inches. So a bit smaller than a sheet of paper. Small, right? It’s perfect, it can fit on a nightstand, dresser, the floor at the foot of your bed.

The 7 Reasons Why Do You Choose TACKLIFE F4 Mini Fridge 4 Liter ACDC Portable Personal Fridge!

  1. Pretty good for small things like drinks or make-up. you get a nice cold refreshing drink in seconds.
  2. It produces less sound than your central air conditioning does or a fan on the lowest setting. Perfect for an undisturbed night of restful sleep.
  3. It takes up almost no real estate in whatever room you put it in.
  4. It’s electric, doesn’t run off freon. No water drips, no messes. unplug, move it somewhere else, plug it back in and use it immediately. No more waiting.
  5. It is perfect for dormitory, teenagers’ room since it just cost you a bit of money.
  6. Perfect for skincare products. Especially vitamin C serum that expires quicker in summer. And the mask is better when it is properly stored!
  7. Plus it doesn’t hurt that any time you have company, guests always have something nice to say about it. They all want to know where you got it from and say that they want one.

Should You Buy This Compact Fridge?

  • Exclusive powerful Thermoelectric Freeze to 64°F within 40 mins, warm up to 150°F in 1hr. While other brands take more than 40/60 mins.
  • The Mini Fridge is equipped with Car Pluger and Home Pluger; AC 120V, DC 12V, easily switch modes according to your needs, suitable for a variety of scenarios.3.5M charge cable.
  • The rotating lock keeps your items in place without accidental opening even when you are facing the worst driving condition.
  • Electronic chips 100% Freon-Free with CE, ETL certification. Great to set in the bedroom, Tender kids protection. High Tech Energy-saving design protects your Car battery.

Does This Mini Fridge Use Much Electricity At Home?

  • A Compact fridge, typically ranging from 11 x 10 x 7 inches, receive an Energy Star rating when they consume no more than 239.42 kilowatt-hours per year for manual defrost versions, or up to 318.4 kWh/year for units without partial automatic defrost.


  • Get your food fresh and cold with a cheap mini refrigerator is a perfect choice.
  • It is great for a busy workplace or you like sleeping with white noise or take it on the go with the car plug-in option. Give OnlineGroceryReview.com A Try? Expert-Led Reviews, Recommendations, And Roundups The best Shopping Content From The Top Grocery.

Warm Tips:

  • It sounds like you have your computer on 24/7 so I’d suggest putting this in the bathroom if you intend on using it for the same purpose. If you have a big room you won’t be able to hear it.
  • Summer is coming soon, so this can go in the car, too. Inside the box were two lines, one for normal use and one for car use.

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TACKLIFE F4 Mini Fridge 4 Liter ACDC Portable Personal Fridge FAQ

Usually, this refrigerator will not affect our sleep. The refrigerator does not make any noise when it is working, but if you want to save electricity, you can disconnect the power, but it will not cool if it is disconnected.
It can totally be chilled up to Ambient temperature -15℃.
If your mom has expressed interest in a skincare fridge before or has a bunch of skincare, makeup items that she keeps in the regular refrigerator, I'd say that a skincare fridge is definitely a good idea!
Yes, Of course, the mini refrigerator is essential for the dormitory. As the season for our return to school arrives, you (or a student you know) are likely to be looking for a refrigerator that is small enough to accommodate new needs.
Yes surely can keep ur skincare, and keeps it cold.

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