“If you are into wood or metal work, then you should know that a combination of the right skills and very good equipment is compulsory and one of the essential tools you will need is a sander. Sanding your metal and woodwork as part of the final process of making it is crucial. As a crafter, one of the tools you should definitely have on your work table is a good sander like the WEN 6502T which features a cast iron base that provides better stability and an adjustable sanding belt.”

WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

Are WEN 6502 Sanders Good?

WEN has been in the business of making and distributing top-quality power tools for more than 60 years. One of the main selling points of WEN products asides from the fact that they are strong and quality is that they are also quite affordable. It is obvious from WEN 6502 reviews and reviews of their other products that the WEN Sanders are good quality and the company continues to satisfy its customers. WEN typically offers a 2-year warranty on all its produces and you can always get support from the company’s technician if you need it.

Who Is the WEN 6502t For?

As a craftsman working on wooden, plastic, or metal crafts projects, you need a sander to give the finishing touches to your craft. The versatile WEN 6502 sander will help smoothen the splinters and jagged edges on your wood or metal craft to create the perfect masterpiece you desire.

Whether you are a professional at work or crafting is simply a hobby for you, the WEN 6502 sander may be the tool you need for your work. This product has two sanding equipment built into one tool. This includes a sanding belt and a sanding disc allowing you to carry out 2 sanding activities with the same impressive sanding station. The WEN 6502T Sander is no doubt a powerful machine that will make fine sanding a lot easier for its users.

WEN 6502 Sander Overview

As mentioned, one of the most outstanding features of the WEN 6502T sander is that it is a 2-in-1 sander. The machine features both a disc and a belt sander. Belt sanders are typically used for sanding down coarse or primitive wood and other materials. The disc sander on the other hand is designed specifically for finer polishing. It can also be used for paint removal.

This machine features an adjustable belt. This means you can easily adjust the belt based on the demands of the task you are trying to complete. This machine is big on safety as well with features meant to keep unwanted materials (especially your fingers) away from the sanders. Another remarkable feature of this sander is its stable cast iron base. This heavy base makes absorbs much of the machine’s vibration and makes it a lot more stable. This ensures a more pleasant sanding experience. Now let’s dive deeper with a more in-depth look at the specific features of this sander.

Features Of the WEN 6502 Sander

The WEN 6502T sander is powered by a 4.3 Amp motor with a power rating of 1/2hp. This efficient motor keeps the machine from shutting down even under heavy load. The belt of this sander has a dimension of 4 by 36-inches and can be tilted between 0 to 90 degrees. The sandpaper grits can be easily replaced if you need to. The machine comes inbuilt with a heavy-duty cast iron base which helps to minimize vibration.

The second part of this machine consists of a 6-inch disc on the side of the machine. This makes it possible to use this station for fine sanding operations or smooth patterning. The disc features a durable cast-aluminum work table.

The grit number of both the disc and the belt on this machine is 80 each. There is also an added miter gauge on the machine which means you can easily use it for sanding edges. The sander can be connected to a dust extractor via a 2.25-inch dust port. There is also a stop bar for safety.

  • Extended Belt Guard

The WEN 6502T Sander features an extended belt guard this is added to help guide any excess particles from the material you are sanding directly into the collection. This feature serves a safety purpose as well. It stops unwanted objects like your finger or hair from getting caught in the belt. The belt guard can also be used as a stop to hold the wood in place to maximize precision during the machine operation.

  • Cast Iron Base

The WEN 650T features a sturdy heavy-duty cast iron base. The purpose of this base is to keep the machine stable and keep it from wobbling or moving while you work. From many of the WEN 6502 reviews, this is obviously one of the main features users really like about this product. It makes the machine a lot more efficient and you won’t need to continually adjust the machine while you work making sanding with it a lot more convenient.

  • Adjustable Belt

The belt of this sander is designed to be adjustable. It features a 4 by 36 inches belt which you can easily tilt from a horizontal to a vertical position (or any other position in between these two) depending on the specific needs of the workpiece you are sanding.

  • Dust Collection Port

To easily collect the sanded particles as you work, there is a dust collection port on this machine. This 2.5-inches port can be connected to any dust collector you desire. This helps to maintain a clean and organized workspace since it reduces the need to clean up debris or sawdust when you are done. The dust collection bag or vacuum can be easily connected to the port for a dustless workspace.

