Japanese brand Issey Miyake has announced the end of Issey Miyake Men. The stores in Japan will be closed after the autumn and winter of 2020-2021. ISSEY MIYAKE company is also adjusting its internal system.

“It is not affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, but wants to explore new possibilities for men’s clothing,” issey Miyake explained as to why it was ending its operations.The company also said the suspension of its men’s wear brand had nothing to do with the negative reports it had received in the past, such as reports of business weakness and the disqualification of fresh graduates.

The news is unsurprising as the brand has been slowly pulling back on its menswear line to focus on the arguably more successful, elasticated, and pleat-friendly Homme Plissé collections which have been showing in Paris for the last few seasons in lieu of Issey Miyake Men.Issey Miyake Men founded in 1978, is a menswear brand owned by ISSEY MIYAKE. “ISSEY MIYAKE MEN” has been participating in Paris Fashion Week since autumn/winter 1985, and changed its brand name from spring/summer 2012.Currently, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN, led by Aoyama in Tokyo, has several stores across Japan.In February, Mr. Takahashi stepped down as creative director of Men’s wear at Issey Miyake for six years, starting in the spring and summer of 2014.

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