In the fall of 2020, the Nike 2020 ISPA sneaker series, infused with bold new concepts in functional design, will lead the street smart style and conquer the unique playground in a new way.

Recently, Nike officially launched the new ISPA series of blockbuster innovative products, the new ISPA series incorporates some of Nike’s most popular innovative technologies, the perfect interpretation of the ISPA design philosophy.Including Zoom Road Warrior, Overreact FK, Overreact FK Sandal, Flow 2020 and Drifter.

1. Nike ISPA Zoom Road Warrior

The shoe draws on a two-hour marathon of groundbreaking designs.The vamp combines the tenacity of the training shoe with the idea of an outdoor follow design to provide agility, tightness and protection.When combined with a knitted fabric upper (super breathable), the overall design provides extreme comfort and propulsion no matter what you do during the day.The Nike ISPA Zoom Road Warrior will go on sale worldwide on July 10 for $500.

2. Nike ISPA Overreact FK

These shoes solve the daily “how to make shoes more comfortable” problem.It USES a platform Nike React technology, a proprietary foam that provides soft shock response, energy feedback and durability in a single lightweight composite.Nike ISPA Overreact maximizes these features by doubling and maximizing the geometry of Nike’s reaction.
As a perfect design, the shoe can also serve as a model for the ISPA (” Improvise, clear, protect and adapt “) concept.Nike’s ISPA Overreact FK will be available worldwide on July 9 for $180.

3. Nike ISPA Overreact FK Sandal

Notably, the shoe features a disproportionate tread pattern on the midsole and outsole, designed to celebrate the improvisational traction system and adapt Overreact patterns to new aesthetic habits.Nike’S ISPA Overreact FK Sandal will be available globally on July 31 for $160.

4. Nike ISPA Flow 2020

It’s a streamlined design that balances stability, fashion and breathability in summer heat.
The shoes are inspired by extreme sports athletes who take a do-it-yourself approach to maximizing their gear.The perforated outsole makes it lightweight, breathable, and lets you walk like a breeze.Nike ISPA Flow 2020 will be available globally on August 13 for $180.

5. Nike ISPA Drifter

ISPA Drifter combines traditional Japanese work boots with innovative technology from NIKE, Inc., to transform open-toed Tabi shoes into lightweight all-weather vehicles designed for the built environment.Nike ISPA Drifter will be available worldwide on September 1 for $180.
Which of the five shoes Nike will release this fall is your favorite?