It seems to be a rule that Huawei always brings the latest achievements of its design cooperation with Porsche since the beginning of huawei Mate9 series and the annual huawei Mate series launch.

Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro, Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG, and Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche design were unveiled at the 2020 Huawei Flagship New Product launch ceremony on October 30.And what I got was the design version of Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche, which is the second time for Huawei and Porsche to cooperate in the smartwatch field.

Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2
Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2

Compared with the last watch cooperation, this joint name can be said to be more mature.The advanced sense of the product design language and the texture of the product are much better than the WATCH 2 Pro Porsche design three years ago.

The packaging box adopts all-black DESIGN. The conspicuous “PORSCHE DESIGN” on the front distinguishes it from the regular WATCH GT 2.Open the package, this 46mm dial, or quite visual impact.The screen is the same as the regular version, with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display and a pixel density of 326PPI.The maximum brightness can be up to 1000 nits, and the dial can be seen clearly under strong light.

Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2
Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2

As the most high-end product of the WATCH GT 2 series, Porsche has put a lot of effort into the design of the material.For example, the face of the dial USES sapphire glass, scratch resistance has been guaranteed, daily use does not have to worry about scratches.And titanium metal titanium metal integrated surface body and watchband, with sand blasting process, looks a matte matte matte texture.Titanium also keeps its weight low.
About this titanium watchband, or worth talking about in detail.Traditional metal watchband, we need to remove the probability of some tools, to adjust the length of the watchband.The strap is designed with a bamboo section, and each section has a quick detachable button that can be removed and adjusted with the flick of a fingernail.

Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2
Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2

This bamboo design does not add the thickness of the watchband, watchband is still relatively thin and light.Watch buckle the thickness of the part and watch strap to maintain the same, buckle when you can keep not convex, more beautiful.
On the back of the dial, the Porsche design USES precision ceramics.The feeling that pottery and porcelain gives a person is “lukewarm embellish”, won’t produce apparent skin to feel change as the change of temperature.When the weather is colder, it doesn’t feel too cold.
The sensor is also made of sapphire glass.Combined with 6 and 1 lens LED, heart rate monitoring can improve light transmittance and monitor more accurately.

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If you look closely, you can see the classic red elements of Porsche.The red ring of the crown and the red pointer of the outer ring of the dial play a good ornament effect.
In addition, the outer ring of the dial, as well as the outer ring of the crown, are chamfered and polished to give more visual sparkle.Cooperate the main body that ground feels character, appear very delicate.However, the edge of the dial is not smooth, but with titanium watchband, with a certain sharpness.If you want to wear it to monitor your sleep, it might not be a good idea, and it might scratch your partner.

Of course, if you don’t like the titanium strap, you can switch to the rubber one that comes with it.More skin-friendly, lighter, and sporty.But there is a discount to the visual oneness.For me, the appearance institute, the design of the dial is an important factor in choosing a smartwatch.The porsche design version of the track series dial, aesthetic and practical is still worthy of affirmation, with the watch texture can also be well integrated.

At the event, Huawei emphasized that the watch is powered by its new Truseen 4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology.This means heart rate and stress can be monitored 24/7, with lower power consumption and more accurate results than the previous generation.
It’s also worth noting that the Porsche design supports 24-hour automatic blood oxygen detection, the first Huawei watch to do so.
Other functions, such as stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, and exercise monitoring, are basically the same as the ordinary version of WATCH GT 2. We have introduced it in detail in previous articles, so I will not elaborate on it here.

However, compared with the regular version, the Porsche design version expands to more than 100 types of sports monitoring, including mountaineering, skiing, surfing, tennis, rock climbing, and even seagull fishing and kite flying.It also supports golf driving range mode, analyzing swing position, speed, rhythm, etc., which is very “Porsche”.

In terms of battery life, the watch can be moderately used for up to two weeks.It can last up to a week on heavy use without causing you any battery anxiety.In terms of charging, huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche has designed a new wireless charging function, which supports reverse wireless charging for the first time. It only takes 5 minutes to charge, and can be used for 10 hours in typical use scenarios, so it is basically afraid of no power.

In addition, it supports two operating systems, Andrid and iOS. No matter which phone you use, you can connect to the watch by downloading the “Huawei Sports and Health” app.On non-Huawei Android phones, huawei HMS will need to be downloaded to open its app.

Overall, if you’re an Android user on a budget, there’s a reason this watch should be your number one priority.Besides helping you develop healthy living habits, I believe its appearance will also become a highlight between your actions and actions.