  • Spacious Table With Miter Gauge

This machine features a spacious work table with a dimension of 83/4 by 61/4. This support table can be beveled between 0 to 45 degrees. It also features a removable milter gauge which can be used to keep the piece you are working on fixed to the table at the desired angle for a smoother sanding experience. The beveling ability of this work table makes it possible to adjust the table depending on the needs of the project you are working on.

What Are the Pros And Cons Of the WEN 6502T Sander?

The Good

One of the main benefits of the WEN 6502T is that it can be used both as a disc or belt sander. When you need to cut square-edged blocks and other materials that are larger than the capacity of the belt sander, you can use the disc sander instead. The disc sander component is also useful for adding the final finishing touches to wooden surfaces before painting them for a smoother appearance.

This makes it suitable for a wide range of sanding operations. It also comes inbuilt with a dust extraction port which helps to get rid of sanded particles as you work with the machine. The machine is versatile and can be used for wood, plastic, and aluminum materials.

The disc sander guard keeps it from rotating when you are sanding. You will also love how stable and precise this unit is. The heavy-duty base keeps it from moving around while you work. By adjusting the point of contact between the middle and edge of the sanding disc, you can control the level of sanding. This makes the disc sander suitable for polishing convex surfaces.

Pros Summary

  • 2-in-1 machine
  • Heavy-duty cast iron base makes the machine stable
  • Additional safety features
  • Easy to setup
  • Precise control

The Bad

Even though this machine is a belt and disc combo, it may not be suitable for some applications. It is a sander and not a grinder which means the speed range is quite limited. This machine only has a belt speed of 1900feet per minute and a disc speed of 3600 rotations per minute. While this is suitable for wood and plastic, this unit cannot be used for metal grinding.

The horsepower rating (which is what determines how to load a sander can handle) for this machine of the motor is quite limited. With a hp rating of 0.5, you may not be able to use this machine for bigger projects because the motor does not generate enough power for this. However, this is understandable considering the low price of this sander.

Cons Summary

  • It may not be suitable for metallic materials
  • Does not produce enough torque suitable for larger projects

How Do You Change the Belt On a WEN Sander?

By 4 by 36 inches belt on the WEN 6502T is designed to be easy to change. With little technical knowledge and by following the manual, you can conveniently switch or replace the sandpaper grits as needed for a project.

To install or change the belt on your WEN Sander, first, you need to loosen the bed locking screen using a hex key. Next, you raise the sanding bed by about 45 degrees and tighten the locking screw before pulling the tension lever to release the tension.

On the new sanding belt, you want to install, find the directional arrow that indicates how it should go on the sander. This should be on the smooth side of the belt. Next position the belt over the drum. The directional arrow should point towards the dust port. Ensure that the belt is centered correctly on the two drums before pushing the tension lever back. This will tighten the belt on the bed. Finally, loosen the bed locking screw and adjust the bed down to a horizontal position before tightening the screw. For more information about how to install and replace the sanding belt on your WEN Sander, check the WEN 6502t manual.

Is the Belt Of the WEN 6502 Sander Tiltable?

Yes, the WEN 6502T Sander has a tiltable belt that can be adjusted between zero to 90 degrees depending on what will be most convenient for the project you are working on.

How Noisy Is This Belt Sander?

The WEN 6502T has a noise level of 85 dB noise level. This is around the same noise level as a blender or power lawnmower. This noise level is quite normal for a power tool. However, extended exposure to this amount of noise without protecting your ears may be detrimental.

Can You Collect Dust From This Sander Via a Vacuum?

Yes, it is possible to connect this sander to a dust collector or remove it via a vacuum connected to the dust port of the machine. This will help maintain a clean workspace free of sawdust and sanded particles.

What Is the Weight And Dimension Of the WEN 6502t Sander?

The WEN 6502T sander weighs about 39.00 lbs. While this is not exactly heavyweight, the cast iron base of this machine makes it quite stable during operation. The overall dimension of this machine is 11.00″ x 22.00″ x 12.50″ which represents the width, length, and height respectively. The belt has a dimension of 4 x 36 in.


From many of the WEN 6502 reviews available online, many of those who have used this product recommend it as an ideal sander for small projects. While this sander may not be suitable for heavy-duty work like grinding metals and there are a few complaints about the quality of some of its fixtures, it still works for most applications.

The 2-in-1 design makes it quite versatile for a wide range of uses. The additional fixtures such as the extended belt guard also ensure you can use this sander safely without getting an injury. All in all, this is a quality sander and for its price, buying it will give you value for money.

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